Author Note: Hey guys, I thought of this the other night when I couldn't get to sleep and decided to listen to my Kelly Clarkson CD. I love 'Because of You' and so I replayed it a few times...then it occured to me how true to Doctor Who some of the lyrics were. I just had to write this story after that, and have somehow managed to combine humour and angst...I hope...

So, I hope you enjoy, and I hope this story wasn't too pointless, unlike some of my other stories. So, enjoy, and don't be afraid to tell me what you think of this first chapter. Infact, be as honest as you like.

This is only the first half. The second half should be up in a few days, hopefully, so enjoy!


"Rose? Rose you up yet? Those planets won't save themselves you know!"

The Doctor was standing outside Rose's bedroom door, hands dug into his pockets, tie loose, hair ruffled up - like he'd run a hand through it recently.

"Oh Rosebud!" he called sweetly, praying that she wouldn't be in her room after all. If she was, he'd be receiving a slap any moment.

To his relief, she wasn't.

What on Jupiter does she do in her room? Its not like she has time to do anything really - except sleep. Why do humans need so much sleep anyway? Why have I got this sudden urge to find out what's in Rose's room? he found himself wondering. He had become overwhelmed with curiosity - the same curiosity he'd had about the button on the Sycorax ship, the medicines in the hospital on New Earth and the werewolf stories at Balmoral. He reached for the door handle.

"Damn! Locked!" he said outloud, a little too loudly perhaps. "Since when does Rose ever lock her door?"

"Since there's obviously something in there she doesn't want you to see," a female voice replied - but it wasn't Rose. It was the TARDIS, and she was talking telepathically to the Doctor.

"TARDIS, my marvelously fantastic and super dee duper ship! You couldn't help me out could you?" he asked hopefully, stroking the door frame affectionately.

"Well alright. Since you asked so nicely. But Rose won't be happy if she returns from the library and finds you snooping."

"I don't snoop! I investigate!" the Doctor corrected, but he could see her point. "You couldn't stall her could you? Ten minutes max?"

"Fine, but don't blame me if you end up with a stroppy teenager afterwards...and remember, she is the Bad Wolf!"

"Yeah I know. Lucky she doesn't know how to use her powers yet...and what do you mean 'don't blame me'? Would I really do that to you?" The Doctor asked innocently.

"Yes," came the knowing reply and the Doctor pouted, then pulled a perfectly stupid face and burst out laughing. "Alright, I promise I'll take all the blame IF - and only IF - she finds out," he agreed at last.

"Fine. But I can't garuantee how long I can stall her so you'd better hurry up."

The Doctor pulled the handle down and turned to walk through the door, only to walk into it instead.


"Sorry," the TARDIS replied, unlocking the door and letting it swing open. "But why didn't you just use your sonic screwdriver?"

"Out of juice," came the reply as the Doctor hurried inside Rose's room and began scouting round, clicking his tongue like he always did when he was searching frantically for an answer.

It wasn't long before he found what Rose probably didn't want him to find - a small, leather bound notebook tucked under her pillow. The first few pages just had doodles of various things on - Daleks with clown faces, the TARDIS, a vase of roses and something that vaguelly resembled the sonic screwdriver.

The page after that was full of notes about the Bad Wolf - obviously Rose had been trying to work it all out, but so far wasn't having much luck.

If only she knew the truth, he thought sadly. The TARDIS gave a sudden jerk, almost knocking him off his feet.

"What was that?" he demanded.

"A distraction. Hurry, it won't have stalled Rose for long."

The Doctor turned the page and found something that really caught his attention. To any normal person, they would have seemed like a set of Kelly Clarkson lyrics - but to the Doctor they were so much more.

"She's coming!" the TARDIS warned, so he hastily shoved the notebook in his pocket and fled the room as the TARDIS gave another distracting shudder. He'd only just closed the door, allowing the TARDIS to lock it for him, and composed himself to look innocent when Rose came storming round the corner, her arms piled high with old, dusty books. Several pages had been marked with scraps of paper.

"Alright?" he asked casually.

"You seriously need to get stabilisers on this thing. It keeps jerking and making me drop all my books!"

"I'll have a word with her - I promise," the Doctor replied.

"Oh no need - I've already told it what I think about it!" Rose huffed, clearly not in a good mood as she passed him and made her way to her room, lingering deliberately outside it, on the pretence of finding her key in her pocket.

The Doctor took the hint and left her alone. Besides, he wanted to examine that notebook of hers and return it before she realised it was missing. There'd be hell to pay if he didn't.


"What was the Doctor up to?" Rose asked as she closed her door a little too firmly with her foot and dumped the books on the floor.

"Nothing, honest," came the TARDIS's telepathic reply.

"Really? You are such a rubbish liar!" Rose grinned slightly as she sat herself down on the floor, cross-legged by the pile of books, pulling the first into her lap.

"So now I'm a rubbish liar aswell as - now how did you put it? a 'stupid MDF excuse for a rubbishly disguised hunk of junk'?"

Rose winced. "Yeah, about that..."

"You don't need to appologise. I know you didn't mean it really."

"Thanks, but I do truly mean it when I say that I'm really sorry. I don't think that about you at all. You're fantastic, and the Doctor wouldn't be half the man he is without you."

Rose suddenly grinned at the fact that, to any normal person, she'd be sitting here talking to herself right now. But then she realised that the TARDIS was saying something again. It usually took all her concentration to listen to the TARDIS, so if anyone was watching her, they'de not only think that she was talking to herself, but that she had slipped into a little world of her own.

"Rose Tyler, you know that flattery will get you everywhere!" the TARDIS was saying.

"Really? So you'll tell me what the Doctor was just doing in my room then?" Rose asked hopefully.



"Why do you even think he was in your room?"

This rather abrupt change to the conversation caught Rose by surprise and she paused for a moment, but only a moment, before continuing.

"Because, while you were distracting me by throwing my books everywhere, the Doctor was obviously up to something. Bit of a coincidence that I find him outside my room minutes later. Plus, he had that look in his eye - the one that says 'I know something you don't, but I'm not gonna tell ya'."

"Alright! Fine!" The TARDIS sighed in exasperation. "Yes he was in your room. He seemed to think that you were hiding something from him. He found your notebook."

A thunderous look crossed Rose's face. "Where is he?" she asked in a dangerously calm voice.

"His room, I think...oh and one more thing."

"What?" Rose asked as she got up and started for the door.


"Yes?" Rose was getting impatient, her hand hovering over the door handle.

"He called you Rosebud. Please don't hurt him!"

"Hurt him? I'll bloody kill him!" Rose cried, storming from her room. Now the TARDIS had a dilemma. Did she send Rose the long way and warn the Doctor? Or did she sit back and let him take the wrath of the Bad Wolf. Whatever decision she chose, sparks would fly. She pondered for a moment, then made her choice.

She chose the latter.