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Kate awoke to the unfamiliar cries of a small child in the night. She'd some how grown accustomed to hearing Aaron's cried and whimpers for Claire, but this, no, this was different. It wasn't anything she recognised.

Her eyes slowly fluttered open and wearily she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Kate looked towards the corner of her tent, in the direction of the crying, and was surprised and shocked, to say the least, at the sight of this small, unfamiliar child.

"Flopsy, Flopsy, Flopsy…" She could hear the young girl chanting between sobs. Kate shifted uneasily as she sat up and moved closer to the child.

"Hey…hey there," Kate spoke softly as the child looked up with brilliant blue eyes and a head of dark curls. "Hey…what's wrong?" She asked awkwardly reaching out a hand to stroke the girl's hair.

"Flopsy can't find Flopsy." The little girl sniffed. "Mommy, where Flopsy?" Kate was taken aback, not by the girl's sweet voice, and trembling lip, but by the desperation in her voice, calling her 'mommy' and asking for some Flopsy. Kate froze, and tried to remain calm, she swallowed before searching for words, for something to say.

"Wh…who's Flopsy?" She asked carefully.

The child's eyes widened and her sobs subsided. "You know, Mommy, you know Flopsy." Once again Kate looked confused, not only did she not know anything about a Flopsy, but this child and called her 'Mommy', twice. Surely, that can't be an innocent mistake, perhaps the child was tired and confused, it being so late and all. But then, Kate was faced with the question: Who is this child? She hadn't seen her before, and was sure she would have noticed a three year old at some point. "You know, Flopsy…My rabbit Mommy, my rabbit!" The child told Kate.

"Are you…calling me Mommy?" Kate asked hoping she could clear this up, see if the child could explain. The child looked up at Kate a strange expression on her face that turned to confusion. The child knelt up and stared at Kate, holding her arms out.

"Mommy, Mommy…Hug, Mommy." The child asked, her lip still quivering.

Kate not knowing what to do, picked up the child, and held her close, hoping to somehow comfort her.

"Hey, I think you've got the wrong person, honey. I'm not you're Mommy…" Kate said confused.

"Yes…" The child nodded. "You are my Mommy, stop being silly!" The child demanded as tears filled her eyes. This had Kate truly perplexed, what the hell was going on here? She didn't remember having a child, and surely pregnancy and childbirth weren't things you forgot. And she sure as hell hadn't adopted, because how could she whilst on the run. "Mommy!" The child brought Kate's attention back to her.

"I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry." Kate said as she ran her free hand through her messy hair. Kate looked closer at the child, and gasped seeing her eyes clearly, they were so much like her own, perhaps a shade brighter, but still that brilliant blue – green colour. Kate couldn't deny the abnormal pull she felt towards this small girl, but it wasn't possible, was it? To have a daughter and not know about her? What, was this some alternate universe? Or had she really spiralled 4 years into the future with no recollection of the past. The child couldn't be any older than 3 or maybe 4, but Kate wasn't particularly close to any of the men on the island. Yes she was good friends with Jack, but that was all, and well, Sawyer, yes there was some kind of bond, but nothing like that. "Huh." Kate moaned under her breath, wanting to know the truth.

She rubbed her arm up and down the child's back, which seemed to be having the desired, calming effect. The child stood up in Kate's lap, causing Kate to moan slightly, and placed her head on Kate's shoulder peering over it and then looking around the tent, thoroughly confused.

"Momma," The child poked Kate's shoulder, "Where are we? Where's Daddy? Is he still at the…the…hop…hosp…hopital?" The child asked.

"You mean hospital, sweetie?" Kate asked, now worrying about the child's unknown father.

The young girl nodded, "That's what I said. Is he?" She persisted.

"Why would he…" Kate pondered the reasons as to why the child's father could possibly be at hospital, she didn't look worried or scared enough for him to be ill, then again perhaps she just didn't ask. "Oh, you mean, is he still working?" Kate tried again.

"Yeah!" The child squinted up at Kate asked again, "Daddy working?" The child asked again.

"I guess he must be." Kate said sighing, trying to figure out if she possibly knew the father. She could only think of two people who had worked in or at a hospital, there had been Tom, but he'd died…and then, then, there was Jack. But he was here on the island. There was no hospital…and if he was her father, and she thought that Kate was her mother, then…oh God. Kate groaned. That wouldn't happen, would it?

"Mommy?" The child asked sleepily, "Where are we?"

"In my tent, on the beach." Kate sighed, as soon as it gets lighter, she'd have to go up to the caves and talk to Jack. It was obviously needed, and if this kid thinks Jack's her daddy, who was she to keep a father from his kid.

"The beach!" The small girl exclaimed excitedly, "The beach, the beach, Mommy, lets go see the sea!"

"Hey kid, slow down there…" Kate said pulling the excited child back onto her lap. "You're not going anywhere right now, sweetie, it's the middle of the night, and I'm tired."

The child pouted as she looked up at Kate through wide blue eyes, Kate almost laughed at the situation, just minutes ago Kate was positive that she didn't have a daughter, and now, now there was the most unbelievably cute little girl, certain that Kate was her Mommy, giving her such a Kate pout.

"No, no! Jade not tired…The sea!" The little girl that Kate now, thankfully knew was called Jade bounced up and down in Kate's lap.

"Jade?" Kate said softly testing the name out, Jade's head instantly snapped up upon hearing her name. "Look, it's dark outside, and the sea's gonna be cold, we can go tomorrow. But right now, you are going to sleep…and so am I."


"No buts with me, kid." Kate said with a smile, and laughed as the child pouted again. "Nice try babe, but sleep."

"Mommy sleep too?" Jade asked sweetly as Kate lay her on the makeshift bed.

"Yes, I'll sleep too." Kate said lying down beside her supposed daughter, still unsure what to make of the whole thing.

Kate next awoke several hours later, as it was starting to get light again. She rolled slightly to see the sleeping angel beside her, for a moment Kate's face crumpled into a frown until she remembered what had happened earlier that night. She decided now was as good a time as any to go pay a visit to her favourite doctor.

Luckily Kate made it to the caves with no-one questioning her about the sleeping child in her arms. Kate walked over to Jack's cave; she shifted the child in her arms, and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Jack! Jack, wake up…" Jack groaned and rolled over towards Kate. She tapped him again and his eyes fluttered open.

"Wha…Kate?" He muttered sleepily, swinging his legs round to sit up properly.

"Shh…" She hushed him bringing her finger to her lips. Kate kissed the sleeping child's hair and laid her on Jack's bed, before grabbing his arm and pulling him away from her, towards the cave entrance.

"What…Kate…it's early." He stated.

"Aren't you clever?" She smiled and than ran a hand through her dark curls. "We need to talk."

"Okay…" Jack said uncertainly.

"We kind of have a problem…" Kate said pointing in the direction of Jade. "Just a teeny, tiny…but very cute problem…" Kate started rambling, which Jack thought was kind of strange.

"Kate?" His brow crumpled in confusion. "Who is that?"

"Hmm…yeah, see I've been trying to figure that out for the past few hours…Just, it's still 2005 right?" Kate asked pacing back and forth.

"As far as I know…yes." Jack said still confused. "I don't understand."

"Hah!" Kate said a bit too loudly, "Neither do I. See I thought it was kinda weird, that apparently I have a kid I don't know about…so I thought, well, ya know, maybe I hit my head or something. Jack, did I hit my head? Are you sure it's 2005?"

"Kate?" Jack said firmly as he gripped her shoulders. "Kate, calm down, and tell me what's going on."

"I don't know Jack, I really…don't know." Kate said looking flustered as tears filled her eyes. "I just…Jack, I think I'm going mad! This place…Jack, I'm going crazy…you're a doctor right? Am I insane?" Kate asked, staring him in the eyes.

"Oh Kate…" He pulled her into a hug. "You are not insane…everything's okay…" He tried comforting her.

"No Jack." Kate pulled out of the hug. "It's not okay, because that child…you, you do see her right?" Kate asked, wondering if it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

"Yes Kate, I see her."

"Well…I…I woke up, and there was this kid, that kid sitting in my tent, crying, complaining because she lost her rabbit or something. And then…then…she called me 'Mommy', and we're not talking just once, it wasn't a casual slip up, it's not like when you're 6 and you accidentally call your teacher mom…I mean…that kid actually thinks I'm her mother. Jack…how the hell is that possible? I mean, I don't have a kid, I've never been pregnant…" Kate sighed and started pacing again. "Because, that's not something you forget right? I mean I would remember that…I mean, I know who you are, and I know why we're here, but I don't know her! And she's really sweet, and cute…and happy, and…she think she's my kid, but…and oh dear God, you should see her…Jack, I'm scared. There's this kid, who thinks she's my daughter, and…and…and, she has my eyes, and she pouted and I do that!" Kate ranted and slid to the floor.

"You what?" Jack asked trying to understand Kate's rant.

"Yeah…" Kate laughed. "That's what I thought."

"Okay, so…wow. Are you sure?"

"Am I sure about what? That she called me 'Mommy'? You think I made that up?" Kate asked staring into his dark, comforting eyes.

"I didn't say you did. Are you sure she looks like you?" Jack asked sitting beside her.

"Well…unless I have an identical twin, or cousin or something…then yeah, I think so. C'mon Jack…I may not have looked in the mirror lately, but my god, I do know what I look like…" Kate sighed. "Jack I don't understand it."

"I know." He sighed and wrapped his arm around her. "We'll figure it out Kate. There's got to be some kind of logical explanation…"

"I'm not sure about that…" Kate shook her head. "I should probably tell you…I…I think…I…" Kate trailed off and looked to the cave floor.

"What Kate?" He asked her gently.

"I think you're her father…" She blurted. "Or I think that she might think that you're…yeah…" Kate smiled weakly and then looked in the direction of the sleeping child in question.

"What? How did that happen?" Jack asked quickly.

"Uh…probably in the same way that I had a kid without knowing it…" Kate snapped. "I'm sorry…" She apologized.

"Hey, you haven't done anything wrong." He rubbed her back. "Like I said…we'll figure this out…"

"Okay." Kate nodded.

"Do you really think I am?"

"Well I'm not positive…but the signs point to it…" Kate sighed, and looked up at him. "I mean…I figure I'd probably know her father, and I'm not exactly close to that many guys…and there are only so many who can produce something that looks that." Kate gestured towards Jade. "And what she said…it really got me thinking…she asked where you…or her father was. She asked if he was at the hospital, working. And there are only two men I know who work at hospitals, and one of them is dead so…I don't know…it made sense at the time…" Kate sighed and bit her lip. She combed her hands through her hair and let out a frustrated moan. "I just…I really don't know what to do. You're a doctor, so you can figure it out, I mean…genetics and stuff…can you tell that she's actually my kid or…"

"Not without a DNA test, Kate…" He shook his head.

"And you're fresh out of those..." Kate nodded.

"Afraid so. Sorry." Jack said softly.

"I should…" Kate said standing up. "She'll probably wake up soon…and…I don't know, she might like, get scared or something. She asked me where we were, and I told her we were in my tent, at the beach, and she started getting all excited…it was cute…but…I don't know, a kid wouldn't be that excited if they were on this island, would they?" She asked looking down at him.

"I…don't know." He shrugged, and Kate moved back towards the child.

"I should probably take her back to the beach…" Kate said kneeling beside the dark haired sleeping beauty that she'd already grown fond off.

"No, stay here."


"I mean, yeah, stay here…when she wakes up…we can talk to her, find out what she does, or doesn't know…and, I could check her over, make sure she's healthy and stuff."

"Okay." Kate nodded at sat down beside Jade. She ran a hand down the child's back, as she stirred and then settled down again.

Jack moved towards the corner where he kept his stuff and changed into a clean shirt. He then moved towards Kate and the mysterious child. She was cute, and she did look kind of like Kate.

"Hey," he said in a hushed tone, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Kate nodded. "I think so…I will be." Jack nodded back and turned around; he started walking and then turned back to her.

"I'm just going to get some water…I'll be back soon." Kate nodded to him and watched him leave, just before he exited the cave she called out to him.


"Yeah?" He asked turning to look at her.

"She…" Kate stroked the girl's soft brown curls. "Her name's Jade." She smiled at him.

"Jade…" Jack grinned and nodded to her, before leaving the cave.

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