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True to his word, Sam had arrived in New York to be with Kate in time for the birth. In fact, he arrived less than a week after the phone call, deciding he'd spent far too much time apart from his daughter, and couldn't wait to see her. Naturally, there'd been a somewhat tearful reunion, especially on Kate's emotional, hormonal, side.

Kate's due date rapidly passed, with no sign of Jade wanting to make her entrance to the world anytime soon. And as fate would have it, on the day that she finally went into labour, she'd have to force Jack out the door to go work. Luckily, her father spent most of the daytime with her in the apartment. So when she awoke from one of her many, frequent naps to experience the first of many contractions, she wasn't alone.

"Daddy?" Kate asked softly, a hand resting on her very rounded stomach, as she stepped into the living room, to find Sam reading the daily newspaper.

"Katie?" He put his paper down, and turned his attention to her.

"I think…" She bit her lip, before wincing and groaning in pain.

"Katie!" Sam exclaimed and ran to her side, "Kate, what's wrong?"

"Nothing…" She said as the pain passed, "I think, though…I think I'm in labour…"

"Oh! Oh…wow…we need to get you to the hospital, we should call Jack, we should…do you…where…?" Sam started frantically, thinking too many things to be able to finish a thought.

"Dad…it's only just started, we have time. But we have a bag ready by the bedroom door." Kate smiled at him, she'd loved having her Dad around the past few weeks, and was so glad he'd be here for the birth of his first grandchild.

As fate would have it, it was many, many hours later, in the early hours of the following morning, in actual fact, when the much loved, and much awaited baby finally graced the world with her presence.

Jack was positively beaming as he stared at his newborn child while he cut the umbilical cord.

Kate was exhausted from the long, hard labour, but that didn't stop her from being overwhelmed by her emotions when she was first able to hold their tiny daughter in her arms.

"Wow…" She breathed. "Wow…so small…so beautiful…oh Jack!" She cried, with a wide, yet tired, grin, not tearing her eyes away from the beautiful gift lying in her arms. "I can't believe it…" She said, ghosting her fingers over the baby's soft cheek.

"You did it Kate." Jack said proudly, dropping a kiss to her hair.

"No," She said, finally taking her eyes of their daughter, "we did it." She said, gazing at him lovingly. "I love you."

"I love you more." He told her, as they both returned their attention to the child wriggling in her arms. "And you." He said, stroking the baby's arm with his index finger, and smiling when she grabbed his finger in reflex. "Oh, I'm never letting you out of my sight."

While Sam had spent much of the time awaiting the baby's arrival in the room with Kate and Jack, he refused to be in the room for the actual birth, and instead sat waiting, patiently and eagerly, in the waiting room.

His eyes snapped up when Jack finally entered the room, smiling, beckoning him over. Sam rushed to his feet, and quickly made his way to Jack's side.

"She wants to see you." Jack told him.

"Lead the way." The older man said softly, eager to see his daughter, and his new grandchild.

"Dad!" Kate greeted him excitedly as the men both stepped into her room. "There's someone I want you to meet…" Seeing the light in Kate's eyes, Sam thought he'd never seen her look so happy.

"Oh, I want to meet her too." The man beamed as he made his way to her bedside.

"Dad," She looked up at him, and then briefly to Jack before returning her gaze to the baby in her arms, readjusting her hold slightly. "We'd like you to meet your granddaughter, Jade Sara Shephard."

"She's gorgeous, Katie," He spoke softly, gazing at the baby in his baby's arms, "looks so much like you…"

Two months had passed, and Sam had long since returned to his home, vowing to keep in touch with his daughter and her new family, and Kate relished in their weekly conversations, gushing about every little thing Jade had done, and loving that he was really interested to hear every tiny detail, or at least, most of them.

While Kate had loved her time on the island that she'd spent with Jade, nothing could ever compare to this. Having her daughter right in front of her, knowing that nothing would ever come between them, or harm her. The ability to hold her in her arms, sit with her, rock with her, and gaze endlessly into those beautiful dark eyes that were so much like her Daddy's. True to her word, Kate and Jade spent many hours sitting in that rocking chair and both loved every minute of Mommy and baby time. Kate was often overwhelmed by the emotions that stirred within her when she looked at her daughter, and never thought it would be possible to feel so much, for such a small, small person.

Sitting in the chair, rocking Jade to sleep, once again, Kate felt herself completely relaxed and ease. Nothing mattered when she was like this, it felt like her past didn't matter at all. All that mattered was that she had met Jack, fallen in love with him, and that he'd given her this precious, precious gift.

Kate smiled softly as she ran her hand through her daughter's soft, downy, dark hair, thinking of all the times that Jack had come home to find his two girls in here, either rocking in the chair, or Kate staring at Jade sleeping in her crib.

So, of course, it was no surprise when Jack came in that night, making sure to close the door softly behind him, for while he loved his daughter, he definitely preferred her peaceful and asleep, to awake and screaming the apartment down, as had happened one night when he'd closed the door not so softly; to find Kate standing over the crib, watching Jade slumber.

"I thought I'd find you here." He whispered in Kate's ear, pressing a kiss to her neck, and wrapping his arms around her.

"Hmm." Kate breathed, leaning into him. "Good day?"

"It just got better." He smiled at her, "how was your day?"

"Perfect, she's amazing, I still…some days…it's amazing." Kate chuckled slightly as her words failed her. "Thank you." She turned round and pressed a kiss to his lips.

"Silly Kate." He laughed, "You don't ever have to thank me for this…" He kissed her again, and held her close. "I bought something today, for Jade…." He smiled into her hair, before moving his arm from behind his back, revealing what he'd been hiding since he came in.

"Jack!" Kate gasped, beaming, when she saw the stuffed rabbit, he'd produced. "Flopsy…" She reached out for it, and marvelled in the softness, comparing it in her mind to the same, worn rabbit that the Jade from the future had treasured so much. "You're amazing." She told him, as they placed it in the crib, beside their sleeping infant. "She's going to love that thing, so much…"

"I know, that's the idea." He told her as they watched their daughter's arm reach out and brush over Flopsy, the stuffed rabbit.

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