Closing Myself


I do not own FMA.

A poem about how Riza dies and Roy deals.

There's sadness in the wind,

Death and rain as well,

There's tears that won't stop,

Everything smells of blood and war,

Fire and ashes,

Gloved hands that are bloodstained,

And a broken heart that won't mend,

I've been bruised,

I've been cut,

I never felt this pain before,

Never thought I would,

I pushed everyone away,

Closed my little shell,

But you came along,

And made me open it up,

I never loved till you,

My eyes were never really opened,

Your red, wine eyes,

Made me realize,

Everything I was missing,

Now that I have the courage to tell you,

You can't hear me,

So now I'm closing my eyes,

And I'm closing my little shell all over again…

The End

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