I don't own Kim Possible or any of the characters except for Bob Pasnir, Matthew Pesnar, his children, Shego and Drakken's children, and Sarah Ronnie Stoppable, who I made up.

60 years later

"What a life it has been" said Kim Pesnar-Possible as she lied down in bed. She was now 78 years old, married to Matthew Pesnar after they had graduated college. They loved each very much and had been married for 56 years. Together they have had three children. Ron Pesnar, who was named after Kim' first and true love Ron Stoppable, and the twins, a girl they named Anna and a boy they named Dan. They were now all married with children themselves and Kim and Matthew had the house to themselves. Much has changed since her days of youth. Her parents and Rufus had passes away many years ago. Jim and Tim had both married and were parents and grandparents. Shego and Drew Lipsky (Dr.Drakken's real name) had gotten married a few years after giving up crime and had two children together, a boy named Theodore and a girl named Sheila. Mr. And Mrs. Stoppable had a daughter, who they named Sarah Ronnie Stoppable, after the brother she never met. Kim had found out that Mrs. Stoppable was one month pregnant with Sarah when Ron had died. Despite the age difference, Kim always came to play with Sarah and became friends with her. Kim would tell her all about her older brother and the fun they had. "I wish that I could have meet Ron" said Sarah a little sadly. Kim smiled at her and said, "Don't worry, you'll meet him one day, and I bet he looking down from heaven keeping an eye on you and me." Kim' other friends had also been living happily. Monique and Felix had gotten married and had two children and 5 grandchildren, Bonnie had gotten married and had three children and three grandchildren, and Tara had also gotten married and had one child and two grandchildren. Even Wade had gotten married and had two kids who seemed to share their fathers' high intellect. Kim and her friends had kept in touch with each other all these years even though they live in different areas of the country they still consider each other good friends. Sadly, not everyone from her past was still around. Drew had died about twenty years ago, about the same as her mom and dad, due to him being the same age as her father, and Shego had based away about five years ago. She had lived a happy life and loved her friends and family very much, but she knew her time was growing short on this world and she would soon pass on and be with Ron, as she had promised. Kim had talked to Matthew about inviting her friends over to she her one last time. Being that he could never tell Kim no (and even if he did Kim could simply use the puppy dog face on him) and agreed. They had made the calls and invited all of her friends and their families, Sarah and her family, Theodore and Sheila and their families, Monique and Felix and their family, Bonnie and her family, Tara and her family and Wade and his family. It's been about five years since they all been together at the same location and she wanted to she her friends one last time while she was still alive.

A few days later her friends had arrived. They decided that they would stay a week due to it being summer and most of the family was off from school and work. Because of the mansion sized house Kim and Matthew had all of them were able to stay at the house. All of Kim's friends and family came and hugged, shook hands and greeted each other. The first day was a blast. They all went out to eat, the children hanging out with the children and the adults hanging out with the adults. " It really has been to long" said Kim as she saw Theodore and Sheila each with their own children. Theodore had a son just over a month old, while Sheila had a two year old girl holding on to her hand. They all ate and laughed and enjoyed the reunion they were having.

Over the next three days they had gone out in groups; walking around, going to the mall. Enjoying themselves. Kim was really happy she could see them one last time before she had to go.

It has been four days now since her friends had come over. Matthew was in bed getting ready to go to sleep, waiting for his wife. Kim had changed into a night gown and had walked to her side of the bed. Her breathing was heavy and she was walking funny. Matthew was about to ask her something but never got the chance. Kim spoke first; " I think it's about time for me."

Matthew looked at her in shock. " What do you mean?"

Kim looked into Matthews' eyes. " You know what I mean. I think its time I left this world"

Matthew rubbed his eyes and though for a few minutes. He had known of the vow Kim and her first love, Ron, had made. He told her when they go married that he understood how they were probably fated to be with one another and that when her time was to go he would let her leave in peace. He remember what he said to her all those years ago and the wedding. " Well, the priest did say 'Until death do us part' so until then your mine'" and Kim giggled and said " Until then I'm yours. Thank you for understanding". Matthew didn't want to lose Kim, she was the best thing to ever happen in his life. She saw the good, kind person that others couldn't see and that is what made him fall in love for her, even though her heart belonged to another. Matthew decided to speak up. " I guess that I can't fight this. I always knew this day would come, but I always wished it didn't"

Kim breathed heavily, " I'm sorry"

Matthew smiled at her and held her hands in his. " There's no reason to be sorry. I know that you love him and that you made a promise. I love you so much and being with you has made me the happiest man in the world. You had three beautiful children with me that I love and cherish. They gave me grandchildren that I love with my heart and soul. You have always been there for me and I always was grateful for it. For 56 years you have helped me in the bad times and have been there for me in the good times. I will be sad about this, but I know that you'll be happy up in heaven."

Kim smiled with a tear running down her face. " I'm happy just being with you. Thank you for understanding."

As they hugged, they both had tears in their eyes, knowing this would be the last time they would see each other alive. Matthew didn't want her to leave , but he loved Kim enough to let her go.

As they laid down to sleep they looked at each other and told one another that they loved each other. Then they closed their eyes to sleep. At around 2AM Kim breathing swallowed and slowed. She took one last breath, and breathed no more. She had died. But she died happy knowing the life she had lived, the people she helped and loved, and the person waiting for her. She died with a smile on her face and a tear in her eyes.


Kim had opened her eyes and looked around. She was no longer in her bedroom, but was surrounded the clouds everywhere. " So this is heaven? I can't wait to see Ron." said Kim gleefully. She looked at her hands and felt her face and noticed her skin was smooth, her hair was red again, being long enough for her to see it. She looked like she did the day Ron had died; about 18 years old. As she got up she noticed a closes gate and a angel with his face covered with a hood.

"Are you Kim Possible" said the angel.

"Yes, I'm Kim Possible"

" Good"

"Listen can I go in now. I want to go find someone. His name is Ronald Stoppable."

"yes I know of the promise you had made, but there is a problem"

Kim was a little nervous. " What's the problem?"

The angel looked at her, even though Kim could not see the angels face. " because of your actions on Earth, the Lord has decided that you are not allowed to pass the gates into heaven."

"What?" said Kim, afraid that she wouldn't get to see Ron." What did I do wrong?"

The angel spoke. " Besides showing too much hubris, saying that anything is possible for you, she have hurt too many people to be allowed in. Also, being that you are responsible for the death of Ron Stoppable, you shall be sent to hell as punishment for 1000 years, before we give you the change to redeem yourself and possibly get the chance to enter heaven."

" No you can't do that." said Kim screaming and crying as she fell to her knees. Her hand were covering her face and she wailed and cried her eyes out. She never meant to do anything wrong. She didn't expect to go to hell for saying anything was possible all the time. She never hurt anyone and saved many people. But did she really kill Ron? She just cried not knowing what to say.

The angel walked to her and got on one knee. " before you are sent to hell, I would like to just say one thing".

Kim sniffed and wiped her eyes as she spoke back weakly, " What?"

The angel opened his mouth and spoke. " Booyah"

Kim stopped crying. "What did you say?"

As the angel removed his hood she saw him. Ron Stoppable. " I said ' Booyah' Kim Possible. Got ya."

" RON!" said Kim as she jumped at him and hugged him. " You good for nothing I'll get you for this" she said with tears literally pouring out her eyes.

Rom smiled at her remark, " Well you have all eternity to get me back if you want. I'm just so happy you see you again. I want to hear about everything that has happened to you."

Kim separated from Ron and looked at him, smiling brightly. " I though you watched over me all the time. Isn't that what you said you would do?"

"Yeah, but I had things to do better than watch you shop all the time. All the models wanted a little Ronshine" Ron said with a devilish grin.

"Well they'll have to get some 'Ronshine' somewhere else from now on because you are mine Mr. Stoppable from now on."

Ron embraced Kim in a hug and spoke. " I wouldn't want it any other way, Miss. Possible. Come on your parents, my parents, Drakken, Shego and even Rufus are here and I bet they would love to see you."

As they separated they both got up and walked through the gates together. Kim had waited 60 years for this and didn't have to wait anymore. She was with the man she loved with her heart and soul. It seemed that they were destined to be together, maybe not on Earth, but in the afterlife, and that was good enough for her. As long as she had Ron with her, she didn't care where she was. She just wanted to be with the one person who truly made her happy and who loved her back with his heart and soul, Ron Stoppable. As they crossed that gate they were greeted by friends and family who had passed on. She was happy to see they were all right. Kim had looked at Ron and was about to kiss him when she said " I love you Ron"

Ron responded and said, " I love you too Kim, now and for ever" the they kissed each other for what seemed forever.


Matthew had woken up. He looked at the clock. It was 7:30 AM. He looked at his wife and saw the smile on her face and the dried tears on her face. He felt to see if their was a pulse even though he knew there wasn't one. Sadly he was correct. She must have passed away during the night. He sighed deeply and called the morgue, telling that Kim had passed away during the night. After the arrangements were made, he decided to wake everyone up and tell them the news.

He had told them that Kim had passed away last night. Everyone was shocked and upset at hearing this. The children cried and the adults wept, but Matthew stayed strong for them. Kim would have wanted that.

Three days later the funeral was held for Kim Pesnar-Possible. Everyone who was staying had come to the funeral, along with some family from Matthew's side and some of his friends who had known Kim. The funeral lasted about an hour, and as people started to leave he looked at the grave. He did his best not to cry and only a few tears came out. He loved her so much, but he had to let her go. He knew Kim would never forget, for that he was grateful, but she was now with Ron up in heaven. As he looked at the grave on last time, Kim's friends and family; Bonnie, Sarah, Tara, Jim, Tim, Monique, Felix, Wade, had stayed until Matthew was ready to leave.

"Take care Kim, enjoy heaven with Ron" said Matthew with a smile on his face.

As he and the group of friends and family of Kim Possible left, a wind picked up. To those who were listening you could have sworn that you heard the sound of teenager laughing. For now Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were now in the kingdom of heaven, free to express their love for one another the way they would have been able to do if not for that fateful night where Ron died protecting the one he loves. Fate has a funny way of showing it, but if love is involved, there can always be a happy ending. Kim and Ron would keep a watch on their friends and loved ones, knowing that they will all get to meet one day in heaven. For now the two lovers were happy that finally, after all this time they found one another, and would be happy forever, together.

The End