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Simutanious cries of attacks were heard in the valley of the end as what apeared to be two powerful demons fought for thier lives. They both knew that loosing was no option. They lunged at each other, full powered attacks met. The strongest attack will win this climatic battle. Though chaos ensued in the outside, bother were thinking of the past, prepared for death.

Inside Sasuke's mind

'I don't care what will happen, I need more power. If that dobe can be at my level, then I must of been slacking.' Battles of the past flashed through his mind. Haku. Gaara. The mission to the Snow Country. The race. Even when on top of the hospital. He felt inferior, weaker to Naruto. But this time, he would prove that he was stronger than him. Then after killing his best friend, which will harden his heart completely and then destroy his brother. All second thoughts were branished as he wanted to kill his friend, and rival.

Inside Naruto's mind

Naruto remembered the good times of Team Seven. When they worked together to free Kakashi from Zabuza, when Sasuke took a hit for him from Haku, the missions after the chuunin exam where thier rivalry grew into a friendship. But now he was betrayed. His best friend was trying to kill him. Everyone was counting on him to finish this mission. Chouji, Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, Lee. All risked thier lives so he could finish this mission. This, he refused to fail. He had to beat Sasuke. He was dead last no more.

A powerful explosion shook the land as Rasengan met Chidori. Cursed seal met sealed curse. Power met friendship. Both determined, neither weilding. Naruto shoved his charged Rasengan into Sasuke's chest, practically liquifying his insides. Sasuke shoved his chidori into Naruto's chest, creating a whole, straight through his heart. But there was a differance in the outcome. As soon as the Chidori hit, Kyuubi withdrew some power from the Rasengan to prevent death, for a moment. There was still a huge hole in Naruto, but his heart was able to atleast function untill real medical help arrived.

"Na-Naruto..." Saskue coughed up blood Neither had much time to live.

"Sas- ke?" The blond tried to answer.

"Thank, y, you, ba, ka" Sasuke trailed the last 'a' as he died from his injuries. Naruto tried to respond, but passed out. Kyuubi, meanwhile, was working overtime to get chakra from anywhere he could to heal the kid. Sure, he didn't like him, at all, but he respected the brat. Not only does he demand power from the greatest demon of all time, but he killed his best friend with no remourse. Well, none yet. Yes, Kyuubi had virtually unlimited chakra, but after becoming sealed in the kid, he was weakened, alot. Soon, he felt the presence of Kakashi and felt relieved.

"Damn it, looks like they're both dead." Kakashi walked over to the pair, laying on the ground, looking to be in peace. Sasuke's chest was twisted and distorted. Direct hit from a powerful Rasengan. Naruto had two holes in his jacket, but only the one on his chest led to an actual hole in his body. But the hole looked odd. His heart should of literaly fallen out, but the inside wall of the injury seemerd to of closed. Then he saw it, a breif hint of red chakra coming out of it before reabsorbing into the injury. He got the message loud and clear. Naruto was still alive and Kyuubi was hard at work to save him. He didn't know why, but who was he going to question why his student was being saved.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" Kakashi made a clone. Carefully, he picked up Naruto while the clone picked up Sasuke's corpse. He turned to Pakkun.

"Get help, now. The boy is still alive." Thet three sprinted off. Pakkun reached Konoha in a matter of minutes with real Kakashi trailing behind quite a bit while kage-Kakashi was even further behind with Sasuke.

Soon enough, Kakashi was met with several ANBU to retrieve the two boys and take them to Konoha. With what could be two students dead, Kakashi slowly walked back to his village.

Well, that's the first chapter. It's a bit short to start, but I ponly needed something to start thee plot. other chapters will be longer.

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