Masaru sighed heavily into his earpiece as he rocked on his haunches and sat down hard on the asphalt. Touma and Yoshino winced as the rush of static came in on their ends and they both rolled their eyes. "Masaru, bring a part of DATS isn't always about fighting," Yoshino lectured him quietly. "Sometimes it means that we have to wait out something. We got reports that said that someone was attacking in this area late at night. Our guess is that it's a digimon."

"So, sitting here, with nothing to do, at two in the morning, waiting for a digimon that may or may not be here, on a school night is 'waiting out'?" he asked irritably.

Yoshino suppressed her own sigh and shifted her weight to the balls of her feet. She was hiding behind a stack of crates that barely hid her. "Masaru…" she started but Touma's cool voice cut her off.

"Masaru, if you can't handle staying up past your bedtime, then maybe you shouldn't offer to do the street work," Touma growled into his earpiece. Obviously his own nerves were beginning to fray be he'd be dammed if he let on as easily as Masaru.

"What did you say?" Masaru's voice came through the network, low and dangerous.

"You heard me," Touma replied in an equally low voice.

"Now, now," Yoshino said quickly. She desperately wished they were all in the same area so she could physically step between the two in order to keep their cover but she had no such luck. Her only solace was that Masaru had yet to jump from his own hiding area which suggested to her that he might actually be thinking about the mission, regardless of the little spat going on over the wireless ear pieces.

"Aniki, calm down. We need to get the bad guy," Agumon said softly, tugging on Masaru's arm in over to keep him from jumping out of his hiding place.

Masaru growled but settled back down and sat back down on the asphalt with his legs crossed, his elbows on his knees and his chin cupped in his hands. He looked rather like a sulking child but Agumon knew better then to mention such a thing at that time. He'd tease Masaru about it when he was in a better mood.

Finally, an hour later a silhouette could be seen in the distance and the sounds of footsteps could be heard as they came closer and closer to where the DATS agents were hiding. Yoshino was just about to give the signal to attack when Masaru stood up and walked out into the open. "Masaru!" she hissed loudly.

Masaru sighed and walked towards the shadow. "What the hell are you doing here?" he asked rudely. "This isn't your area."

A voice chuckled and a large man stepped into a pool of light that came from a lamp overhead. "Well, well, well, the area's leader, Daimon. It took me three nights of getting your followers before you showed up. You're smaller then I thought you'd be," he sniffled.

Masaru held his piggy black eyes in a hard glare. "Don't underestimate me 'cause I'm younger then you, jerk. I've gone up against people much worse then you."

The man snorted. "Unlikely, brat. And what's with that getup? What, are street clothes too good for the Bratling King of street fighting?"

"Bite me," Masaru snapped and sunk into a battle stance.

"Masaru, what the hell are you doing?" Touma asked over his earpiece.

"Just stay back," Masaru murmured as he and his opponent circled each other. "This doesn't concern you."

"The hell it doesn't!" Touma yelled back.

Masaru winced and the man charged at him. Masaru stepped smoothly to the right and stuck out his foot, tripping the man and throwing him off balance. Instead of letting him fall to the ground, Masaru linked his elbow with the man's and jerked him back upright and swung him around, throwing him back into the spot where he had charged from.

Masaru walked over and sniffed. "You should be more aware of your ability before you come after the bigger fighters," he said, turning the man over with his foot. "I became the leader of this area for a reason. Don't forget that."

The man stood up and dusted himself off with as much dignity as he could and walked off without another word. Masaru let out a slow breath and waved. "S'okay Agumon, you can come out now!"

Agumon ran out and latched onto Masaru. "That was so cool, Aniki!" he gushed. "No one can beat you!"

"Yeah," Masaru agreed in mock modesty.

Touma and Yoshino came out of their hiding places. "What was that?" Yoshino asked.

"A street fight," Masaru shrugged. "You think I just magically was able to fight the way I do?"

"Well…" Yoshino blinked, at a loss for words.

"I'm a street fighter," Masaru said simply. "It's what I do. It's how I got strong. That was just some punk looking for a fight and when I beat him he left. We're not thugs, just people looking for a battle."

Yoshino frowned. "But… I don't understand."

"I don't care," Masaru told her. "It's none of your business what I do outside of DATS anyways. I was a street fighter long before I started to fight digimon and I worked hard for my reputation."

"Yeah, as hard as a 14 year old brat can work," a voice scoffed.

Touma looked up and whirled around at the voice by his shoulder. A woman smirked and stepped into the opening the light overhead created. "I was wondering when you'd show up, Daimon."

Masaru turned around and glared at the woman who was easily two years older then Yoshino even. "Top-Tem, why didn't you take care of it? Before everyone else got beat up by that looser?"

"I wanted to see if our fearless leader would show his sorry butt," she snapped back. "You've all but vanished over these last few weeks."

"School stuff," Masaru sniffed, glaring at Masaru and Yoshino to object to his story. They didn't.

"Right, school stuff," she said slowly. "Well then Daimon, when your 'school stuff' costs you your title don't come crying to me."

"Ha, like anyone could beat me," Masaru said, while nonchalantly shoving Agumon out of the light.

Top-Tem walked over and caught Masaru in a choke hold. She ground her knuckles into his head with a wicked grin. "Don't get cocky brat. You're good but you're where you are because of your followers. Don't forget that."

"Good at what?" Touma asked while Masaru protested the rough treatment loudly.

"Street fighting," Top-Tem said. "The formulated stuff," she said in response to the questioning glances of Yoshino and Touma. "It has rules, which is why after that guy was defeated, he walked away. No one continues a fight after they've lost. No one."

"There are rules?" Yoshino asked.

"Of course there are rules! We're not out to steal little kid's lunch money or anything!" Top-Tem snapped. She turned to Masaru, "Who are these people?"

Masaru pushed Top-Tem off himself and stood up straight, a small blush passing over his cheeks. "That's Touma," he said, pointing to the tall blonde. "And that's Yoshino," he said while pointing to the older girl. "They're comrades in my new job."

"Ah, 'school stuff,'" Top-Tem said wisely. "Well kid, you better find a way to get more 'Masaru stuff' done. The head of the Kyoto street fighters is coming and looking for a battle. I suggest you get in some staff practice, I know you don't use the damn thing as much as you should."

"A fight between men is settled with fists," Masaru growled while crossing his arms huffily.

"And a street fight against one of the strongest people in Japan won't be won without a weapon," Top-Tem retorted hotly. "He's got his damn spider-web weapon, you better take yours."

"Whatever," Masaru said with a frown.

"I'll come seek you out in the morning," Top-Tem sighed. "He won't be here for a few days at least. Maybe you'll be in a better mood after you've had some sleep."

"I doubt that," Touma sighed.

Top-Tem grinned. "Ah, you seem to understand him then." She walked over to Touma as if she was walking out of the area. "Then do me a favor and convince the brat to use his weapon, or his ass will get handed to him quicker then this battle here."

"I'm not a fighter," Touma growled.

"But you're his friend?" she asked.

Touma's silence answered her question and she nodded. "Just try," she sighed. "And try not to get in too over your head," she advised and vanished into the night.

"Weapons, fights, Kyoto?" Yoshino looked puzzled. "What's going on here?"

"None of your business," Masaru retorted huffily. "I'm going to bed," he stated and waved an arm limply. "C'mon Agumon."

"Coming, Aniki!" Agumon cried out and trotted after Masaru's retreating form.

"What on earth was that all about?" Yoshino sighed.

"I have no idea," Touma said truthfully.


Masaru snuck quietly into his room and changed into his PJ's. "Aniki," Agumon said softly as Masaru rooted around in his closet.

"Hm?" Masaru asked.

"Are you going to be fighting again?" Agumon asked.

Masaru sighed and pulled out a long staff that was long as he was tall. "Looks like it," he noted. "The battles on the street just aren't as exciting as the ones against the digimon," he said. Then he grinned, "But if I need this against the guy that's coming up then maybe I'll get to fight someone that's worth it."

"Was I a good opponent?" Agumon asked hopefully.

Masaru nodded. "Yeah, you were a great opponent," he complimented his digimon who seemed to glow with happiness.

With a grin, Masaru propped the staff up against his wall and crawled into bed. "I don't like using it," he said softly. "But when I have to, the fights are always worth it."


I got this idea from all the info on Masaru where it says 'he claims he's the strongest street fighter in Japan.' I figured I could write a fic about that and use it as an excuse for character development for him, Agumon as well as Touma, Yoshino and their digimon. Plus, I want to focus a bit more on the personalites beyond the 'bad guy of the day' thing going on in the first eps of this show. Hope you liked it!