The next morning Masaru woke up to the smell of his mother's cooking. He yawned and turned over sleepily, making a mental note that Agumon wasn't in his room. With a sigh he fell back onto the pillow and looked up at the ceiling. He really didn't want to get up quite yet, what with how late he was out the night before. But Top Tem told him she was going to wait and he knew that she didn't like to wait.

He pulled himself out of bed and went downstairs in his pajamas while pulling back his hair. He went into the kitchen and looked around to see his mother frying some rice and what looked like a stir fry on the stove. "Odd breakfast," he commented with a raised eyebrow.

His mother turned around and smiled. "Oh, this isn't breakfast. Breakfast is over, sweetie. It's almost noon."

Masaru's eyes widened and he ran into the living room to take a look at the digital clock. "WHAT?" he yelled.

"No yelling in the house!" his mother called from the kitchen.

"Hello, aniki," Agumon said without turning away from the television show he was watching.

Masaru walked over and ground his knuckles on either side of Agumon's head. "Why didn't you wake me up?" he growled.

"Ow!" the digimon protested the rough treatment and squirmed uncomfortably. "You never told me to wake you up!"

"Top Tem told me she was going to wait in the morning," Masaru growled. "How am I supposed to meet someone in the morning when its almost noon?"

"It's not his fault," Chika said from her spot on the couch. Masaru turned to look at his little sister who was peering at him over her book. "Did you ever actually ask him to wake you up?"

Masaru blinked as he kept his vice grip on Agumon but stopped grinding his knuckles into the poor creature's head. "No," he answered slowly.

"Then it's not his fault," Chika said again. "And by the way, it's 12:36," she nodded at the clock and returned to her book.

"Crap," Masaru hissed and ran upstairs to get dressed.

While the opening and closing of drawers could he heard as he got dressed Agumon sighed and turned off the TV. He picked up the digivice he went around with Masaru in and quietly exited the room.

A minute later Masaru came bounding down the stairs with his staff and looked around to see Agumon holding out the digivice. Masaru grinned and took it. "You want to come?" he asked.

Agumon nodded, "I wanna see Aniki fight," he said excitedly.

Masaru held out the electronic device. "You don't mind?" he asked, noting his digimon's obvious dislike for being inside of it.

Agumon shook his head and digitized into the digivice. Masaru smiled at him through the screen and pocketed it, allowing the window to peek out so that Agumon could see what was going on. He propped the loathed weapon against the wall and sat down to pull on his shows when his mom came out into the hallway. "Where are you going?" she asked sternly.

Masaru blinked and bit his lip with his back still turned towards his mother. "Um, I'm going to meet a friend," he said truthfully. He knew that his mother was aware of his fighting habits but he also knew that she didn't approve. He still wasn't sure if she understood completely what he did at DATS and he was glad that it was covered up by all the deskwork even if he didn't like doing it.

"A friend?" she asked dubiously, her eyes flicking over to the staff then back to Masaru who was still frozen in the middle of putting on his other shoe.

"Yes," Masaru said slowly, praying his mom would let him go.

She sighed heavily and retreated into the kitchen. Masaru stayed where he was as he heard some bustling and opening and closing of cupboards not daring to move as his mother hadn't exactly said 'you can leave.' Slowly he finished putting on his shoes and stood up to peer through the kitchen doorway.

His mother came back out and handed him a box with a cloth tied neatly around it. "Here," she said simply. "You missed breakfast and you have to eat something," she said with a smile. "Have fun with your friend."

Masaru relaxed and grinned at his mother. He nodded and took the boxed lunch then turned towards the door. "I'll be back for dinner," he said and picked up the staff. "Bye!"

"Bye," his mom answered then returned to the kitchen to finish lunch for herself and Chika. "Sometimes I worry about him," she sighed as she took the rice off the stove.


Masaru ran outside and headed towards the piers where most of his fights took place. Every once in awhile he'd run across some punks who would assume that they could just have at him but he'd always put them in their place regardless of number.

"About damn time!" a voice called out after he walked into a storage area.

Masaru turned around and raised his arm to block and halfhearted punch from Top Tem. "I was tired," he sniffed. Even though he had bustled around to get out as soon as he could for her sake hell would freeze over before he let her know it.

She snorted. "Well, kids do need their sleep," she quipped. As expected, Masaru took the bait and he let his staff drop to the ground, opting for the more comfortable style of throwing punches.

She grinned as she blocked a punch with her other arm and held it steady. "Oh? The great Daimon is holding back for my sake?" she asked in a cutest voice that didn't suit the ice-cold glare she was giving Masaru. "You shouldn't have."

Masaru grinned and pulled back, throwing a punch in earnest and while she managed to successfully block it she winced as her arm went partially numb. She jumped back and rubbed her arm where Masaru had hit it. "God forbid," she sighed, "you're getting stronger."

"Damn right I am," Masaru said with a smirk. "Now do you think I need my weapon?"

Top Tem pulled back her arm and thrust it forward, letting loose what looked like a yo-yo with several sharp protrusions around the edge that were sharp enough to hurt but not cut. That was something of an important rule, when you were in a declared street fight, one never ever used blades or cutting weapons. If blood was drawn then it was most likely your own fault, but no one ever went after one another's lives intentionally. Now the off the record street fights were a different story but she wasn't one of 'those' people even though she had her suspicions that Masaru had had more then his fair share of 'those' kinds of fights.

Masaru brought up his arm and let the yo-yo weapon wrap around it and winced when the end bit into his skin. Top Tem grinned and pulled the string, forcing Masaru to step forward because of her leverage. "Yes, yes I do," she answered.

Masaru snorted and ran forward willingly, making the strong go slack and running faster then Top Tem could draw it back. He jumped up, high enough that he forced Top Tem to look into the sun and landed on her blind side, pivoting around and sweeping his leg underneath her. She fell to the ground hard and Masaru unwound the yo-yo and stood over her with a smirk, dropping the weapon on the ground. "No I don't," he sniffed. "It was pointless to bring it anyways."

"Shut up, Daimon," Top Tem growled at him from her vantage point on the ground. "This guy is on a totally different level and you know it."

Masaru crossed his arms and continued to gloat. "Well, that may be but I don't need no weapon. I can take on anyone, anytime by myself."

Top Tem flicked her wrist and let the yo-yo wrap its self around Masaru's ankle. Masaru only had time to blink before she pulled and caused him to topple over as well. "Not if you leave your defense open like that, moron," she growled.

"Are you all right, Aniki?" Agumon whispered quietly although Masaru could tell he was trying very hard not to laugh.

"Shut. Up." He growled angrily.

Top Tem stood up and brushed herself off as she let Masaru go from her weapon's entanglement and wound it manually. "Humor me, Daimon. I don't want to see you get your sorry ass kicked by the Kyoto representative in two days. Just pick up the damn stick and practice."

"I don't need it," Masaru said with a growl as he picked himself up off the ground.

"Then why did you bring it?" Top Tem asked stiffly.

Masaru froze and looked at the staff. Top Tem followed his gaze and plunged on, hoping against hope that she could get something into his thick skull. "Look, if you don't need it then just throw it down and fight like you did today. BUT!" she snapped loudly, forcing Masaru to turn and look at her. "But," she repeated a bit more softly. "If you need it then please promise me you'll pick it up and use it."

Masaru looked at the weapon and walked over. In one fluid motion, he put his foot underneath it and maneuvered it into his hand in a battle ready position. "Fine," he said huffily.

Top Tem smiled and nodded. Knowing she wouldn't get any more out of Masaru she twisted her hand and let the yo-yo fly out in an arc so that Masaru would be forced to defend with his staff. He brought it up and let the yo-yo twist around it, jerking Top Tem to the side and rushing in for an attack. Top Tem grinned as she prepared to take the attack. At least something got through to him.


Yoshino yawned as she tapped halfheartedly at the keys. Raramon came over and looked at her tamer with concern in her little black eyes. "What's wrong, Yoshino?" she asked.

"I'm tired," Yoshino answered. "I have finals in two weeks, and staying up didn't help me any."

"Maybe you should rest a little," Raramon said quietly. "You'll make yourself sick if you keep on pushing yourself."

Yoshino smiled and turned to face her digimon. "I'll be fine. Just a few more weeks, right?" she asked.

Raramon sighed. "Yoshino, you keep on pushing yourself too much. Maybe if you took a little better care…"

Yoshino patted Raramon on the head smartly to make the digimon stop lecturing her. "I'll be fine," she said a little more stiffly.

Raramon sighed and quieted down but continued to hover over Yoshino as a silent reminder of what she should do.

Gaomon watched this with interest and wondered what it was like to have frequent arguments with the one that the digimon was paired with. Raramon and Yoshino seemed to argue quite a bit in private and goodness knew that Masaru and Agumon argued in public all the time but even though they fought it seemed that they were no worse off for it. If anything, their bonds seemed stronger for it.

"Gaomon, we're going out on a mission," Touma's voice called through the door as he walked by the room that Gaomon was in. Gaomon blinked as he pulled himself out of his musings and walked briskly out of the door to follow Touma's commands without a second thought.

"Where are we going, master?" Gaomon asked after he had appeared in Touma's digivice.

"A new unidentified digimon has appeared by the docks in the southern area of town," Touma answered quickly and decisively as he read the report. "We are to go there and take it down."

"Yes, master," Gaomon replied and the rest of the trip was made in silence.


"Aniki…" Agumon said softly as Masaru blocked another attack from Top Tem.

"Mm?" Masaru asked, not really listening to what Agumon had to say. His mind was on the battle at hand.

"Aniki, I feel something," Agumon said softly. "Something…"

Masaru turned to the side and went in to floor Top Tem for the third time but she was too quick and caught the staff before he could bring it under her legs. "Getting slow, Daimon?" she smirked.

"Who, me?" Masaru asked with a dark grin.

Just then there was a loud explosion on the other side of the docks. "What the hell?" Top Tem asked softly as she straightened up.

"Aniki, I just got an e-mail. That was a digimon attack!" Agumon whisper yelled to get Masaru's attention.

Masaru hissed and ran towards the explosion. "Damn it!"

"Where are you going, Daimon!" Top Tem yelled.

"I'll explain later!" Masaru called back as he disappeared behind a stack of crates.


Yey, random pointless fic that no one seems to like has been updated! But I like Top Tem and I enjoy writing her and how much she kicks ass and how Masaru beats her and how eventually she'll be a bit stronger later on so I'll continue the story. Ha ha.

Plus mmm... Touma and Yoshino character development. Kinda. Ish...