Please don't ask where this comes from, I wrote it after watching the last episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Yes, it finally came to English shores, so here this one shot is.

Dear Atem,

You'll never read this, no one will, but I guess I have things I need to say.

The main thing being… Thank you.

Thank you for everything, for how you've helped Yugi, he was so shy when I first met him, he wouldn't say boo to a goose, and now he's brave and confident, you gave him that, thank you.

For how you've helped Joey and Tristan too. They were completely different people before you came along, they used to bully Yugi, did you know that? It was once Yugi got the confidence to stand up for himself that they respected him and slowly became real friends.

And me… thank you for so many things, for helping my friends, for saving Yugi so many times, for helping us become a closer group, for coming into our lives…

I know you'll never know, but watching you go was the hardest thing any of us did, Yugi especially so.

We all understood why you had to go, but for it to happen after being together as a team for years, it was hard. Joey and Tristan are acting manly about it, though if you look closely enough you can see they miss you. I… I loved you… there I said it, and it was only Joey holding me back that stopped me from following you through the gate, Joey's decision seems the right one now but…

And Yugi, well… he's the one who's taken this the hardest, it's going to take him a long time to get used to being one whole instead of one half of a whole. He didn't cry while he thought we were around, he waited until he thought he was alone. He didn't want to show us how much he was hurting even though he's the one who helped you open the door to the Afterlife. You know Yugi, if he had to do it all over again he wouldn't have do anything differently, it was to help you after all, but… he needs time.

We'll miss you, all of us will, even those of us who didn't know you well, Mai, Duke, Rebecca., even Kaiba, though he's already gone back to Japan, but he's not wasting anytime and has already issued a challenge to Yugi. He wasn't too happy that you took the God Cards with you to the Afterlife.

It's going to be hard but I guess we all have to move on sometime.

And as for me, well I guess it's true what they say…

If you really love someone,

You have to let them go.