Eek, my first fic! I loved Night of the Chimera's Cry, it was such an awesome episode (and yes I cried). I just wanted to do a little Nina tribute.

Mommy's Eyes

I haven't seen Mommy in years. But I still remember her. Her hair was a soft brown, like Alexander's eyes. She was always laughing. Well, she laughed in the beginning. Then she started fighting with Daddy. She stopped smiling. She stopped laughing. Then she left. Mommy disappeared and to this day I don't know where she went. But Daddy said she is okay. He says she went away because she didn't like his work. That doesn't sound like Mommy. She loved Daddy and everything he did.

I miss Mommy a lot. Whenever I look at Alexander, I see her. His gentle eyes remind me of hers. Mommy had a way of smiling and making me feel happy. But I would look into her eyes and they would be sad. I send Mommy pictures and letters in the mail. Last time I sent her a letter with a picture of Alexander playing with a squirrel. He's so funny sometimes.

I remember the time Mommy took me to the park. I was very little. She took me to a tree with long branches that hung over like an umbrella. She said it was a Thinking Tree and I should come there to wonder. I asked her what I was supposed to think about. Mommy stayed quiet a long time. Then she said, "Think about how you are always going to do what is right. Not what is expected." She continued softly, "Think about how you are not going to be like Daddy." I didn't really understand her. Why was she so sad? The next day, she was gone.

A few days ago my big brothers came to stay with us. They are very funny and smart. They are like my Daddy. They took the State Alchemist Exam. Big brother passed. We he came back, he was smiling. It reminded me of Mommy's smile. Wide and happy. I want to grow up to be just like them. But today they got sent away by the man with the big head and black mustache. I will miss them, but they promised to come and play with me again. Big brothers promised so I know they will come back. Daddy's certification is coming up. I know he will pass it!

Tonight I saw Daddy sitting at the table. He looked very upset and unhappy. He was just sitting there, staring at nothing. This frightened me and made me sad. I haven't seen Daddy like that in a long time. He looked the same the night before my Mommy left. I remembered he was in that same position sitting at the table. I watched him that night through a crack in the door. He was still and quiet. I wanted to go in and comfort him, but he suddenly got up and went to walk out of the room. I didn't want to get in trouble so I hid. But tonight I went in with Alexander.

"Daddy?" My Daddy looked down at me. His eyes were very very sad. They were like Mommy's. He suddenly bent down and hugged me. I smiled. I made my Daddy feel better. I didn't know why Daddy was upset but I hugged him anyway. I'm glad he is my Daddy. He is the best Dad anyone could have. I felt his warmth and his embrace. He put his face to my cheek and then pulled away. He muttered something under his breath. I couldn't really hear it but it sounded like,

"It's time."