"You know, it's a shame Vexen died."

Zexion looks over to Axel, arching a delicate eyebrow. Axel grins, pulls himself up from the white, white armchair in their library, and pads his way over to the other. Zexion's attempting to study something out of an aging book, one of the few around here that he actually enjoys.

"Why do you say that?" Zexion asks, dully. He doesn't even know what Axel is talking about. The red head just continues to grin, almost looking like he's attempting to stare down the blue haired boy.

Axel shrugs. "Because he faded away. He's completely gone. No body, no nothing." Zexion's confused, it shows in his darkened eyes, even as his expression remains blank. Axel continues to grin, because that's all Axel's masks can seem to do anymore.

"Why is that a… bad thing?" wonders Zexion, aloud. He quickly averts his attention back to his book, not thoroughly interested in Axel's words. The man is an annoyance in the way Zexion sees it, more so than Xigbar or even Demyx.

Axel is annoying because he's not really Axel.

Zexion doesn't like the scent of fake.

Besides, Axel is even more of a replica than that clone of Riku. Axel saunters away, most likely to go find Marluxia and let their leader fuck him (because Vexen isn't there any more), or maybe he'll find Larxene and annoy her a little. Though, Axel stalls and turns his head to look at Zexion, mask still in place.

"Because I've always kind of wanted to try necrophilia."