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Prologue: Oblivious Beginnings

Light and darkness; elements that exist around the human eye. For every step taken, living beings notice these elements; from the sun that shines brightly in the sky, to the darkness that scares children at night. However, the light and darkness have always been opposite of one another like cold and warm, sad and happy, or beginning and end. These two powers revolve around the heart, an organ which beats in the blood stream, pumping every moment of the daily life. A truly mysterious organ that baffles scientists with riddles, one scientist named Ansem who sought out to learn more about this organ.

His research, his tests, his theories lead to the conclusion that all hearts are born in darkness. From this darkness comes creatures of shadows, born without a heart. Their plan is to steal hearts of other victims, turning them into creatures of darkness. Ansem, a mighty ruler of a peaceful kingdom soon learned the truth of his studies, but he was too arrogant to learn the wrongs of his experiments. In the end, he lost his body to the darkness, leaving him without a being or a heart.

His mind was clouded by poor judgement and darkness. This once wise sage became a power hungry madman who wanted nothing more than to rule the worlds that twinkled in the sky. Every world used to be divided by a wall which would prevent the inhabitants from stepping outside of it.One day the heartless broke through the walls, invading many of the worlds, hurting many innocent people, and destroying the world which they lived in. Every world also has a heart, and a keyhole resides in it. This keyhole led to the heart of the world, where the creatures of darkness would attack it, thus destroying it.

The hearts that were destroyed seemed to lead to a giant door where the heart of all worlds were. Ansem, a castaway from the darkness fooled a group of villains into gathering seven maidens of the purest heart to open that door, so Ansem can use its power to take over all worlds.

Sora, a young man of fourteen years lived on the beautiful islands of Destiny Islands with his best friends Riku and Kairi. Kairi was a mysterious girlwho came to the island not too long ago, but many were riddled as to why she has come here. Sora and Riku befriended this new girl and showed her around the island with their friendship growing. Both Riku and Kairi were special to him very much. Sora has always had a crush on Kairi, but had a hard time expressing his feelings for her. Riku and him have been best friends ever since they were little kids, but were also competitive rivals, sadly with Riku always coming out on top.

It seemed like an average life on the peaceful island, always hanging out together, and doing other fun things. One day, the three kids decided to go on an adventure to other worlds. Building a raft, they began preparation to head out into other places, dreaming of far off lands where magic can happen. One night a strange storm impacted their island, destroying everything in sight. In the process, Sora was separated from the two friends who meant everything to him. In the process, he was given a strange weapon called a keyblade which seemed to destroy the creatures of darkness known as heartless.

Sora was whisked away to a magical island called Isle Delfino, where mythical creatures he's never seen before existed before his eyes. As he journeyed through this unusual island, he encountered a man named Leon who told him of his destiny as the keyblade master. His mission was to stop the heartless from their evil intentions as he alone held the weapon of light that could destroy the creatures of darkness. As his journey continued, he was aided in a battle by an Italian man wearing blue overalls named Luigi and a dinosaur like creature called Yoshi.

They came from the Mushroom Kingdom, where the protector of it known as Mario fought against the evil koopa tribe, who was lead by a monstrosity known as Bowser who constantly kidnaped the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom known as Princess Toadstool Peach. The king of koopas was in charge of the group of villains who attend to gain supreme power by using the heartless to take over their worlds. Mario heard of the dangers of the worlds, including the Star Rod that protected their world, which was stolen.

Mario wrote a letter to his brother Luigi, explaining the dangers of this situation. Luigi was informed to find someone with a "key" and that key was the only chance for survival. Along with Yoshi, the two left their homeland, journeying to Isle Delfino while accompanied by princess Peach and her royal steward Toadsworth, who would be officially chronicling their journey. Together, Sora, Luigi, and Yoshi teamed up to find their loved ones in an adventure that took them beyond the stars, traveling to strange and wonderful worlds, meeting new faces as they traveled. During their journey, the three heros learned more about what the villains' master plans were, including Bowser kidnaping seven young women, one of which was princess Peach, and his use of the Star Rod. Sora was devastated as Riku betrayed their friendship, siding with the villains. His goal was to find Kairi, who lost her heart to the darkness and admit his feeling to her.

Sora became closer to his new friends, especially Yoshi who was like the little brother he never had. A special friendship that made Riku even more angered to hate his former friend. Finally, Sora and his friends confronted Riku in a dark castle called Hallow Bastion that used to be home to Leon and his friends. Many surprises were discovered as Riku turned out to be the true wielder of the keyblade. With that uncovered, Yoshi and Luigi regretfully left to join Riku. Sora, however did not give up as his love for Kairi and his friends kept him going.

In his final confrontation with Riku, Yoshi and Luigi switched sides to join Sora again, as it was no longer a mission, but their friendship has grown and they would never brake the promise they made when they first met. Because of Riku opening his heart to darkness, his heart got weaker and with his friends at his side, Sora's heart got stronger. This resulted in the keyblade rejecting Riku and choosing Sora as the new owner of the keyblade.

Their friendship prevailed as they defeated Riku and Bowser. Before Bowser was lost in the darkness, Riku returned with a different form and his own keyblade that had the power to unlock people's hearts. Using this power, he gave Bowser supreme power, but was once again defeated by Sora's group. Soon, Riku revealed himself to be Ansem, who took over Sora's childhood friend's body. Sora was also reunited with Kairi who lost her heart during their separation.

Everyone soon learned that Kairi was one of the seven princesses of heart who had the power to unlock the heart of all worlds, but her heart needed to be present. Her heart was located inside of Sora, who took shelter after the darkness destroyed their island. Sora fought against Ansem on his own to stop him from achieving his goal and successfully defeated the seeker of darkness. In the end, Sora used the dark keyblade to unlock his heart to free Kairi's heart. Sadly, Sora lost his heart and turned into a heartless, but completed the keyhole in the process.

Ansem fully took control of Riku's body, gaining a new body in the process. Kairi, Luigi, and Yoshi managed to escape his wrath with a little help from Riku who was fighting against the king of darkness inside. As they made their way to the exit a heartless ambushed the three, but did not try to attack them. Kairi knew that it was Sora, and with her heart and love for him, she freed him from the darkness, restoring his heart to him.

Upon return to Isle Delfino, Sora vowed to defeat Ansem and rescue Riku. Kairi supported him and gave him a lucky charm to hold onto as he traveled from world to world. Sora's group returned to Hallow Bastion, where the other princesses were awakened and told Sora that Ansem has escaped. Sora also learned that once Ansem is defeated the worlds will be restored, but the walls the heartless destroyed will reappear, thus preventing Sora to travel to other worlds. This devastated him, but he stood strong and knew what had to be done. After sealing the keyhole to Hallow Bastion, the three friends left and confronted Ansem in a final showdown of good and evil, with Sora's group coming out on top. With his last breath, Ansem tried to gain supreme power through the door of darkness known as Kingdom Hearts. In the end, the door opened, revealing a ray of light that blinded him and consumed him into nothingness. The friends tried to close the door in hopes of stopping the darkness from pouring out, but it was simply too strong to close. Riku appeared inside the door to help as he finally returned to normal.

However, it still wasn't enough to close the door. All of a sudden, the group's hope came as Mario appeared inside the door, holding his own keyblade in hand. He told Luigi that he would not be able to cross to the other side of the door leaving him trapped forever. Luigi felt sad upon knowing this, but Mario assured his brother and Sora that there will always be a door to the light. The gang finally sealed the door to darkness, with Riku telling Sora to take care of Kairi. Those words stayed with him ever since then.

Sora and Mario used their keyblades to seal the door, causing it to vanish forever. The three friends reflected on the good times they had with their loved ones because of this. After his emotional good-bye with Luigi, Toadsworth, and Yoshi he was reunited with Kairi, but the reunion was cut short as they were pulled apart by the barriers. Sora made a promise that he would return to her someway and someday. Before her eyes the love of her life was gone, but till this day never gave up.

Sora was reunited with his comrades and they currently walked down a endless pathway in a giant grass field. Sora had brown spiked hair and blue eyes. He wore a red jumpsuit, a blackish-greyish coat with a hood around his upper body, a blue belt around his waist, wearing grey gloves with his fingers showing out, a neckless with a crown on it, and big yellow shoes.

Luigi was a tall and skinny man with a black moustache and white gloves. He wore blue overalls, a green shirt underneath it and a green hat with a green letter "L" on it.

Yoshi was a dinosaur with green skin, with his front part white from his neck to the back of his tail. He also has red scales on his back. Also on his back was a red saddle and he wore red shoes and he had oval vertical eyes.

The mushroom that rode on Yoshi's saddle, Toadsworth had a walking stick in his right hand as he was an old man. He wore a vest with a purple buttoned down shirt. He had a giant white moustache and the dots on his mushroom head were brown. He also has reading glasses on. The gang continued to walk down the path until Luigi turned to Sora.

"Um, so what do we do now?" asked Luigi with his heavy Italian accent .

Sora put his hands behind his head, "The only thing we can do is find Riku and Mario."

"Yes," Toadsworth agreed with a British accent. "I say that shouldn't be so hard."

Yoshi then stopped, realizing something.

"But, uh, how we find giant door to light?" Yoshi asked dumbfounded.

The others paused for a movement, realizing they had no leads or anything to even finding Kingdom Hearts. The four dropped their heads down in disappointment, sighing heavily. Sora then heard something rustle in the bush. Yoshi got scared and coward behind Luigi. Sora looked up, noticing a bush with something rustling in it.

"What that?" Yoshi whimpered.

"Who goes there?" Sora shouted at the bush.

"There's nobody here, go away!" said a high pitched male voice. The voice gasped at it realized its mistake. "I mean...um...chirp...chirp?"

Luigi walked over to the bush and gasped to see a small lizard like creature. It had a giant green shell with spikes. He had yellow skin on his body, orange hair and orange eyebrows, and link chains around his neck. He was the son of Bowser known as Bowser Jr, and he screamed upon seeing Luigi. He quickly jumped out of it, doing a cannonball onto the ground. Luigi got startled and jumped back to the others. The young koopa landed flat on his feet.

"Hey!" he screamed. "Don't you know it's not nice to sneak up on a little innocent koopa like that?"

"And you actually know what the word nice and innocent means?" Luigi asked rhetorically.

"Shut up!" Jr snapped. He then growled at them. "You big bullies killed my pappa!" He then started crying. "How could you be so nice and kind? My dad was the most evil, lowest, dirtiest down father I ever had!"

"Look, you're dad tried to destroy everything." Sora explained calmly. "We weren't just going to sit there and do nothing."

"Silence!" Jr growled. "I shall avenge my pappa's death by destroying you four."

"It's pointless" Luigi groaned. "You're not even a waste of our breath."

Jr laughed manically, "You foolish plumber! It's not always the strongest that wins, but sometimes it's the smartest."

"I hate to admit it, but even the son is smarter than the father." Luigi whispered to Sora.

"Wow, he's that dumb?" Sora whispered in surprise.

"Kid, you have no idea how stupid the king of all koopas is." Luigi responded.

"So, mortals, prepare for my reign of terror!" Jr shouted. He then went behind his back, pulling out something that left everyone baffled. It was a white envelop. "Behold!"

Luigi noticed something distinguished on the letter. He noticed a red mushroom printed on it. He gasped in surprise upon seeing it.

"Hey, that thing on the letter," Luigi called to everyone. "Look!"

The others noticed it too. Yoshi and Toadsworth gasped in surprise upon seeing it while Sora looked on in confusion.

"What's the matter?" Sora asked Yoshi in confusion.

"That mark on letter is Mario's seal!" Yoshi exclaimed.

"Only Master Mario uses that kind of seal!" Toadsworth gasped.

Jr made an evil grin, "Ah, I knew that would catch your attention."

"You runt!" Sora angrily said. "Do you know where Mario is then?"

Jr started laughing, "Like I'd tell you losers! If you want to know so badly then you'll have to catch me first." He then ran for it, running as fast as he could. "So long, suckers."

Sora happily ran forward, ready to go after the son of the koopa king. He turned to his friends with his famous smile, gesturing them to come on.

"Let's go!" Sora cried excitedly.

The four ran at full speed, running down the narrow path as they chased after Jr. They laughed merrily as they ran down the path. They felt the wind in their face as they ran at full speed. They knew that a new adventure was upon the horizon, but little did they know that their next adventure was right around the corner.

One week later...

Sora, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadsworth were continuing down the trail, still chasing after Jr. However, they have become exhausted from the running. The heat was simply unbearable to them. Sora took his grey coat off and rested it over his head, hoping to get some shade. He felt his stomach in pain as they ran out of food and water just yesterday thanks to a certain green dinosaur who ate left over food and water that could have lasted them two weeks at the most. They felt the sweat pour down their faces, with Yoshi hanging his tongue out. The sun was in the afternoon sky, meaning it wasn't even close to nighttime yet.

Luigi felt dizzy from no food or water. He stumbled over a little bit, panting heavily from being so tired. His tongue was so dry that he thought it was going to fall off. He felt like he was going to be sick. He gave an evil glare at Yoshi.

"You just had to eat two weeks worth of food," groaned Luigi. "Mama-mia! You're favorite food is seafood."

"Ooh," Yoshi said with delight. "Yoshi love seafood."

"Yeah, 'see' food, as in you see food and you eat it." Luigi said.

"That's the last thing we need," Toadsworth muttered under his breath. "We're starving to death and Master Luigi had to crack a pun."

"Aw, but I hungry." whined Yoshi.

"Hungry? Hungry!" shouted Luigi. "You may be hungry, but what about us? Do you seem to forget that we too were hungry?"

Yoshi giggled nervously. He felt like a complete idiot for his actions, but since he was a baby he wanted to find a way out of the situation. He quickly thought about for a second when he came up with an idea, though it wasn't a very good idea.

"But it not Yoshi's fault," Yoshi lied. "Hooded man from Hallow Bastion possessed Yoshi, making him eat everything."

"Yeah, right," Luigi rolled his eyes doubtfully. "And Goombas fly."

"Um, Master Luigi, Goombas do fly." Toadsworth pointed out.

"That's not the point!" Luigi snapped. "The point is you got to stop eating everything in sight! It's your fault we're tired, hungry, thirsty, and overheated."

Yoshi sadly put his head down, "I sorry."

Luigi looked at Yoshi, feeling a bit bad for yelling at him. Yoshi always understood the wrongs of his mistakes and Luigi felt that Yoshi may have learned his lesson. He smiled, patting Yoshi on the shoulder, trying to comfort him.

"Sorry I yelled," Luigi smiled warmly. "I know you understand your wrongs, but you really need to control that urge, especially when we are stranded out here. Can you do that for me?"

Yoshi felt happy again upon hearing that. He knew Luigi meant well and was okay by it. He happily licked Luigi's face. Luigi could only feel the dry surface of Yoshi's tongue as it hit his face. He knew they wouldn't last much longer out here, and they needed to find a town soon. Luigi all of a sudden fell on his knees, feeling extremely weak from the heat. His breath became wheezy, the sweat poured down his head. He started noticing red marks on his arms which he rolled up.

The others noticed this and quickly ran to his aid.

"Luigi, are you okay?" Sora asked concerned.

"Just peachy keen," Luigi said sarcastically. He then shouted. "OF COURSE I'M NOT OKAY, KID!" He dramatically put his hand over his head. "Water, water, my kingdom for some water, or at least some meat sauce."

"Relax, man," Sora said with his famous smile. "I'm sure we'll approach a town soon."

"Indeed, Master Luigi," Toadsworth agreed. "Every pathway has an end to it, meaning we're bound to end up somewhere at the end."

"Yeah, our graves." Luigi said tiredly.

"Come on, don't think it like that," Sora said a little disappointed. "You always think on the negative side of things, Remember, we need to keep an upbeat attitude."

"That was before we decided to chase after a fat moron's son down a path triple the size of the yellow brick road," Luigi said. He then started to panic "I tell you we're going to die out here! No food, no water, it's over!" He then started to cry.

The others slowly walked over to him, hoping to try and calm him down. Luigi was very scared as he knew that he was going to die. There was no denying it and he felt like he had too much to live for. He didn't want it to end this way, and prayed for a miracle. Looking back up, he noticed something fuzzy in the green fields. He took slow deep breaths to calm himself down from acting up. He relaxed his body for a minute, trying to release the tension pouring down his body.

"You okay?" Sora asked concerned.

"I'm fine, but I think I see something." replied Luigi.

"Where Master Luigi?" Toadsworth asked curiously.

"That way!" Luigi pointed excitedly.

The four walked off the path for a brief moment to find out what Luigi was excited about. As Luigi continued to walk, he saw a rectangular object that looked bigger than him. As he got closer to it, he gasped in excitement at what it was. To him it was a vending machine that had chips and soda cans inside of it. Luigi felt relief come over and happiness.

"It's a vending machine!" Luigi cried happily. "We're saved!"

The others looked on in confusion as Luigi was jumping for joy.

"I see no vending machine." Yoshi said to the others.

Indeed, Sora, Yoshi, and Toadsworth didn't notice anything out there. Something weird was going on here, Sora thought. Has Luigi finally cracked? Sora then noticed Luigi running out into the field, his arms wide open.

"Come to papa!" Luigi cheered.

Toadsworth tried to think about why Luigi was acting so weird. The plumber ran as fast as he could, his heart beating with excitement, the drool finally pouring down his mouth. He breathed heavily and laughed gleefully as he held his arms out, ready to hug it. Toadsworth gasped in surprise as he finally realized why Luigi was hallucinating a vending machine. The intense heat, the dehydration, it all added up.

Luigi hugged the vending machine with glee, unaware that he was actually hugging a giant grey rock. His eyes were closed so he didn't notice it.

"Come on, fellas," Luigi called the others. "We're saved! We can eat all we want!"

"Um, Master Luigi," Toadsworth said as he cleared his throat. "As much as I don't want to ruin your moment, the object that you are embracing is actually a giant rock."

Luigi opened his eyes and gave the "vending machine" a double look, noticing that he was now hugging a giant grey rock. Luigi backed away in surprise upon seeing it. He looked around, wondering where the vending machine went.

"Hey, what happened to it?" Luigi asked in confusion. He then gave Yoshi an evil glare.

"Don't look at Yoshi like that." said Yoshi innocently.

"Luigi, it was only a mirage," Sora pointed out. "The sun has begun to fry your brain so much that you imagined it."

"Great," moaned Luigi. He then angrily turned back to the rock. "Stupid mirage!" He then kicked the rock so hard that it caused a great deal of pain to his toes. He flinched his foot back, and held it with both hands, hopping up and down on one foot. "Yow!"

Sora lightly chuckled, "Ah, klutzy Luigi. Some things never change."

"Painful pasta!" Luigi yelped in pain. "We're never going to find a town!"

Toadsworth sighed sadly, "The only thing we can do now, masters is press on. We'll surely find a town around these parts."

"We no give up!" Yoshi added, reassuring Luigi. "Sora, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadsworth need to find Riku and Mario!"

"I agree, but are you expecting the door to light to just pop out of thin air?" Luigi asked rhetorically.

"We'll find it," Sora said with confidence. "Something just tells me we will. I can feel it right in my gut."

Toadsworth felt a feeling he's never felt before. Something deep in his stomach. This feeling was indescribable to him.

"Strange, I somehow feel the same feeling." Toadsworth spoke up.

"Yeah, so can I." Luigi agreed.

"Maybe it gas," assumed Yoshi. Everyone gave him a confused look. "What? It could be."

Sora all of a sudden felt like he could really run again. Everyone else felt the same again. Their fatigue, their thirst, their hunger seemed to have subsided in the snap of a finger. They didn't know why they felt this way, but something was telling them to press on. They knew that they had a mission to complete and deciding not to worry about the feeling, they ran back to the path.

"Wow!" Luigi said in surprise. "I feel like a million gold coins all of a sudden!"

"Where did boost of energy come from?" Yoshi asked as he panted from running.

"I don't know, but lets use this energy to make it to the next town." Sora said.

The four arrived back on the path and continued their journey down it. They felt the wind embraces their faces as they jogged down the pathway. The sweat dripped down their faces for each step they took. Yoshi's tongue hung out as they ran down the path. The rest of day required constant breaks between each run. As luck would have it, Sora and friends found a small lake near by the path as the sun slowly started its decent to the horizon. The water was surprisingly very clean and looked healthy. The reflection of the sun was bright in the water.

Wasting no time, Sora, Luigi, and Yoshi jumped into the water, cheering at the top of their lungs. Toadsworth took his shoes off and sat down at the edge of the lake, resting his feet in the cool water. He felt his entire body cool down from the extreme heat. The trio popped their heads out of the water and began to suck it up. They felt their stomachs fill right to the top. The dryness in their throats and tongues began to disappear, while they also felt their bodies cool off from the heat.

"See, I told you we would be okay." Sora said to Luigi.

"Thank goodness we found this lake," Luigi said relieved. "I thought I was going to pass out after that run."

"It just go to show you the miracles can happen at any given moment." Toadsworth said.

"And maybe will find our friends next!" Sora said excitedly.

"Yeah, we will find them!" Luigi said also excited.

Sora then remembered something. Yoshi didn't like water, so how come he was in it?

"Hey, Yoshi, how come your in the water?" Sora curiously asked the dinosaur. "I thought you hated water."

"Yoshi got brave of the water thanks to Sora's help back at Station Square," Yoshi explained "Why, Yoshi love water now!" He then made an evil grin. "Yoshi love it so much, he ain't afraid to do this."

Yoshi pushed his hands hardly into the water, pushing waves up and causing a big splash to impact Sora and Luigi. Sora felt the water impact his face, shutting his eyes in the process. As the splash died down, Sora rubbed his face to get the water out of his eye lids. He shook his head rapidly to get the water out of his hair. As he opened his eyes he looked over at Luigi. What the keyblade master saw caused him to crack up.

Luigi's hat was flat on his head, the edge sides titled over which included covering his eyes. Each side of his moustache was curved downward and he was frowning. The priceless moment caused everyone else to start cracking up. Luigi quickly fixed his hat by taking it off and squeezing the water out of it. He then turned to Yoshi with an evil grin.

"Oh, a wise guy, eh?" Luigi grinned playfully. "Take this!"

Luigi sent a splash at Yoshi, which hit the dinosaur, knocking him backwards. Yoshi quickly went underwater and quickly returned with water in his mouth. They could tell because his cheeks were puffed up. He then spat the water out of his mouth like a water hose and hit Luigi right in the face.

"Hey!" Luigi shouted.

Soon the three friends were laughing and splashing each other silly. Sora hasn't had this much fun in a long while. The excitement was building in him for every splash he made. It was a time of piece for them, not worrying about giant doors or finding away home. They haven't had this much fun in a good while. Toadsworth chortled as he watched the trio splashing each other silly.

Sora dove underwater and swam around in it for a few moments. All though it was hard to keep his eyes open, it looked so beautiful underwater. The sun's light reflected it beautifully underneath. He returned to the surface, gasping for air as he came out. However, the moment he came out, Luigi and Yoshi tackled him back underwater. Sora pushed them both away and once again returned to the surface making a cocky grin on his face.

"That's it!" Sora grinned. "Get ready for a keyblade splash attack!"

Sora took out his weapon, the keyblade. It was a magical weapon that was both a sword and a key at the same time. The handle was grey with a square around it that was yellow. In the back was a chain with a silver mushroom on the end of it. The blade itself was grey. Sora spun it around creating giant waves that towered over Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadsworth. They felt their jaws drop as the waves came right for them.

"Yikes!" Yoshi cried.

"Holy macaroni!"

"Good heavens!"

The giant wave managed to topple the three residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. They felt the water hit them like a ton of bricks with a lot of hard pressure. The waves from the water soon died down with Sora stopping the spinning and putting his keyblade away. He looked up to notice Luigi and Yoshi making an evil glare at him. Toadsworth, who was still on the grass was also soaking wet. Sora nervously chuckled, slowly backing away.

"Oops, too much, huh?" Sora chuckled nervously.

"Oh, we'll give you too much," Luigi said. "Get him!"

Luigi and Yoshi both chased Sora around the lake, who was swimming as fast as he could. Toadsworth checked his journal to see if Sora managed to soak the pages, but luckily everything was fine. Not too long after, the trio got out of the lake, tired from all the excitement. Unfortunately, they had no towels to dry themselves off, but the heat would make a nice substitute. The four continued down the path as the sun finally disappeared over the horizon, revealing the beautiful night sky.

They heard the crickets softly chirp all around the area. The night sky was warm with a small breeze that past through. Toadsworth was a little concerned about a few clouds that were about in the sky, but decided not to worry. The group continued until they arrived at an intersection of the path that went off in three separate directions. Luigi's eyes widened in shock upon seeing this.

"Are you kidding me?" Luigi exclaimed. "You mean there's a stupid intersection out here?"

"Oh, dear, this doesn't look good," Toadsworth said worryingly. "Jr could have taken any of the paths that stand here before us. This means it won't be easy to seek him out."

"And after all that running we're back to where we started," moaned Luigi. "No leads whatsoever."

Sora sadly looked down each path. Jr contained the key that might have been their hope to find Mario. And since both Mario and Riku were trapped inside the door of Kingdom Hearts, it was pretty possible that Riku would have been with him too. Sora would have then enjoyed going back to the islands to see Kairi again. Yoshi noticed the boy's saddens and jumped into Sora's arms, licking his face to cheer him up.

"Aw, Sora no be sad," Yoshi said warmly. "We find bad boy and help Sora find Riku and Kairi."

"That's right, Master Sora," Toadsworth nodded in agreement. "We're going to get through this thing together. Sometimes a person alone can't get the job done."

Sora smiled, reassured by his friends, knowing that they would still be by his side to help him on his journey.

"Remember? All for one?" Luigi reminded Sora. "There is no way we're going to leave your side now. Why, we'll search until our hair turns white."

"For you that's only a year away." teased Sora.

"With the way you two drive me insane it will happen sooner than you think." chuckled Luigi.

Everyone else also laughed at the comment. Sora felt his spirits rise a little bit from the talk, knowing giving up now was not an option. Luigi, Toadsworth, and Yoshi always made him feel better, and if he was out here alone, he didn't know what he'd do. He was really glad they were here.

"Thanks guys." Sora smiled.

Yoshi all of a sudden gave a big yawn right in front of everyone.

"Well, looks someone could use forty winks." Luigi chuckled to Yoshi.

"But I not tired," Yoshi yawned sleepily. "Honest."

"No excuses," Luigi said. "Because the proof is in the pudding."

"Pudding? Where?" Yoshi asked excitedly.

Luigi rolled his eyes, "Never mind."

Everyone was very tired and decided to turn in for the night. They would decide on a path to take tomorrow morning. Yoshi slowly walked around in a circle so he could get into a good position to lay down. He slowly brought his body down until he was lying flat on his stomach. He then curled himself into a ball and closed his eyes, giving a slight yawn.

Luigi placed his hat on the ground and soon enough rested his back on the ground, with his head rested on his hat. He felt himself relax from all the pain he felt from walking so much. Sora did the same thing, except with out the hat part. Before he closed his eyes he looked up at the stars that twinkled brightly in the sky. It would remind him of when he, Riku, and Kairi would lay on the warm sand, looking up at the beautiful stars together.

He imagined the sounds of the waves lightly hitting the shore of the beach. The warm air would flow through their faces. It would be very quite and it was a great moment indeed. He would look over to see Kairi looking at him with her beautiful blue eyes and red hair. He then see his friend Riku who was the calm, cool type, fantasizing about other places that resided out there besides the one he lived in. He remembered how life back then was so simply, but now it has turned into this. Of course, Sora didn't mind this change because he finally got the chance to visit other worlds, but it saddened him that Riku and Kairi weren't with him.

"Good-night, Sora," Luigi said. Sora shook his head as he was brought out of his day dream. "Good-night, Toadsworth. Good-night, Yoshi."

"Good-night, Luigi," Sora replied. "Good-night, Yoshi. Good-night, Toadsworth."

"Good-night, masters." Toadsworth said.

"Good-night, Toadsworth," Yoshi said. "Good-night, Luigi. Good-night, Sora. Good-night, John Boy."

"Huh?" Sora and Luigi said in unison.

Yoshi lightly giggled, "Sorry, always wanted to do that."

The group of friends sighed and went into a nice peaceful sleep. Sora, however couldn't sleep. He was missing Riku and Kairi everyday of his life. How he longed to see them again. How he longed to be with Kairi forever and return the lucky charm she gave him. He also wanted to know if Riku was going to be okay from being locked in the door of Kingdom Hearts. It wasn't fair, he thought. Why didn't he return to the island like everyone else said he would. Many riddles entered his mind, wondering how this could have happen? He also wanted to know more about this strange man he encountered from Hallow Bastion. With so many thoughts running through his mind he couldn't sleep a wink.

Sora sat up and shook his head. Turning to the right, he noticed Luigi and Yoshi were having a peaceful sleep. Luigi was snoring rather loudly, but was also mumbling pleasurably to himself.

"Hm, spaghetti," Luigi said happily. "Ah, ravioli. Oh, fettuccine." He then sighed dreamily. "Ah, mama-mia."

Sora snicked lightly upon seeing that. He knew that Luigi couldn't stop thinking about pasta, awake or asleep. Sora felt like he could relate to Luigi because he could not stop thinking about Kairi. He went through his pocket and pulled out a star shaped pendent. He held it up towards his right eye, which blocked the view of the moon. It was colored pink with a smile on the top point of it. In the middle was a crown shape object, and each point had holes in it, with string looping through each.

"Kairi..." Sora sighed softly and sadly.

"Trouble sleeping, Master Sora?" called a voice. Sora noticed Toadsworth looking over at him. In the elder's hand, he held a journal. He had it opened and was looking at it, but noticed something wrong with Sora.

"You need to get rest, Master Sora," Toadsworth instructed. "You'll get sick if you stay up late."

"Look who's talking," Sora chuckled with his famous smile. "An old guy like you needs plenty of rest."

"Oh, don't mind me," chortled Toadsworth. "I'm just compiling the journal of our travels, and it is one astonishing piece of literature I've created."

Sora moved over next to Toadsworth and looked at it. There were so many pages that it made long books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings look like nothing.

"Man, Toadsworth, you sure have written a lot." Sora said in amazement.

Toadsworth lightly chortled, "Oh, thank you, Master Sora. I say it wasn't easy to write. Using my trusty pen I had to write down everything single detail. I'm sure Princess Peach would love to here about our adventures when we get back. After all since she did give me the task of chronicling our journey, I must stick to that order."

Sora slowly put his head down.

"Some bothering you?" Toadsworth asked concerned.

"Riku, Kairi, and I were going to build a raft," Sora said softly. "That raft would have taken us to other worlds, but I never thought something like this could happen. Being separated from them, fighting giant black creatures called the heartless with a giant key, and being thrown into other worlds."

"Are you saying that's a bad thing?" Toadsworth said a little upset.

"Oh, no, nothing like that," Sora said shaking his head. "I've had a ball traveling to all those cool worlds, meeting new faces, and fighting bad guys. I especially enjoyed being with you, Luigi, and Yoshi." He then put his head down. "I just wish Kairi and Riku were here so we could enjoy the adventure together."

"Ah, yes, I remember," Toadsworth nodded understandingly. "You made a promise to Kairi, didn't you?" Sora nodded. "And Riku was sealed in the door along with Master Mario. I can understand since Riku is your childhood friend, and Kairi...well...you and her seem to have a special relationship going."

Sora blushed bright red, "Wh-what are you talking about?"

Toadsworth laughed, "Don't be embarrassed, Master Sora. That's how love can start out the first time around. But when you feel more comfortable about it, that feeling of embarrassment will become less and less."

Sora saw visions of him and Kairi being torn apart by the islands.

"I'll come back to you," said his own voice in his head. "I promise."

"I know you will!" Kairi responded.

Sora could never forgive himself if he ever broke the promises he made to Riku and Kairi.

"Take care of her." whispered Riku's voice.

Sora looked back at Toadsworth, "Do you think we'll ever find our way home?"

Toadsworth rubbed his moustache. He was in deep thought for the moment, wondering if they really would get back home. He then turned back to Sora, a bit of an unsure look in his eyes.

"Honestly, I don't know," Toadsworth responded. He then smiled. "But if we believe in ourselves and never give up, we're bound to find a way back to our loved ones." He then looked over at Luigi and Yoshi.

Luigi and Yoshi were right next to each other and Yoshi was dreaming of eating piles and piles of food. He started to lick the food, unaware that in reality he was licking Luigi's face. Luigi, in his dreams thought his girlfriend Daisy was kissing him all over.

"Oh, Daisy," Luigi said dreamily. "I could get kisses from you all day."

Sora giggled to himself upon seeing that. Toadsworth also lightly chortled.

"They too are thinking about finding Master Mario and returning back to our vast kingdom," Toadsworth continued. "We won't stop searching until they're as good as found. But until that time comes, don't sulk over it, Master Sora. Let's enjoy the journey we're on right now."

Sora smiled at Toadsworth, "Thanks, Toadsworth."

Toadsworth then gave a big yawn and put his journal away.

"Well, I'm going to turn in." Toadsworth said sleepily.

Sora slowly rose to his feet and stretched his arms out.

"I'm not that sleepy, so I'm going to take a little walk." Sora said.

"Well, don't wander off too far," Toadsworth advised. "We need to stay together."

"I won't." Sora complied. He then walked off. "Good-night, Toadsworth."

Toadsworth rested his back on the grass and soon enough fell asleep. Sora walked over to the crossroad with four different directions. He looked up at the night sky again, noticing some clouds were starting to form. This made him wonder if a storm was about to occur. He then turned his attention back to the crossroads. Sora contemplated about which path they should take next. He didn't know what awaited at end, and they couldn't split up as they could end up getting lost.

Sora decided not to worry about it now and head back to the spot with the others. Something didn't feel right though. He felt like he wasn't the only person on this path. He felt like somebody was slowly breathing down his neck, ready to strike him at any given moment, leaving him helpless to defend himself.

"So, you are a child who searches the realm of light to find something." said a low male voice coming from behind.

Sora gasped and quickly turned around, noticing nobody was there. Sora felt his heart raise in a pinch, making him really nervous. Was somebody else really out here?

"Okay, that wasn't Luigi, Yoshi, or Toadsworth," Sora said nervously. "Maybe I'm just hearing things."

"Is what anything we hear reality or a dream?" said the voice again. "Perhaps it is all in your head, but voices through the head can only be heard through your thoughts. So, how can you be thinking of these words you hear right now?"

Sora quickly turned around to see a dark coated figure standing in front of him. Sora gasped in complete horror upon seeing the strange man. He wore a dark zipped up raincoat, with the hood covering his face, complete with dark gloves and boots. Around his neck was a silver like chained neckless. Sora has seen this person before. He was the hooded figure that he and his friends encountered from Hallow Bastion.

"Hey, you're that guy from Hallow Bastion!" Sora cried as he drew the keyblade.

The man simply looked at Sora with a bit of question, "I can assure you that this is the first time we've met."

"Yeah, right," Sora said sarcastically. "What makes me think I'll believe you after you nearly got us killed?"

"I agree that the person you've met before was wearing the clothing you see before you, but who was behind it was a completely different person." the man explained calmly.

Sora was baffled by his words. There apparently was more than one of the same type of person wearing these dark cloaks. This got the boy nervous as he barely survived his battle against the cloaked figure, but now he had to deal with more than one? Sora tightly gripped his keyblade, thinking the man was going to attack him.

"So, you are in search of something important to you, are you not?" the man asked. "You travel the countless worlds that reside in the sky in search of someone who brings you happiness and joy."

Sora was even more shocked as to how this man knew what he was looking for. It was like the hooded figure took a look inside of Sora's thoughts and discovered all of his dreams and desires.

"Man, it's like you read my mind." Sora said in astonishment.

The man simply put his hand out to the path behind him, "Ahead on this path lies something you hold dear."

"Something I hold dear?" Sora repeated in confusion. The first words that popped into his mind were Riku. Could the thing that is lying ahead really be Riku? Sora felt a little excited about this, but wasn't trusting the strange figure. "Is there really something there?"

"But of course," the hooded figure responded with a nod. "It awaits your arrival right down that path."

Sora then really felt excited. This could mean that Riku could really be there. The hooded figure ended his excitement with something he said next that imputed more riddles into Sora's mind.

"But in order to claim it, you must lose something first, something you hold onto closely." the man continued.

There was a catch to this, Sora thought. But he didn't understand what the man meant by losing important. Was it the keyblade? His friends? The charm? All of these questions left Sora completely stumped, but he didn't know rather to trust the man in black. After all that happened at Hallow Bastion he wasn't too sure he could take the words of a person who wore the exact clothing as someone who almost killed them. Before Sora could respond, the man disappeared into the path set before him.


It was too late, he was long gone. Sora still didn't feel like trusting this person, but at this point he knew that it was the only lead he had. Sora ran over to his friends who were sound asleep and began to excitedly wake them up.

"Guys!" Sora cried. "Quick, wake up!"

Luigi and Yoshi slowly began to open their eyes, both a still dazed.

"Mommy give me five more minutes," Luigi said drowsily. "School isn't starting for another hour."

"Is it Christmas already?" Yoshi yawned.

"Come on!" Sora shouted.

Luigi sat up and yawned, feeling the drowsiness slowly die down. His eyes still felt heavy as he didn't get enough sleep. He turned to Sora while moaning.

"Hey, what's the idea of waking me up from my beauty sleep?" Luigi moaned tiredly at Sora.

"Luigi, I think I have stumbled onto something." said Sora excitedly.

"That impossible," Yoshi said shaking his head. "Luigi the one who always stumbling onto things."

"Hey!" Luigi said angrily at Yoshi.

Toadsworth walked over to the trio, lightly rubbing his left eye.

"What is going on around here?" Toadsworth asked drowsily. "What is with all the chit chatter?"

"I think I know where we can find Mario and Riku." Sora said excitedly.

The others all looked at Sora, a bit confused about his words.

"A-are you sure?" Luigi asked.

"Positive!" Sora answered. He then pointed to the path way to the right of the crossroads. "We just need to go down the pathway!"

"What makes you so sure, Master Sora?" Toadsworth asked suspiciously. "Did you find a lead?"

"I sure did," Sora responded. "I met some guy who told me."

"What guy?"

"I don't know, but he told me that something we seek is down that path." Sora shrugged his shoulders.

"Then let's go!" Yoshi cheered.

"Hold up!" Luigi said, stopping an excited Yoshi. "What if this is a trap?"

"You could be right, Master Luigi," Toadsworth nodded in agreement. "But on the other hand this is the first time we had a lead on anything and we should investigate any leads we get. Besides, Jr could have been leading us into a trap when we followed him, regardless if the letter was indeed from Master Mario or not. Maybe we should consider this option."

"Come on, Luigi!" Sora begged. "We need to check it out!"

Luigi as always didn't like idea. He knew that something horrible could happen, but he felt like it was something to be done. He didn't know why, but he too wanted to check it out. Sighing, Luigi nodded.

"Well, let's go check it out, then." Luigi said.

Yoshi cheered as Luigi said yes to their answers. Finally, something good was happening to them, but they didn't know what would really lie waiting for them. It was a risk they were willing to take to find their loved ones. Toadsworth got on Yoshi's back and the four dashed down the path at top speed, hoping they would be able to arrive at wherever it was that they were going soon.

About ten minutes later, the four friends notice a white bridge at the end of the trail, which seemed to lead onto a floating white island. They ran over to it and carefully crossed it, watching for anything unusual as they went. As they stepped off the bridge they walked onto a giant part of the island. Sora looked over the edge to notice endless darkness all around them. Luigi and the others also looked around the area, very perplexed by the place they arrived on.

Yoshi gasped in shock at what he saw ahead.

"Look!" Yoshi cried.

The others looked ahead to notice a giant castle in the distance at the end of the white trail. It had a very eerier feeling to it that send shivers up the heros spines. Luigi was nervous the most. His knees started wobbling in fear and his teeth were shattering.

"Spooky old castles," Luigi shivered nervously. "Those are a few of my least favorite things. M-maybe we should hightail it out of here."

"You were the one who said we should come here." complained Sora.

"That's before we were going to end up at a spooky old castle," Luigi gulped nervously. "And I'm allergic to spooky old castles, haunted houses, and other things that have spooky in the name."

"Come on, man," Sora whined. "We got to check it out!"

"Well, you go do that, and I'll wait for you here." Luigi said.

"That wouldn't be a good idea," Toadsworth objected. "At this current moment you must realize we have no place for shelter." He then looked up at the sky to notice rain clouds forming. "And I think it is about to rain, so we may need a place to stay warm and dry."

"Don't be silly," Luigi disclaimed. "There is no chance it's going to..." All of a sudden the four felt drops of water fall on top of their heads. Soon those few drops turned into hundreds of little drops. It had started raining right before their eyes. They felt the water was very cold on their skin as it poured down on them "...rain."

"Well, you might as well consider going in, Luigi," Sora said as he put his hood up. "I'm not sticking around here just because you're afraid of everything."

"I am not!" Luigi argued.

Just then a lightning bolt with an ear shattering sound of thunder impacted the ground next to Luigi, who screamed and jumped into Sora's arms. He notice Sora was giving him an "I told you so" look.

Luigi laughed sheepishly, "Okay, so I'm afraid of everything."

"Let's press on or else we could catch a cold from this." Toadsworth announced.

The four quickly made their way down the path, heading right towards the strange castle in the middle of nowhere. The castle itself had a light brownish color all around it. In front of it was a giant door with a blue outline around it. Around the door was a strangely deformed shape that supported the door. Strange symbols were all around that part of the castle. On each corner side were two light blue spikes that stuck out on it. All around it more light blue spikes were stuck around the sides of the castle. Sora saw many murals on windows all around it. At the top of it was another giant blue spike and a small window, which Sora could have sworn he saw someone, but decided not to worry about it.

The four ran up to the door and prepared to enter it, unaware that their next adventure was about to begin. But what is that Sora and friends will lose and gain from entering this castle? They were oblivious to the fact a new danger was lurking in the castle, a danger that may destroy them. But what was it? And will Sora really find Riku inside this castle? All those answers would be revealed as he journeys through a castle of oblivion.

Chain of Memories: The Nintendo Version