I know what you guys are thinking: "Key, you know that posting author's notes as a chapter goes against this website's policies. And isn't this like the five hundredth time you've done this? Are you THAT dense?"

Well, maybe a little dense, but I assure you that I have a perfectly good reason. Personally, if the administrators decide to terminate this story, they would be doing me a favor. No! I haven't given up on this series. Far from it. However, for those of you unaware, I decided to rewrite Chain of Memories: The Nintendo Version. Why? I'm pretty dissatisfied with it. I wrote this a long time ago, and since then I feel my writing has improved. This story could use some polish. Plus, there are some ideas I didn't get a chance to use the first time around.

So with that said, I will be reposting COM:TNV as an entirely new story. Consider this story you read a rough draft. I will be leaving it up for everyone to read. If the administrators delete this story, it won't bother me; I have no intention of reposting it.

With that said, the final version of COM:TNV is far from finished. In fact, the first draft isn't done yet. For those of you who read Tales from the Other Side, I said I would try to get COM:TNV out by September 17th, to commemorate Kingdom Hearts' 10th Anniversary in the United States. I have a legitimate reason for why the story is delayed. I've started writing a rough outline of Kingdom Hearts 2: The Nintendo Version. To make a long story short, I got writer's block, so I figured why not start plotting out KH2 a little bit? Once I started I couldn't stop! The ideas came rushing to me. I'm pleased to inform you that I'm part way through Yen Sid's Tower (and boy am I having fun coming up with ideas for it). I'm probably going to keep going until an idea for COM:TNV comes to me. And let me assure you: I have no intention of releasing KH2:TNV before COM:TNV.

I'll get COM:TNV finished as soon as possible. I want to thank everyone for their continued support. You guys rock! I know things have been rough with these stories, but I will not stop until I finish them. I'll do whatever it takes. To celebrate KH's 10th Anniversary in the states, I will be releasing the prologue chapter of Chain of Memories: The Nintendo Version on September 17th.

Lastly, I'm looking into other options for the KHTNV website. Look out for updates on that.

Again, thanks for your support. I hope you guys look forward to COM:TNV and KH2:TNV.