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"Presenting Madeline Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine…our new princess."

"Our princess?" Maddie gasped for air as the people cheered her fame.

"And presenting our crown prince…" The crowd grew silent. Maddie struggled to hear the name but it was useless. Finally, curiosity got the best of her. She turned to see who the prince was…

"Maddie!" Liam's annoying voice broke through Maddie's dreams. "Maddie, mom says wake up now!"

"Fine, I'm up." Maddie rolled over and sighed, "It's no like I wanted to know who my prince was anyways."

Another afternoon brought Maddie to her home away from home, standing behind the Tipton candy counter. Normally, Maddie wouldn't be too bothered by her job which involved too many hours for too little money. But lately she felt a restlessness she couldn't explain. Maddie had tried to shake the feeling. Maddie had tried to shake the feeling, but didn't know how…or even why it had even taken hold to begin with. Yet, she did have her suspicions of what could possibly be causing her discontent.

She watched on as one of them walked through the hotel door. "London, shouldn't you have spent today studying instead of shopping? Sister Maria's final is tomorrow."

"Well what about you? You're not studying," London retorted.

"That's because I spent all day yesterday studying, and I'll probably study some more when I get home tonight."

"Fine. I'll go do some studying. But at least I'll look fabulous in my new outfit while I do."

"That is so like her," Maddie remarked after the Tipton heiress had walked away.

"Yes, it is," came the familiar accent of Esteban. "But it is not Miss London's fault that she was born with such social status. Perhaps you to would see things differently if you were practically a princess."

Practically a princess. The words made Maddie's heart jump as she remembered her dream.

Esteban noticed the odd expression on her face, "Oh I am so sorry. I didn't mean to offend you by what I said." He continued to stumble for the right words, "What I mean is of course you are a princess in your own way…Ayos Meo."

"It's okay, Esteban. Almost nothing you've ever said could offend me." She took a deep breath and as she exhaled, it almost seemed as if the feelings of restlessness left too. Esteban's words made sense to her, "You're right. I guess I shouldn't be too quick to judge London."

"Now that's the Maddie I know. Uh-oh. New guest checking in. I must go." As he rushed by, his hand accidentally brushed Maddie's. Without warning, her heart jumped again.

"What just happened?" she wondered to herself. She pushed the thought aside, however, and went back to doing her job.

Maddie opened her eyes to a new day. She smelled breakfast and new she had to get ready for school. But all she could think about was her dream. For the fourth night in a row, she had dreamed that she was a princess, but every time it was the same. She awoke before catching site or sound of her prince.

"I have to tell someone," she thought, but who? Esteban came immediately to mind, causing her heart to race at the thought. "I can't tell him!" she panicked. "What would he say? What would he think? Why do I care?" That last question struck an uneasy chord. Before allowing herself to be overwhelmed with thoughts and wonderings, she moved onto the next person she could tell. And here she stopped, satisfied with her decision.

Maddie listened intently as Carey Martin, the hotel singer, practiced for her upcoming show, "What is this, I feel your kiss, and suddenly I'm lost inside your… loving touch, you wake me up. I don't even mind the years I've missed…I see my prince."

The music stopped. "I think I like this arrangement better. Quick break guys," Carey stepped down from the small stage and joined Maddie at the table where she was sitting.

"I loved the song, Carey."

"Really? Not too juvenile?"

"Not at all. Actually, it's kind of ironic. I wanted to talk to you about this dream I've had every night this week. In it I'm a princess about ready to see my prince."

"That is ironic. So who's your prince?"

"That's just it. Every time I'm about to find out I wake up."

Carey smiled knowingly, "Sweetie, this is just something that almost every girl at your age goes through. You're 16 and a half. Before you know it, you'll be growing up and going to college and starting a family of your own with someone special. It's only normal that you should start dreaming of who that special someone might be."

"You really think so?"

"Of course. And just give it some time. You may find out who he is tomorrow, or it may be a few years from now," Carey reassured her.

"So, I guess I'll find my love someday."

"And until then, be happy with who you are and what you have already."

"Thanks, Carey." She hugged the woman who was practically a second mother to her. "I guess I should get back to work."

"Me too."

Maddie walked out into the lobby. As she did, she stumbled into Esteban. As he helped her stand back up straight, and fumbled for an apology, she felt her heart doing cartwheels.

She smiled, offered her own apology, and watched him rush back to what he was doing. She had come to an understanding about her dream. "Now if only I could sort through this," she said…her eyes still following Esteban.