Miss Cinderella

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Chapter 1—The Book

"No, that's not it."

Ginny Weasley tossed the large book carelessly over her shoulder, nearly hitting her companion on the head.

"Hey! Watch it!" An annoyed Harry Potter ducked the large book and glared at Ginny.

Giving a crafty smile Ginny returned to her search.

"What book was it?" Ginny asked, scanning the titles.

"Advanced Transfiguration Part Seven," Harry replied, neatly stacking the fallen books Ginny had thrown.

Ginny paused and turned around to look at Harry. "Doesn't she have that book?"

Harry grabbed another fallen book and said, "Ron confiscated it so now Hermione can't find it."

Ginny rolled her eyes and returned to her looking.

"I swear to god, Ron is taking up all of her time. And what are they using it as?" Ginny asked, looking at another book and throwing it behind her.

"Snogging and arguing." Harry finished, catching the book Ginny had thrown.

"Bingo." Ginny said idly. "It's disgusting the way those two snog in public. They have no shame. I thought it was bad enough with Lavender Brown, but Hermione? I thought she had a bit more decency!"

Harry snorted.

"He's a bloody hypocrite." Ginny said, "He would always yell at me for snogging Dean and then he does it!"

Harry said nothing.

Ginny, noticing the silence, stopped her search and turned to give Harry a look.

"Why aren't you talking?" She asked.

"Because," Harry said, putting another book onto the cart. "If I talk to you, you might throw a book at me and hit me square in the face."

Ginny laughed and returned to her search.

"I still can't find it!" She snapped. "Why can't Hermione drag herself down here?"

"How should I know?" Harry said, watching Ginny warily as she looked at the spine of the book and threw it.

"I don't know." Ginny said.

"All she said was—OUCH!"

Ginny craned her neck to see Harry drop the book and massage his right hand.

"What did you do now?" She asked in exasperation.

"It's not what I did! It's what you did!" Harry burst, still massaging his hand.

Ginny raised an eyebrow. "What did I do?"

"You threw the book at my hand!"

"Oh, let me see." Ginny climbed down the ladder and grabbed Harry's hand. Warmth issued through her body as her hand grabbed Harry's, but she ignored it.

After examining it, she threw it down. "You'll live, you big baby."

Harry glared at her, Ginny gave him a suave smile, and she climbed back up the ladder.

As she gazed through the rows of books, she looked down at her hand. The hand that had touched Harry's hand.

Last year, during the end of the year, when Harry kissed her in front of all those people, Ginny had been in heaven. Then, he asked her out.

All of Ginny's wishes had come true.

However, disaster struck as Dumbledore was murdered. Harry broke up with Ginny.

Ginny had been heartbroken but she knew that one day, Harry would ask her out again. He probably still liked her, right?

The pattern continued for the next ten minutes—Ginny leafing through books and then throwing them backwards for Harry to catch and stack on the shelf. Twice, Harry hit his hand and started cursing. Ginny gave him a cheek reply and he shut up.

"I swear," Ginny said as Harry hit his hand again. "Guys are such pansies."

"Pansy?" Harry asked, neatly stacking another book. "Why'd you say that?"

"Because," Ginny rolled her eyes. "You boys think you're all macho but you really aren't."

"Really now?" Harry said.

Ginny nodded. "Yup. For example, girls can have Dragon Pox, the flu, a cold, a broken arm, pneumonia and still cook and clean the house. A man has the sniffles, and he's in bed for a week."

She didn't hear a reply from Harry so she turned around and snickered.

Harry's mouth was agape and he looked quite shocked.

"Nice," Ginny said sarcastically. "Romilda Vane will definitely love that look."

Harry shut his mouth instantly. "That was cruel to say." Harry replied. "Not all guys are like that."

"Ninety nine point nine percent are." Ginny said, throwing another book.

"What's the other point one percent then?" Harry asked.

"Hypocrites. Ron takes that one."

Five more minutes of silence occurred (because Madam Pince came over and started saying that they were too loud).

Ginny was downright bored. They had been in the library for a half hour and still no book!

It was driving her mad.

A few more minutes later, Ginny pulled out another book.

Getting ready to throw it behind her, she saw the title in faded gold.

Miss Cinderella.

Curious, Ginny opened the book to the first page and gaped when she read the first paragraph.

"Oy, Ginny?" Harry asked. "Is there any reason why you're not throwing another more books at me?"

"Shhh!" Ginny waved her hand in the air, a signal used to tell Harry to shut up. She was engrossed in the novel.

Harry gave a frustrated sigh and said, "What book have you found that is suddenly so interesting?"

Ginny held up a finger, meaning she'd be a minute and climbed down the ladder to a table.

Harry was confused.

"Gin?" He asked, sitting in a seat next to her. "Ginny?"

"Read this." Ginny pushed the worn book towards Harry.

Giving Ginny a strange look, Harry read the paragraph where Ginny was pointing:

'Her name was Lily Evans. Another name for her was 'Miss Cinderella.'

Harry swallowed nervously. Here was a story about his mother—his mother.

Ginny noticing Harry's look gently said, "Let's read it."

Harry grinned.

"I thought you'd never ask."


Chapter 1—Check.

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