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Hermione stood on the platform waiting for her two best friends to arrive.

It seems that Sweden did well for Hermione for she felt like a new person. All those times walking, sitting, and swimming near the beach made her feel rejuvenated. She was sad for the couple of days before she had to leave Sweden and its beauty, but glad that she going home to see the one person she missed.

'You would except Harry and Ron arrive on time by now.' Hermione thought.

The September sun stood out strong all morning. Even with the sun out it didn't mean that the coldness wasn't there. The rays shot through Hermione's hair and face making her warm but at the same time, cold when a gust of wind blew by, still letting you know that winter will arrive.

She stood there long enough to finally decide to look for them. If they weren't going to find her then she would have to find them herself. At that thought she heard someone call her name. It was Harry.

Last year Harry and Draco had a huge row. Harry lost his temper with him when he made a comment to Hermione of being a mudblood. Harry swung at him and Draco fought back. Hermione was in the back trying to break them up. After a few minutes Dean and Ron tried to break up the fight. They both ended up going to the hospital wing.

Harry's glasses broke to a million peaces that not even repardo could put it back together. Having no choice they had to use magic to have Harry see again. It was a painful process, one that Harry wouldn't want to repeat. Madam Promfrey had to brew a potion that took three hours to make everything had to be perfect not one mistake could be made or Harry could become blind for the rest of his life.

Once those potions touch his eye (it was worst than the crucio curse) he screamed that students down the hall could hear him. It felt like hot needles jabbing in his eyes, burning holes in them. Not one drop could be spilled or they have to repeat the process. Once she completed it wasn't the end his felt eyes like they were burning, melting off. It was a week before the pain went away but at the end of it he could see without his glasses making him look older.

"Harry!" Hermione said excitedly. She ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him giving him a hug. She didn't seem to notice how cold he was with her. He grabbed her and pushed her near a wall where no one would see them. He tried to distant himself but it seemed that it didn't process through her brain just yet.

"I really missed you, Harry." She breathed, before she went to give him a passionate kiss. He pulled away as quickly as their lips met. "Hermione we can't do this anymore." He said.

"What do you mean?" she asked a little confused.

"I mean- what I mean is that I found someone else." The way he said it made her feel that what they had together meant nothing to him.

"What are you talking about." She took a step forward and he drew back.

"We were good for each other, while it lasted Hermione," Harry said taking her hands, "but you and I both agreed that it was never meant to last."

"Harry what are you saying."

"It wasn't like we were a couple, Hermione. We were just helping each other out, one friend to another." He said. He acted like she was supposed to be calm about the whole situation, but how could she.

It seems that a weight has been lifted off his shoulders after telling her all this. As if it was a relief that their secret rendezvous was over. And that hurt.

He quickly changed the subject. "We already got a compartment." He paused for a second looked down where her trunk was and asked, "I'll help you with your trunk?"

"Don't worry, I'm a big girl I can get it myself." she snapped. It was surprising that she could even speak after their little talk.

"Okay," he said quickly. They made the rest of the way down the platform in silence.

Before they could go inside the train, Hermione stopped him.

"Harry who is she?" She asked. He ignored her and tried to go inside but he felt her hands on his arm as she turned him around. "Please tell me?" she begged.

He just looked at her for a minute before he pried his arm away from her and went inside the train.

Harry was right; they had never been a couple. She'd only assumed that after everything they'd done together. To even the lost of her virginity to him thinking it would of meant then sex to Harry, but she was a foolish girl and she had been wrong. He had someone now. After Sirius death she was there in his time of need last year. She was part of his happiness. Just not the part that she'd always thought of.

"Here's the compartment." He pointed out to her. He seemed to have walked faster and her heart fell to realize that he wanted to join up with the others as soon as possible. 'He can't even be alone with me anymore.' Hermione thought. He opened the compartment door and went inside. She soon followed. Before she could even enter the compartment though Ron stood up from his seat and walk to her and gave her a bear hug.

"Hermione, I'm so happy to see you. How was Sweden?" he asked.

"It was fun Ron lots of fun." She said meekly. He took notice of this and asked if she was all right. "Of course everything all right why wouldn't it be." He moved away from her and sat opposite to where Harry sat. She finally got a good look at who this someone was that Harry chose her over Hermione. It was Ginny. Of course it was Ginny: pretty, popular, redheaded Ginny. Half of the male population was after her, so why wouldn't Harry be.

"Hermione aren't you going to sit down."

"I can't Ron I got a letter this year and I was pronounced Head Girl."

"I only came by to say 'hi' before I have to go to the front."

"That's great Hermione." Ginny said. "I knew you would be."

She turned around when she heard Ron voice. It's what he said that got her attention. "Well, Harry aren't you going to join Hermione." Ron said.

"What do you mean by that, Ron?" she asked a little confused.

"Harry is Head Boy this year too." Ginny answered for Ron. Harry got up to follow her, but Ginny stopped him and gave him a quick goodbye kiss. Hermione seeing this made her heart burn with jealousy.

"Hey Harry I know you're going out with my little sister, but you better watch yourself with her."

"Oh, shut it Ron, really I'm not a little girl anymore." She said angrily.

"I'm just saying that I don't want him hurting you."

"Ron, Harry wouldn't do that to me or to anyone else."

Hermione scoffed at that last statement, which Harry turned his head to look at her. She felt naked as his emerald green eyes were penetrating through her gaze. She was scared of that gaze. Never has Harry looked at her with so much anger towards her. She knew that this year was going to be hell between her and Harry