Fresh blustery winds sweep across wintry wonderland dusted with crisp, clean snow. Hermione stood there in the lake looking across the clear dark skies ablaze with stars softly turn to dove gray swirling with a blizzard of perfect snowflakes. A memory flashed through her mind but quickly forced it out of her mind. With a sigh she turned around towards the castle slowly, wanting nothing more than to stay behind in this perfect haven, than to go back to the world of reality, where there is nothing but pain that awaits her there.

When she walked into Hogwarts she saw Dean walking towards her directions he quickly past her not giving her a second look. Their date at hogsmeade went well it was after that it ended up being a bomb. It was near the middle of November when they went.

Hermione quickly sped down the stairs to meet Dean on their date. When she ran out towards the door there he was standing there with beautiful violet flowers in his hands. She never knew Dean to be the romantic type?

"Are they for me?" stupid question Hermione thought to her self.

"Do you like them?" He asked uncertain.

"Of course I do, how did you get flowers in the middle of fall?"

He laughed a bit before he answered her. "That's for me to know and for you to never find out."

There date went like any normal date. He first took her to a very fancy restaurant called the 'Quality Dinning'; Hermione didn't want to be there because of what she wore. It wasn't a place where you were supposed to dress in an evening gown, but with everyone in nice robes and Hermione in just jean pants and a black sweater with her Hogwarts School robe she felt a little out of place.

"I wish that you would of told me that we were going here I would of dress nicer."

"Then it wouldn't have been a surprise, now would it?" He said.

"Yea but still."

The waiter came up to them and, they order their dinner and while they waited they talked about school and their plans to what they were doing in the near future.

"I might try to work in the ministry?" Dean finally decided after a much heat conversation about what carrier they would choose. "What about you?"

"I'm not certain, yet." She answers. It wasn't true she knew what her goals was in life but it seemed that if she start talking Dean would end up interrupting her anyway.

Dinner was a bit dull to her, or maybe it was Dean, she wasn't certain. All she knew was that she wanted to go back to Hogwarts right after dinner was over, and take a long hot bath. That never came though, Dean convinced her to go back to Hogwarts and walk a bit around the lake. She didn't feel up to it, but with Dean's whines it was hard to say 'no' after the tenth time.

It was finally getting dark when they realize that they had to go in before it was late. When they reached the common room they sat down and talked for a bit. It was then that she realized how close he was to her; she knew that he wanted to he could kiss her. It just didn't feel right to her. She didn't know why, but Dean made her feel out of place. Just then, Ginny walked in on them when he was inches away from her lips.

"Oh, sorry didn't mean to intrude." she said, and quickly went upstairs. Hermione couldn't help but notice a blush that crept on Ginny's cheek when she made eye contact with Dean.

"Well, I guess the moment was ruined." Dean said a little embarrassed.

"Yeah." She answered. 'Thank god,' with an after thought. They stood there in silence until Dean spoke up. "You remember the Autumn Ball that's coming up at the end of this November?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Would you like to go with me?" She didn't say anything for a while. After a long thought she accepted the invitation. Dean smiled and leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, and went to his room.

Hermione stood there until she finally went up to her room. While she lay in bed she sat there thinking as to why she said yes. Sure she liked Dean, but not in a romantic way. She didn't know why but there was something about him she didn't trust. To tired to really think about she decided it was time to sleep.

The Autumn Ball finally arrived and Hermione felt like this wasn't a good idea no matter how she tried to get the sinking feeling to go away she still felt like something would go wrong.

"Hermione, calm down you're just nervous that's all." She said to herself.

Hermione walked down the stairs where Dean waited for her there. Everyone that was in the common room turned heads. All the gryffindor seventh year boys mouth were wide open, they couldn't believe what she was wearing, especially Harry.

All the girls were envies of the magnificent dress that she picked out. It was a red spaghetti strap dress that reached down to her knees. There was a slit cut on her left leg that exposed her long slender legs. Her hair was done straight, but the tips were curled. Dean walked up to her extending a hand toward her, she accepted by wrapping an arm around his. Together they walked toward their destination.

She lost her breath for a second when she and Dean walked into the great hall. It wasn't what she had expected. There was grapevines, twinge all around the ceiling, doors, chairs, and tables. A small waterfall was inserted in the back were the teacher would usually sit. Squashes, gourds, and pumpkins were mounted in a basket on each table for decoration. There's nothing more luscious than inviting nature indoors in the fall, and Hogwarts literally did it.

They took a seat near where Ron was getting scolded by Lavender and smacked his hand away from the basket of vegetables.

"Ron there for decoration not for eating." She hissed at him.

"But I'm hungry." He wined.

Hermione couldn't help but let out a giggle. "She's right, Ron, the food will not be out till at least in the middle of the party." She said in her usual miss-know-it-all-voice. She took a second to look at Ron he looked hansom in his knew dress robe. His red hair was combed neatly. Ron is quite the hansom guy in their year; one look with his azure eyes and that smile has a lot of girls falling to his feet. No wonder Lavender decided to date him.

A while later Ginny and Harry arrived; and they too sat where Ron, Dean, Lavender, and Hermione were.

"Wow, Ginny you look amazing." Dean said with astonishment.

Hermione turned her head towards Dean and gave him a dirty look to let him know that she didn't approve. It seemed that he either totally was ignoring her or that he didn't understand her glare and was oblivious of it. Either way it pissed her off to no end.

She looked towards Ginny her fiery red hair shined with a lovely gloss and her eyes stood out more now that she had applied a right amount of makeup on. The rosy dress looked stunning on Ginny, making her glow to perfection in everyone's eyes. So, what?

Hermione excused herself and went out to the balcony.

"Am I really that ugly that every guy has to ignore me." She said out loud but mostly to herself.

"I don't think your ugly, Hermione, in fact I think you're quit gorgeous in that dress."

Hermione turned around to see whose voice it was, and there he was, Harry standing there giving her a cocky smile that would have had Hermione melt right there. 'Great the first complement that I received tonight and it's none other the one person I been trying to ignore.'

"Harry, of all peoples you were the least person I wanted to see tonight."

"Is that the thanks I get for walking over to see if you were alright"?

"Oh and you would so happen to finally realize how I feel." She looked up at him to see hurt written all over his face. "Shouldn't you be with Ginny?"

It seemed that something happened between the two because he stiffened at the mention of her name.

"Ginny decided that we should take a break or how she put it 'to see other people and see if we are meant for each other.'"

"I m sorry, want to talk about it?"

"No not really."

'Good' she thought, Hermione looked to her left and saw Neville trying to put one of the decorations that fell from the doorway entrance. He seems a little frantic about it too; Hermione thought that this was the perfect chance to escape Harry, right now wasn't the time that she wanted to talk to Harry or even stand to look at him for that matter. So, Hermione walked towards Neville and said in a clear, loud voice, "wingardium leviousa." And the small grapevine started to float up in mid-air. With another spell she chanted under her breath the grapevine wrapped around the top of the doorway and finally stayed in its place.

"That's why we learned this spell in first year, Neville." She said has if it was the most obvious thing in the world, he just stared at her with a look of gratitude "thank you, Hermione, I guess I was so afraid that I get in trouble, that I wasn't really thinking." Harry came up behind Neville and asked if he could leave, that he had important matters to talk to Hermione about. "Sure Harry, and thanks again Hermione." With that said he did an about face and walked back inside to the party.

Hermione saw Neville leave and turned her head to face Harry. "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to talk to you, that's all." He said sincerely. "About what?"

"About, how much I missed you." Hermione look straight to his jade eyes there was a sparkle in his eyes that she new well what it meant. Lust; pure lust and if he wanted he could take her right now and she wouldn't object and he knew it.

"Missed me?"

"Look, 'Mione I'm sorry for the things I said. I know apologizing wont take back what I said, but I do miss you. I miss talking to you, telling you about my accomplishments, my dreams, and my problems I miss you bossing me around and telling me to start my homework. I miss all of that. What I'm asking is to think about us, lets not ruin a good friendship that we once had."

"Harry-" but he wouldn't let her finish.

"I want you to first think about it before you answer." With that said Harry turned around and walked back to the party. Hermione stood there for a second watching his backside as he walk inside. She notices his hair is now in a ponytail it grew almost down to his shoulders. He now looks like one of those bad boys that would ride Harley motorcycle that women fall for. After a few minutes Hermione decided to walk back inside. There she met up with Dean.

"There you are where were you?" he asked a bit concerned.

"I was outside getting fresh air."

"Let dance." And without her consent he grabbed her arm and pulled her to the dance floor. They dance for about ten minutes and ask if she'd want something to drink, she nodded and he walked off the dance floor leaving her alone a couple of minutes later he had a cup of pumpkin juice in his hand. She took it and in one gulp she drank it. Again they danced.

Finally the dance was over the only song were left were slow song, Hermione didn't feel up to it really, and told Dean that she was tired and if he could accompany to her room he agreed and followed her, but before she could reach her room Harry came up to her and ask Dean if he could dance one song before hey left.

"Sure I'll be over there talking to Neville."

Harry grabbed one of her hands and pulls her towards him and wrapped an arm around her waist. They didn't say a word they just danced until the music ended.

"Let me take you to your room?"

"No, Harry, Dean is."

"Fuck Dean come Hermione, I just want to talk."

"No." and with that final statement she turned and walked towards Dean."

When they reached the common room it was quiet and everyone was either still at the party or retired to their rooms.

"Can I come inside?" Asked Dean "No, I'm really tired." Hermione replied as she opened the door to her room and just when she was about to close it Dean put his foot in the door way and with is hands he open the door and let himself in.

"Dean what are you doing?"

"I just want to come in for a bit."

"And I said no, Dean." Hermione said as she locks eyes on him she looked stern and wasn't to happy for what Dean just done.

"Look Dean I don't think this is working out," but before she could finish Dean interrupted her with a jerking kiss, she defiantly wasn't expecting that and was not happy about it. She pulled away and slapped him.

"What the fuck was that about, Hermione?"

"You had no right to kiss me like that, now get out!" To her relief he turned around back towards the door and when she thought he was going to leave he instead closed the door and locked it. He slowly walked back towards her and the last thing you heard was Hermione's final scream before he put up the silencing charm on.

"Hermione, wake up!" She was jolted out of her memories by Hannah Abbott the tall lanky blond that no guy thought pretty enough because of her pimples.

"Yes, Hannah?" she asked grateful of her to interrupt her memory.

"I just wanted to get you out of here class is over." She said with a concern on her face.

"Thanks." With that she got up from her seat and walked toward the Great Hall.