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"Someday... we'll have our hearts back. Someday, we'll feel again..."

There he goes again. Obsessing over Kingdom Hearts. I want my heart back as well, but I'm not nearly as enthusiastic as he.

They say feeling like you have a heart makes you feel complete. Whole. Of existence.

He makes me feel complete. He makes me feel existent. He gives me a reason to live. Maybe my search for a heart is in vain. Maybe I have one, and don't know it?

I won't tell Xemnas what he means to me. I won't tell him that I have found my heart. If finding his heart is what truly makes him happy, I'll be behind him every step of the way.


UBER cliche, I know. Hush hush. >.O Be gentle. No flaming. Or Saix will go berserk on you.