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Chapter 1: Prologue

In the nation of England, a king reigns.

This king, George III is a young man. He is intelligent, but naïve. He could never believe treason possible, especially not of a man he personally liked.

But today, that concept is starkly brought before him, in the form of a man. One of his loyal subjects.

Commodore Nathaniel Gillette.

"It is true, m'lord. I swear by my life."

"How can it be so? I promoted the man myself not that long ago." The royal had his back turned to Nathaniel, as though not wanting to accept the idea.

"Your Highness, I do not know. All I know is that he raised a pirate flag and forced the Loyalists off the ship, including myself. I'm sad to say, sir, that besides me, there were only a few others; Commander Groves, Lieutenant Smyth, and a few sailors."

"Hm." George III turned finally, and faced Gillette. "Commodore. You are to return to Port Royale and assume command. The Implacable, the Neptune, the Pursuer, the Flagrant, and the Artemis are being placed at your disposal."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. If I may ask, why five ships? Port Royale only had two at its highest."

"You recall that there is now a pirate fleet operating in the Caribbean, under Jack Sparrow no less, and the rogue Dauntless. I think three ships of that size are absolutely necessary to suppress their efforts."

"Indeed. Again, I thank you, m'lord."

"One more thing."

"Your Majesty?"

"The traitor." He paused for a moment, as though debating his decision, and then said, "Bring me Norrington's head."

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