Chapter 20: The Remnant

The Sparrow fleet burned, drifted, and listed near to scuppers. But they all were alive and floating. The crews would repair and recuperate. And they had a new member; the Leviathan.

Jack Sparrow smiled at his adopted daughters. "You know, it doesn't really count as taking a ship all on your own if there's no-one onboard. But still, this—" he indicated the enormous ship Leviathan that now belonged to Amy and Mera "—is impressive."

"It alright with you if we happen to choose a different name, Admiral?" Mera asked, somewhat mockingly; she knew that Jack really didn't care.

"Depends; what's the idea?"

"The Black Sun."

"Ah." Jack surveyed the ship. "Same sort of job as mine? Black sails, black hull?"

Mera shook her head. "Merely a black sun sewn into the sails and flag."

"Done. And you might go ashore and ask around for willing crew; we'd have to abandon four ships to crew this one, and I think that more than a few Tortuga residents would be willing to join Admiral Jack's crew."

"You mean our crew."

"Same difference, luv; they crew yer ship, but you report to me. So it all works out quite wonderfully, don't you think?"

" we have an accord?"

Jack shook Mera's extended hand. "Agreed."

Tortuga was almost gone. The people had fled to the hills just outside the town. The city was still ablaze—even now, three days later—and most of the buildings were but rubble. Few lived. The raining death and destruction had taken its toll, killing perhaps half of all those who lived in Tortuga.

Jack Sparrow walked through the Remnant, seeing the former residents. They were not the beggars and blighters and ne'er-do-well cads that had inhabited Tortuga, but mere people, nothing more.

Jack looked at his city with dismay. It was going to take a long time to rebuild, if the damage was not impossible to fix.

But he was Admiral Jack Sparrow; and for Jack Sparrow, the completely impossible has an eerie way of being merely difficult.

He smiled as he looked away from the eleven-ship fleet that was his, saw his daughters recruiting several townsfolk, and hummed a familiar tune.

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me."

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