DISCLAIMER: I do not own ADJL. All I own is the plot. This chapter is made up of quotes from past episodes.

Okay...this is a story I thought up a few months ago. Thanks to JJ Abrams (Creator of ABCs' "LOST"), I am inspired to do a fanfic where Jake joins the DD. But not because he wants to...

So, before I begin the fanfic, there are a few plot points I want you to remember.

Chapter 1: Previously, on ADJL...

Jake: Hey.

Rose: Hey yourself.

(About DD)

Lao Shi: That is why I insisted on training you.

Jake: You think I'm gonna have to face him someday?

DD: American Dragon. I've been expecting you.

Jake: You can take me away from my Grandpa, but I'll tell you one thing: he's taught me right. It's time to take this dragon thing seriously. I thought it meant showing up guys like Fred Nerk. But I learned back there it means standing together. 'Cause the dark dragon's back, yo. And that's the only way we'll ever defeat him.

Chang: Do not worry. In time he will be swayed to join us. Just like all dragons who will join...or be destroyed.

Trixie: Don't you notice anything strange about the way Rose has been acting? The missing ski pass, the ninja body slam, the pro-wrestler biceps, boy! I'm telling you, Rose is totally Hunts girl!

(Jake pulls Thorns' glove off revealing a dragon birthmark)

Jake: shocked They were right.

Chang: It is a dragons' duty as guardian, protector, and champion.

Fu: There's a whole lotta parts to this kid. Partier and protector.

Chang: You have a choice, American Dragon. Join us, or be slain!

Jake:fake flattery Thanks for the offer, guys! Really! But I choose neither!

(After DD is defeated)

Trixie: Yo, is he gone?

Jake: Yeah. For now.

Lao: You did it, young dragon!

Jake: G, please. I could never have done it alone!

Rose: It's over dragon. Say good-bye!

Jake: Rose! No!

Rose: taken aback Wh-what did you call me?

Jake: Rose. If you wanna say good-bye, say it to my human face. detransformed Rose, it's me.

Rose: Jake? cuts Jake loose and runs

Jake: Rose! Wait!

Lao Shi: If Huntsgirl truly has changed, she could be a useful ally in our struggle against the Huntsclan.

Jake: Not only that, she's gonna be my main squeeze! Holla!

Jake: Transferred! Where'd she go? I need to talk to her! It's super important!

Principal: No address has been forwarded. takes out picture and gives it to Jake She did leave this for you.

Jake: takes picture But-I-she-it...aw, man.