Introduction: The Dream

"15 years have passed since you were taken to this hospital and went to a coma", Mika told to her bedridden mother as she holds her mother's hand while sitting beside her. "It began on that very day when you tried to save me from being hit by a car. I always blame myself ever since". Mika nodded and put down her head on the bed.

Minutes have passed and Mika fell asleep. Then she had a dream. She's standing at the front of a huge manor as the snow falls heavily. "What is this place?" Mika asked herself and she entered the manor surrounded with countless gravestones. Inside the manor entrance foyer, the atmosphere turned monochrome. Mika, while holding a flashlight on her left hand, caught an image at the end of the hallway. "Mother?" Mika asked herself as she stares at the familiar person. It was her mother, wearing her hospital gown, staring at her with sad and cold eyes. Mika hurriedly run towards her but she walked away heading to the right side door. Mika followed her and when she reached the door, she was teleported to the Rope hallway. She turned her face right and she saw her mother again walking to the right leading to the hall with tatami. She again followed her as the ropes swings as she passes through them. After she reached the large mirror at the end of the hallway, she saw a reflection behind her back. She saw a nurse with her dress covered with blood. On her hand is a syringe and her head is bowed down. Mika freaked out when she saw the nurse raised her hand with the syringe and maniacally laughing as she advances towards her. She quickly headed to the door at the right and was teleported to the grave courtyard. Her mother walked to the double doors. "Mom, come back!" Mika shouted and she entered the door as well. As she enters the door, she saw her mother standing at the end of the hallway filled with bells. "Mother pls. come back to us", Mika shouted as she tries to talk with her mother. Mai just gave her a faint smile and vanished in thin air. "Mother!", Mika ran trying to catch up with her but after she passed through the intersection, she heard a voice of a girl. "Where are you going miss?", the voice asked. Mika slowly turned around and behind her is a girl in a blue kimono and her face is covered with her long hair. Mika stepped back and her eyes enlarged as the girl walks towards her. "Who are you?", Mika asked her as she steps back again. The girl quickly advance towards her and Mika just screamed "No!".

She woke up and it was already evening. Sweat is dripping from her head and she's catching her breath. She stares at Mai for a while and someone knocked at the door. It was her brother Toya. "What happened? You look so pale", he asked Mika. "Its nothing, I just fell asleep that's all", Mika replied trying to act like nothing happened. "Okay then why don't you go home now? I'll take care of mom for tonight", Toya told her as he puts his bag down on the sofa. "Okay", Mika replied and she picked up her bag and went home.

Wearing her Pajamas, Mika sat down on her bed thinking of what happened earlier. "Was it a dream?", Mika asked herself then she looked at the mirror staring at her reflection. Then she lie down and went to sleep.