Gestapo NERV

A/N: Hey all you eva fans. This is my first fic so I'm sorry if some parts drag or just plain suck. This is something that I just thought of cuz i thought it would be fun to do. Basically it's just the pilots in a SWAT team and the angels turned into a local terrorist cult. Have fun!

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Chapter 1: Meet Shinji

-In the ruins of a mansion

The sun was shining, the clouds were nice and fluffy, the weather was beautiful, and the gay chirping of the birds completed the peaceful scene. You could call it the perfect day, if you were actually outside. But woe is Shinji. Engulfed in the darkness, trapped with nowhere to go, he felt the pressure mounting. Back pressed against the wall, he slowly peered around the corner. Nothing, at least form what he could tell. He breathed in deep then slowly exhaled trying to keep the noise down to a minimum. He quickly but silently dashed out from his corner aiming his rifle down the dark hallway. All clear.

"Why does it always have to be a dark abandoned place?" Shinji was complaining to himself as he slowly made his way down the hall his sight still concentrated on the crosshair. "Why can't it be like a meadow of wildflowers of something happy like that? These gloomy scenes are gonna make me into one of those super emo kids.

He focused on his senses. The air was filled with tension. An enemy could pop out at any moment to ambush him. If he even let his guard down for a second it could be the end of him. But then again, that would make things more exciting. About halfway down the hall, he heard a creak in the floor and quickly rushed behind an opened door.

"That creak," he thought to himself. "I don't think that was me. It might have been the floors doing that on its own. This place is pretty old (thank you captain obvious). Then again, I should play it safe and listen for now. How boring…"

Shinji listened in for any other signs of movement. For a while he heard nothing. He inspected the room he was in and found nothing suspicions, so he loosened his grip from his rifle. Soon he heard a sound. Was if another creak? No, it couldn't have. He listened in more carefully. It was footsteps!

"Finally," Shinji smirked. "Things are actually somewhere." He peered through the crack between the wall and the door. Still nothing. It was completely dark. Unfortunately, he had dropped his night vision goggles earlier due to an explosion. The thought of it really pissed him off. "Frckin' motion detectors." Luckily that really didn't matter since he remembered that he had his heat sensors with him. Putting them on, he peered through the crack one more time and saw two figures at the source of the foot steps.

"Bingo." Shinji grinned in excitement. He took one last glance to check the positions of the figures. They hadn't moved. Good, this was his perfect chance. Slamming the door open, he dived out into the hallway and rolled to land on his knee. The slam had frozen the guards for about a second, but that was enough time for Shinji to fire a few rounds at them. One guard motioned to shoot at his assailant but was too slow and took a couple hits to the chest. He let out a cry of pain as he fell to the ground. The other fled just in time.

"One down," Shinji thought as he chased after the other man. He turned the corner and ran onto a foyer. To his left he saw a staircase where his target had joined up with a few more of his friends. At his sighting the immediately began pursuing and shooting at him. The sound of gunfire filled the air. Shinji fired back as he ran for cover behind a pillar. He got about two of them but the rest were closing in fast. Bullets ricocheted off the pillar as they shot at him. He fired back without looking and the grunt he heard confirmed he got another one.

"One more left." He dashed out and nailed the last guy right in the face. "Heh, way too easy." All of a sudden he saw something small and round flying towards him. No doubt a grenade. "Aw crap! I didn't even notice that!" The last guard had obviously pulled one out at the last second. In a desperate escape, Shinji dived off the foyer onto the floor below as the explosion sent him further. He rolled as he hit the ground.

"Damn, I almost lost it there." He stood up and brushed himself off. He heard a click behind his head and froze. "Shit," Shinji thought to himself in frustration. "Maybe that last move was a little too rash."

"Put your hands up Shinji," he heard a female voice behind him say.

Shinji just scoffed. "I can't believe I got into this mess in the first place."

-Okay before Shinji gets his head blown off, let's see how all of this got started


Earlier that month…

-Bus station

Shinji stood to grab his bags from the overhead cubby. He grabbed one of his bags (he had about five of them including the one on his chair) and tried to pull it out. "Crap." It was stuck. He yanked on it a little harder and it came loose, but everything else came flying out. "EEEEK!" The other luggage landed right on the person standing next to him.

"OH SHIT!" Shinji yelled in his mind. "Oh man, I'm really sorry!" he apologized as he began to frantically uncover the victim buried under the mountain of bags. "I didn't mean for that to happen. Here let me help you." Removing the last bag he saw the face of a girl around his age with short brown hair.

"No, don't worry about it, I'm perfectly fine!" the girl said smiling. She took Shinji's hand which he had stretched out to help her up.

"Here, let me get your stuff for you," he offered. He began picking up all the bags on the floor when he realized that all of it was his, except for this one little bag with a print of a chocolate turtle on it that said "Sweet Times." "Wow, that's one pretty kick ass little bag," Shinji thought to himself. He handed the little bag to her.

"Oh, thanks," the girl said as she took her bag. She was a pretty cheerful type. And that smile that she had on, man did that make her cute. Shinji smiled back as he checked if he had everything. May be he could get her number…

"Would ya mind movin' to da side?" Someone from behind was pissed that they were waiting so long for Shinji to move for ever. "Summa us actually got some life dat we gotta get on wid, ya know?"

In a flash, the short- haired girl reached in and pulled out something from her "Sweet Times" bag. It was a gun! And a pretty nice one at that too, gold plated and fully custom. She had it pointed straight at the man's face gangsta style (you know, sideways). "Nigga, I'ma bust a cap in yo' bitch-ass self if you don't shut the hell up!"

"Damn girl!" screamed really bad poser wigger man. "Ya ain't got all damn crazy!"

She got all up in his face and pushed her gun to his temple" Bitch, I KNOW that you did not just say that to me!" She took in a deep breath as if trying to hold herself back. Wigger boy's eyes shot wide open as he started to sweat. "Boy sit yo' punk-ass down!" Shinji was completely frozen, he couldn't believe what he was watching.

"Aight! Aight! It's cool!" wigger boy responded putting his hands up in defeat as he got back in his seat as calmly as he could.

Everyone on the bus just stared at her shocked and terrified at the same time. "Wat choo lookin' at?" the girl snapped as she put her gun away.

"Shit!" Shinji thought to himself. "She's frickin' hardcore! And I thought that bag was suspicious, its way too friggin' cute. But that was still friggin' awesome!" he watched the girl as she straightened herself out.

"Man, that kind of crap really pisses me off." She let out a sigh then looked in Shinji's direction. He felt a like she was gonna rip out his throat or something. But then she smiled. "Hey, wanna go grab a drink with me? I'm pretty thirsty. Here," she began taking some of Shinji's bags.

No way, Shinji was in disbelief but totally wanted to do a happy dance. "Sure!" he smiled back. "That'd be great!"

The girl let out a giggle. "You're a dork. They their made their way out of the bus. That's when Shinji snapped back to reality. The wigger man had a seriously pissed face on.

"Oh, sorry," said Shinji coming to his senses. He quickly moved back to his seat full of his crap along with the girl. The man let out a "hmph" as he walked by. Then he popped his collar and brushed off his shoulder.

"Asshole," the girl grumbled under her breath. Shinji looked at her then just started cracking up. "Oh crap, you didn't hear than did you?" He obviously did since he just kept laughing uncontrollably. "C'mon it wasn't that funny. Shut up already!" She smacked him in the arm before following the end of the line.

"Oh man," Shinji had to wipe some tear from his eyes. "Wow, what a great way to start my day."

She looked at him with a little pissed face. "You know, I was gonna offer my help, but I won't waste my kindness on you."

"Gee… thanks." Shinji grabbed his four or so bags and followed at the end of the line. Then he realized that he wasn't getting anywhere. He was stuck! All his bags wouldn't fit through the aisle. "You piece of crap!" Shinji mumbled in frustration. In attempts to free himself, he pushed and pulled in every direction. You could tell how pissed he was by the massive amount of grunting he was doing.

The brown-haired girl turned around to see what was wrong with him. She shook her head then turned back around. "DAMNIT!" Shinji pushed a little too hard and fell to the ground with a thud, now he was stuck on the floor, now he was really stuck. The girl was about to leave when she heard him hit the ground. She stared back with a little sweat drop. "This is real bullcrap," he thought trying to kick some of the bags off of him.

The girl sighed. "Damn." Her stupid conscious got to her. She made her way back to the flailing Shinji. "You're such a loser." She took some of the bags from him.

Shinji was a little embarrassed. "You know, I thought you weren't going to waste your kindness on me." He smirked and took the rest of the bags.

She just turned around. "Oh, I'm not doing this out of kindness. It's just that you're so pathetic that I had to do this out of pity."

"Aww, how sweet. I guess there are nice people in the world." He was teasing her.

"What ever. OH DAMN, MY EYES!" When they got out of the bus they were greeted with the blinding light of the sun. Everyone squinted in an attempt to shield their eyes. Their eyes still had to adjust to light.

They waited while the driver unloaded all of the luggage from the bus. "So, do you live here or are you just visiting?" Shinji asked casually.

"I'm just coming back from a friend's house. Why do you care?" She was a little suspicious.

"Just trying to start a conversation." Actually, he had an ulterior motive to get her number. He started picking up the rest of his bags on the ground which consisted of two more duffle bags and five suitcases.

Brown-haired girl stared. "And what's your deal? You look like you're moving." She helped Shinji to move his stuff over to a bench.

"Yeah, I'm moving over to my dad's place. I'm getting picked up by someone." He thought about the picture Misato gave him. She was pretty hot.

"Oh, that explains a lot." The sat there on the bench in an awkward silence. She started to play around in her bag a little bit. Shinji glanced over to check if there was a gun in there. Of course there wasn't stupid imagination. He glanced over at the T.V. There was special report on about a terrorist group threatening to attack Tokyo-3.

"What's that all about?" Now he was interested.

"You mean you don't know?" Shinji shook his head. "Man, where have you been? Okay, you see those guys, they call themselves the "Angels.' They're more like a cult than a terrorist group. Everyone thinks they're crazy since all they do is go around talking about purifying the world and crap like that."

Wow, sounds like a genuine cult. The T.V. now showed images of cult members. Shinji listened in. "Years after the capture of two of their leaders they're finally showing that they have had enough. Their increased violence is evidence of their frustration. Earlier this week they not only vandalized the city but left a message in blood."

"Man, these guys sound serious." Shinji continued watching.

"The message was a threat saying that they would soon attack the very area where the message was left. Officials are now advising that residents of downtown Tokyo-3 seek shelter and keep away until the threat is over."

"Do you think they'll actually do it?" Shinji doubted they would do anything major.

"Who knows, they haven't done anything serious for years." She had a serious look on her face.

Shinji didn't like the serious air. He got an idea. "You know, my dad is in charge of some pretty serious stuff. I'll help you out if you're ever in trouble. Think of it as payback." He was trying to break the mood.

She turned her head to face Shinji's smirking face. "Are you seriously trying to hit on me?" It worked, she was laughing, even though it was to make fun of Shinji.

"Hey, I'm just trying to help the ladies."

The girl started to laugh louder. "Are you kidding me! That is one of the lamest lines I've ever heard of. I can't believe that you actually used it!" She continued to laugh more. "Have you even ever had a girlfriend before?"

Ouch. He never really did, but he still kept up with the act. "Why, are you interested?" He gave a little grin.

"Tch, yeah right! I don't even know your name. You don't even know MY name!"

"Yeah, I know how it's kinda weird to be 'like that with' a complete stranger." He gave her a little wink.

"OH MY GOSH! YOU ARE HOPLESS!" She started laughing again.

At that moment a car pulled up in front of them. Both looked up at the car to see what was going on. A girl with pigtails and freckles came running out of the car. Shinji's bench buddy shot up in surprise from her seat when she saw the girl come out of the car. "MANA!" she screamed for joy as she ran towards them.

"HIKARI!" She let out a loud squeal of joy as she ran over to her friend. They ran straight into each other's arms and gave a gigantic hug.

Shinji watched as they caught up with each other. "So, her name's Mana." He studied the two as they caught up with each other. "That other one isn't bad either. Hmm…" He continued watching while deep in thought. The girls were talking excitedly while holding their hands together. It looked like a deep conversation. Shinji wished he could hear what they were saying. Then they hugged again. "Aww…" Shinji thought.

That girl Hikari took a glance at Shinji the started talking with her friend again. "Hey Mana, who's that guy you were talking with. You guy's look like you were best friends and all laughing together. Hey, he doesn't have a bad face either."

"Oh him, he's just some guy from my bus.

Shinji tried to hear what they were saying. He knew that they were talking about him. He saw Hikari whisper something to Mana. They giggled then walked back to where Shinji was. What the hell were they up to?

"Well," Mana said taking her one bag, "It was nice talking to you but I gotta go now. See ya." She waved then headed for the car along with Hikari.

"You know, we should hang out some time," Shinji called out in a last attempt to her number.

Mana turned back around and laughed. "Aw I'm sorry, I thought it would be obvious." Shinji was confused. "Can't you tell? Hikari is my lesbian lover." She pulled the pigtailed girl to her.

Shinji's jaw dropped. "Oh shit that's hot!" Shinji was snapped out of his fantasy by the sound of squealing tires. "Damn, I gotta get my thoughts under control." The two girls were still standing in the same spot but were now looking at this sporty little blue car that came speeding in. Suddenly it started drifting and landed in a perfectly parked spot right next to Hikari's car.

"CRAZY BITCH!" The driver in Hikar's car was almost scared shitless. He was about to go over there and give the driver a piece of his mind when he the driver step out of the car. It was a woman with dark blue hair wearing heels, a navy blue skirt cut an inch above the knees, and some kind of black military jacket. The sunlight was blocked from her eyes by a pair of sleek black plastic rimmed sunglasses. Everyone watched as she walked over to where Shinji was. She ignored the drooling driver and the girls whispering about her.

"Shinji Ikari I presume," she said when she reached Shinji.

"Yeah, that's me. And I guess your Ms. Katsuragi."

The woman took of her shades and smiled. "Correct! I guess you got my picture." Shinji pulled it out from his inside pocket and waved it around. "Well, not that we're acquainted, why don't we get your things." She picked up a couple of the bags before noticing how much stuff Shinji actually had. "Is all this yours?"

Shinji let out an embarrassed laugh, "Yeah, funny story actually..." he was cut off.

"Explain to me later, we have to get you somewhere." Shinji nodded as they stuffed, correction, shoved everything they could in the back of the car. They were about to leave when Shinji remembered something.

He ran over to the girls. "Well Ms. Mana, Ms. Hikari, it was nice meeting you. Thanks for your help." He was acting dumb again on purpose.

Mana played along and with a smile said, "Nice to meet you too, Mr. Shinji Ikari." They shook hands. Shinji offered his hand to Hikari but she just stared at it then Shinji and Mana, thinking about what dorks they were.

He took his hand back. "Well, later." He waved as he ran back to the car. He got into his seat where a bag was already sitting. He buckled up, and with the bag on his lap, Misato started the car and they were off, finally.

"So Shinji, who were those girls that you were just talking to? They were pretty cute," Misato teased.

"Just some girls." Shinji really didn't want to talk about it. He could tell from the picture that once Misato started she wouldn't stop.

"Aw, c'mon! Don't tell me that you didn't have anything going on. Or are you just a regular playa, talkin' it up with the girls?" She was enjoying this. "C'mon, spill it. Did you hit it off? Did you get their numbers?" Shinji refused to talk. Throughout the whole trip Misato kept pressing Shinji. That's why Shinji was relieved when they finally stopped. The building that they were parked in front of was a small building.

"It looks abandoned…" Shinji thought. "Ms. Katsuragi, is this were my dad works?" He asked out of concern.

"You could say that." She entered and Shinji followed. The place was completely empty, except for a desk and chair in the corner where a man was sitting reading a newspaper with his feet propped up on the desk. "Hey Bob," Misato said as he walked past the man. He gave and acknowledging 'Sup Misato.'

Misato walked to the end on the empty building where there was a door and what looked like an empty car garage. She slid a card through a reader by the door and the door dinged open. It was an elevator. Shinji followed in. "Oh yeah, let me warn you," Misato said as the door was closing. "The regular elevator is out of service right now so you might want to brace yourself."

"Huh?" Before Shinji could understand, the door closed with a ding. Instantly the elevator shot down at an incredible speed. Shinji was screamed as he was sent flying to the ceiling, bounced back, and floated in mid-air. Misato was completely unfazed with her feet still attached to the ground. A few seconds later the elevator came to a sudden stop making Shinji slammed against the ceiling, bounce of the floor, then flying out of the elevator landing him head first into trash can. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" Shinji kicked and screamed trying to free himself from the can.

Misato just chuckled to herself. "I love that thing." The door closed behind her. "I told you to brace yourself." She helped Shinji out of the can. He fixed his clothes then froze as he looked up at an incredible site. He was staring at a huge compound built completely underground. "Shinji, welcome to NERV Headquarters."

A/N: Yeah, this turned out to be longer than I expected it too. I apologize if you don't like Shinji the ways it is but I just couldn't write a story with a whiny little emo bitch. I know that things are kinda slow now but the more violence will come later. Hopefully the next chapter will introduce us to NERV and the other kids (Rei and Asuka),I have a tendency to write a little too much.