Disclaimer: I don't own anything that has to do with Supernatural. All the characters belong to the WB, except Amanda and her dad. I'm not exactly following the episodes so I'm just writing it as a go along. I'll probably be making up some of the demons too. The story is going to begin long after the season finale, the boys live but their dad died in the car crash.


"Dad, dinner's ready!" Amanda called up to her father. Her father Tim was an author who wrote thrillers and usually shut himself up in his home office upstairs, coming out only for meals and bathroom breaks.

When he heard his only daughter's voice mention dinner, he turned off his computer and headed to the kitchen. He was grateful to have Amanda still around. She was 21 now and could have moved out on her own if she wanted too. But she knew that her father needed her more so she stayed with him.

Her mother had left them when Amanda was only four years old and Tim found it difficult to raise his daughter alone. So when she was little he left her with his church's day care for most of the day and at 2 pm he picked her up and took her to the park. They bonded during those times, but as she got older they didn't spend much time together and he was beginning to push her into moving out and having a life of her own before it was too late.

Tim had a gift that was passed down to him from his grandmother. Once in a while he had dreams that came to life and they weren't the normal kind of stuff psychics had. He dreamt mostly about demons and the like, which was why he chose to write thrillers. He didn't know if his dreams ever truly became real or not, but once in a while when he read about a death in the newspaper, even though they didn't mention demons being the cause of death, he realized that they were usually similar to his dreams.

And most recently he had dreamt of his own death. He didn't know when it would happen and that was why he wanted Amanda to learn to live out on her own, before he left her. He didn't want what happened in his dream to become reality, but you can't change destiny right? He would die by the hands of a demon in front of his daughter, all because he knew the answer to two boys' desperate search to kill a demon.


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