Dean watched the football game on the TV while he waited for the girls to emerge. And finally the time came when they did. Candace came out in the same short black skirt and yellow low cut top, but her hair was now done nicely into a tight pony tail and her make-up was more dramatic to fit the bar scene. And then Amanda stepped out shyly in a black and blue printed dress that rested nicely against her body and flowed at her knees. Her hair was transformed into loose curls and her make-up wasn't as dramatic as Candace's but it made her look ready for a party.

Dean stared at Amanda for a second before he realized they were looking at him and he cleared his throat. "Well you two ladies look gorgeous, shall we head out?" "Of course." Candace took Dean's arm and headed for the door.

The bar was loud and crowded, but the threesome managed to push their way through to find a table with Candace's friends who waved them over. "Guys these are my friends Tommy and his girlfriend Janet and Ryan." She pointed to each of her friends. "And these guys are Dean and his sister Amanda. I met Dean last night."

"Nice to meet you Amanda." Ryan smiled and put his hand out to shake hers. She smiled in return and shook his hand. "Come sit next to me. So what brings you guys to Long Beach?" He asked her as she sat down. "They're detectives on the Maddock case." Candace told her friends before Amanda could answer.

"Oh so have you found anything interesting?" Janet asked. "Possibly, but we wouldn't be able to tell you anything even if we did, confidential you see." Dean apologized. "How long are you planning to stay then?" Tommy wondered. "As long as it takes to solve the case I suppose." Amanda said.

A couple of hours went by and Amanda was actually starting to have fun. Dean flirted all night with Candace, but Amanda didn't notice because she was busy with Ryan flirting with her. But when Ryan started to place his hands on Amanda's or stroke her shoulder Dean noticed. "Hey Amanda, it's getting pretty late maybe you should head back to the hotel. Sammy's probably wondering where you are." So? He's my brother not my boyfriend." Amanda emphasized brother to make her point.

"I was just thinking that seeing as we're on a job and all you should get all the sleep you can. We'll all need a clear head come tomorrow." Dean smiled trying to make it sound like he wasn't jealous. "Oh so you're not coming with me then? How come you can stay out all night 'partying' with girls and I can't have some fun of my own?!" Amanda raised her voice as she stood up.

"I just meant…" Amanda cut him off, "no it's ok Dean. I'll see you tomorrow morning." Amanda left the bar in a hurry leaving everyone looking at Dean in confusion. Dean chuckled, "she's got her period." The other two guys nodded in understanding. "I should probably get going too. It's not safe for her to walk alone this late. But we had a great time and it was wonderful seeing you again Candace. Maybe I'll give you a call sometime if we're still in town." He said getting up from his chair and paying for his and Amanda's drinks. "That would be great Dean. Have a good night." Everyone said their good-byes and Dean left the bar in search of Amanda.