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So…I had a DBZ watching marathon, and I watched about 27 episodes, plus The History of Trunks. Anyway, I was inspired to write this. Be warned, it's my first real romantic type of thing (sorta).

Bulma walked through the halls of Capsule Corps. with an odd look in her eye. She appeared to be daydreaming, but to be honest, her mind was completely blank. She stopped when she felt a pair of eyes on her.

"Just what do you think you're looking at?" she snapped at her royal houseguest. Vegeta shrugged.

"Nothing much, really." He turned to walk in the opposite direction of her. He stopped after a few steps. "By the way, it's good to see that you're getting back to normal. Your constant moping was becoming a bother. I take you've finally accepted the truth?"

"Not really." Bulma said, flashing a smirk. "I've just decided that you're wrong."

Vegeta's eyes widened a bit. "Decided that- What? YOU do not 'decide' whether or not I'M wrong about my own feelings!"

"Sure I do." Bulma smiled. "And I don't care what you say; you're wrong."

Vegeta walked a bit closer to her. "The sooner you accept that it meant nothing, the better off you'll be."

"The sooner YOU admit you're wrong, the better off I'll be" Bulma mocked him. "Plus, if you keep denying it, I'll just believe you less."

"I'M NOT THE ONE DENYING ANYTHING!" Vegeta raged. His outburst didn't even faze Bulma.

"Trust me Vegeta, I know you. You're a prince. You have honour and all that stuff. You wouldn't just sleep with someone if it didn't mean anything."

"I would, and I did."

"Whatever" Bulma waved him off, continuing in the way she was going. She was halfway down the long hall before she stopped and yelled back to him.

"Oh, just for you're information, it will mean something to at least one person."

"You mean besides you?" Vegeta hollered back. Bulma laughed.

"Of course, silly!"

"Well? Who?"

Bulma gave him an odd smile that actually scared him to an extent.

"The little guy that's going to pop out of me in about 8 months!" She yelled before practically skipping the rest of the way down the hall, leaving a dumbstruck Vegeta behind.

"Wha-? Little- pop out-? WHAT?" he yelled loud enough for the entire house to hear.

"I'M PREGNANT, DUMBASS!" Bulma's shout was only faintly heard, but spoke volumes to Vegeta.

Vegeta made his back to Capsule 3, in need of a large amount of training.

"Blast that woman!" He vented to himself along the way. "She's so damn…., stubborn, spoiled and just plain annoying! But then again…If I didn't hate her so much, I may actually like her."

He stopped outside of the Gravity Room/Space ship. "Who am I kidding?" He sighed, then smirked. "I hate her far too much for that to ever happen."

And done!

I may actually write a B/V fic, but I'm not sure. Anyway, for those who are like me prior to…well, yesterday, Capsule 3 is actually the Gravity room, but, it was also a space ship. I did not know that. Please Review!