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Yeah…so…One update and two posts in one day. Obviously, this means I should be doing homework right now, but I'm not. This is sort of a sequel to You're Wrong, but the two stories can stand alone. Really, they have nothing to do with each other, but they have the same…theme, I guess.

Bulma walked down the hall, on her way to her son's room, the present version of him, of course. The older one had left exactly one week ago. Perhaps that was why she was feeling so down.

She stopped outside the baby's room when she saw a familiar figure inside.

"Vegeta?" she said quietly, startling the Saiyan Prince. He looked up at her, with a cold stare, hoping it would cover the lost look in his eyes. To anyone besides Bulma, it would have worked.

Bulma entered the room, and walked over to her child. Trunks was sleeping soundly, unaware of the tension in the room between his parents.

"Did you put him to sleep?" Bulma asked, turning to Vegeta, knowing that trying to get that kid to sleep was a battle half the time. Vegeta gave a small nod.

"You're talkative today." She smiled. Vegeta gave a half hearted smirk back. Something was bothering him, and Bulma was going to find out.

"The guys told me something interesting, you know." Her smile got bigger. "About how a certain someone went bonkers when Cell killed Trunks."

Vegeta's eyes widened at her knowledge of this. After holding her gaze for a moment, he turned away, looking down. Bulma blinked. Vegeta was never the first to look away.

"It wasn't enough" he whispered.

Bulma felt tears spring to her eyes. The helplessness in his tone was heartbreaking, especially coming from the proud Saiyan Prince.

"It didn't have to be." She walked up to him, trying to things into perspective. "The fact that his death…affected you…was more than enough for him…and for me."

Vegeta snorted. "well, not for me. How pathetic can one person be? First, I let my only die before my eyes, after he risked so much to make sure we all lived, and then, I can't even avenge him without having to be saved by an 11 year child, no less."

"That's not pathetic." She walked closer to him. "It's just…ok, it is a little pathetic, but I don't care. Trunks doesn't care. I'm sure he's at home right now scaring the crap out of his mother with that story."

"How scared were YOU, when you found out?" He asked, smirking.

"Oh, I didn't believe one word of it. It wasn't until Piccolo told me the rest were telling the truth that I actually considered it to be true. I mean, why would Piccolo, of all people, lie to me?"

Vegeta shrugged. "Well, his ears are sensitive. Maybe he would lie to you to stop you from screaming." Bulma glared at the comment, but smiled in spite of herself.

"Was that all that was bothering you?" She asked, walking out of Trunks' room. Vegeta looked intently at her, as if he was considering whether to tell her or not. Finally, he made a decision.

"I miss him." He looked her in the eyes, his gaze reminding her of a lost little boy, not knowing what to do. She felt the tears spring again.

"Me too." She cried, wrapping her arms around him. Vegeta let her cry into his shoulder. She regained her composure, and walked out of the room, pulling Vegeta behind her by the hand.

"Hey. It's not like we'll never see him again. He'll be here in 17 years." She smiled. Vegeta frowned at her.

"Not at all. HE won't be the same person. This one will be much better."

"Oh? How can you be so sure?" She said, humour in her voice.

"Well? The fact that I'm here will make a difference." He smirked.

"Yes, I know that. I just don't see how that will make him a 'better' Trunks?"

Vegeta glared a bit more, as he let her pull him into her room.

Where they played checkers all night long! The end!

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