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Ryoma and Sakuno discover the ups and downs of the infamous boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Rated M for later chapters.

Reaching To Touch You

Anna Roma


Ryoma Echizen, unbeknownst to all, was a very jealous man. His eyes would glaze over and he would clench his fists repeatedly, the indentations of his fingernails remaining on his calloused palm. He'd pull his cap further down upon his head, shielding his eyes burning with greed and envy. His teammates swore, on several accounts, that they heard a low yet evident growl while on the benches and had no doubt it came from their ochibi. However, this change in his behavior was a common occurrence yet only happened with only one person.

"I think pigtails are cute." And he actually brushed his fingers on her hair. "Why don't we ditch this game? It's obvious already that, that Echizen guy's gonna win. Let's grab a bite to eat."

Oh my goodness, he must be the last person to know. "I-I don't think so, Kenichi. I'm seeing someone currently. Actually, he's-"

Kenichi shrugged, oblivious to the proverbial knives that were being repeatedly launched onto his back. "Hey, you're seeing someone; I'm seeing someone. Everybody's seeing somebody else, no big deal. Come, Sakuno, let's ditch this place." Kenichi took hold of her hand and her eyes widened in realization.

Oh no.

"Sakuno…you have really soft han-"

The entire crowd fell silent and the only sound that was sound that was distinguishable was the heavy palpitations of breath. "Forty-love."

"Nice aim, ochibi. But that's my point right there."

Smirk. "It was worth it."

As Kenichi was safely being escorted away on stretcher with the school nurse by his side after being hit by a tennis ball that went out of range and traveled toward his more than private area, Sakuno daintily approached the fence. She curled her fingers around the wire where a hand was clutching the braided metal. Their fingers molded together in a grip that told others more than they needed to know.

"You shouldn't have done that, Ryoma-kun…"

Ryoma was desperately trying to mask the smirk and the audible laugh that wanted to erupt from his throat. "I didn't do it on purpose. He shouldn't be standing too close to the court anyway. And what did I tell you about that honorific?"

She smiled. "We were outside the fence. You actually assumed I would believe that?"

He looked straight into her eyes and leaned closer to her face. "He needed to know." He whispered.

"Know what?" She had no doubt that the faint blush spreading all over her cheeks was anything but faint.

He smirked and touched his lips to hers. "That you're mine," and will never be anybody else's.

Ryoma Echizen, unbeknownst to all, was a very jealous man. He would keep her glued beside him in public, would shower her with kisses and intimate caresses behind doors and would dedicate every game to her specifically. He'd pull his cap further upon his head, shielding the smile and the blush that appeared on his face and his eyes that burned with love. His teammates swore, on several accounts, that when they were seated at the back seat of the school bus after a tennis meet, they would hear him laugh at something she whispered in his ear. This change in his behavior was a common occurrence yet it only happened with only one person.

"Ryoma…" Her breathy sigh.

"That's better."

A whistle. "Hey, Echizen! Stop sucking her face off and get back here so I could beat you! It's already lunch time; we're all starving!"

Ryoma chose to ignore Momoshiro in favor of a more pleasurable challenge. "Let's do something later. You and me," Sakuno touched his lips gently, causing him to smile and sigh against the feel of her skin.

"Like what?" She shyly asked, for once not caring that her grandmother and both teams were probably watching them having recovered from Kenichi's incident.

He shrugged casually. "Like…anything that involves you and me." His grin always made her feel giddy within herself, though she refused to appear that way in front of her peers.

"It's a date then." She replied playfully and pushed him as gently as she could away from the fence. "Now get out there and win the game."

He placed his red tennis racket on his shoulder and walked toward his side of the court, never taking his eyes off hers. It was what he did before he served at every game – making a silent promise to her that he'd win anything and everything tennis allowed him to win. Tennis was what he wanted to do since he was a kid and it still was what he wanted to do now and she respected that fact, encouraged it even.

"Seigaku, Echizen, service." The umpire called.

Here it goes, Sakuno.

To Be Continued…Chapter 1: Rollercoaster coming soon. Sakuno and Ryoma double-date with beep and beep. Stay tuned. (" ,)