Chapter 10 - Reunion: The Last Storm

Month 2, Week 1, Day 2, 3:51 P.M.

Seto and Joey got off the military plane that had transported them to Japan. After the reports that the aliens had mysteriously died, Seto and Joey were willing to take the chance of getting back home as quickly as possible. Joey cuddled close to Seto as they looked around at the ruined land. "We got a lot to do..."

Quietly, the half wolf nodded, sniffing the wind slightly for his friends. The military officer that was escorting the canines had led them towards the base they had set up for the refugees. Snorting faintly, Seto followed. Once in the base, Joey inquired about Yami and Yugi. The officer said that the two were in a meeting, talking about an important subject discussing the future of Japan.

"Figured as much." Grumbling, Seto decided to explore the base.

Yami and Yugi emerged after a bit, and eyes lit up. "Kaiba, Joey!"

A delighted squeel emerged from Yugi as he went to pounce Joey, not noticing their changed appearence yet.

Joey hugged Yugi tightly. "BUD! Its been a long time!"

"Missed you Joey! And are you half puppy?"

Joey flushed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Yea..."

Grinning, Yugi looked at the ears for a moment. "You actually look cute."

Joey flushed further. "Yuuuug!"

"What? You do!"

Joey growled slightly and hid behind Seto in embarassment.

Seto merely chuckled. "He's speaking the truth, pup."

Yami sighed and rubbed at his temples in thought. "Seto, I'm going to need your assistance."

An ear twitched a bit. "With?"

"They want me to help lead the people to rebuild our community."

An eyebrow raised slightly. "Why you?"

"Because I seemed to be the only one who had any idea on how to survive out here at the time."

Shaking his head slightly, the half wolf merely snorted. "That's because they are yellow bellied cowards."

"Guess they need a strong leader."

"I perfer a council instead of a single leader."

"All the more reason why I'm getting you guys in on this."

Again, Seto snorted. "Whatever."

"You're a good business leader, Seto, and I had my polital leads long ago."

"I know."

"So, will you help me?"

"Of course."

"Good." Yami held Yugi close.

Chuckling, Seto moved, pulling Joey back into view.

A soldier came up to Seto, with papers in hand. "Mr. Kaiba?"


The soldier handed the papers. "A medical report from Florida was sent here with your name on it."

"Thank you." Blue eyes scanned the papers.

The conclusion the doctors came to said "Pregnant."

"I figured as much."

Joey peeked out. "Seto...?"

"What, pup?"

"What is it?"


Joey smiled softly and nuzzled Seto. "Good..."

Smirking, Seto tucked the blonde under his chin.

"Love you, Seto..."

"Love you too pup."

END for now. Me an G need a break from this fic to write others, but I hope you guys liked this one!