Okay, here is a new story I thought up, and been working on for a while now.

"What do you mean he can't enforce the Ghost Zone's rules?" Clockwork questioned the Observants.

"Just that, a ghost got a shot at him, and he can't remember what to do without being told."

"Well, I can't run time and the Ghost Zone, so what do you want me to do about it?"

"Find a suitable replecement until Walker is better."

"Fine, I know of one who is suitable."

The Observants left. Clockwork groaned. He then went to the home of a certain ghost boy. As he froze time when he entered, he looked around to see Danny lazily watching TV. He then took Danny with him back to his lair. "Hey, why am I here?" Clockwork explained the situation, and what he needed Danny to do.

"Wait, you want ME to run the Ghost Zone?"

"Yes, you need to do Walker's job until he gets back."

"Well, okay I guess." With that, Danny was sent to the jail. Man, I have no idea what to do. Danny thought. He looked through the Ghost Zone Rule Book. Most of the rules were very unfair to anyone except Walker. Of course, he wrote them, well, since Clockwork put me in charge, I guess I can change these now. Danny started working on changing things.

Several hours of work later, Danny had completely redone the rule book. Now, time to announce the rule change. He headed out to find a good place to announce the change. He flew first to just outside the jail. "Um, c..can I have everyone's attention..." Nobody turned their heads. Oh man, they won't listen. He tired again. Still the same, nothing.

How does Walker get their attention? At that moment Clockwork appeared. That got their attention. "Everyone, Dan...I mean Phantom is now going to enforce the Ghost Zone rules until Walker gets back." Clockwork left, leaving the guards watching Danny. He nervously held up the rule book.

"Uh, the rules are changed a bit, like, there c..can be real world items..." For the next few minutes he announced the change. The ghosts were pleased with the change. It made things more fair for them. Danny flew onto another area of the Ghost Zone to announce the change to others. This time, getting their attention easier than his first try. By the end of the day the ghosts had no problem with him ruling over them. He was fair.

As Danny sat in Walker's office, he though, Man, what am I going to do when Walker gets back? He yawned. He'd done a lot today. As he drifted to sleep, he wondered why Walker was gone in the first place.

Short first chapter. But it's more introductory. The other chapters will be longer.