Here is the last chapter of King For A Day.


Danny paced anxiously as he awaited the arrival of Walker. He pushed the crown back up ontop his head as he sat down in the throne beside Sam. Sam reached over and held Danny's hand. Danny started thinking about what he'd do, not only during the fight, but what he'd do if he won. He knew that he couldn't give up on school just because he was king, but he hadn't let figured out how he'd learn from the Ghost Zone. He decided he'd ask Clockwork about it. He was also thinking about how he could improve the Ghost Zone. He recognized the need for something more kid-friendly. Especially with the possibility of, future royalty residents residing in the Ghost Zone. He smiled some. He couldn't wait for that day to come.

"What are you thinking about now?" Sam asked, as she looked over at him. Danny shrugged. "Nothing?"

"No, just, what I could do for the Ghost Zone."

"You mean we." Sam corrected as Danny pushed the crown back up. Sam laughed.

"What, it's not my fault the dude that was King before me had a huge head."

"Well my crown fits."

"That's because there wasn't a Queen before so they had that crown made to fit." Sam taunted him by sticking out her tongue at him. She then reached up and bumped his crown back down.

"And the reason you didn't have a crown made to fit is..."

Danny rolled his eyes at her. "Nevermind." Sam laughed. Heavy foosteps grew louder as the guard got closer to the throne room. The guard appeared before Danny.

"Walker's army is on the move."

"Prepare to defend the castle. I want to speak with the head of the guards."


"No, one of the guards serving Walker." The guard nodded and left. Danny got up, pulled his royal robe around him and swiftly walked toward the overview window. After pulling on her own robe, Sam walked up beside him. She put her arms around him and he put an arm around her.

"So, what are you going to do when you talk to him?"

"Offer him freedom. Those guards have been serving Walker for years. Walker has made them something of a slave. They do what Walker says no questions asked. I'll offer him freedom and a position as one of my guards. I'm sure he'll see it my way. Once I have the head, I'll have the army. Then, Walker will have to back down."

Sam smiled. "That's a good plan, but what if it doesn't work?"

"It has to work."

Several minutes later

Danny sat on his throne twiddling his thumbs. Any moment that top guard serving Walker would appear. His own guards were standing by incase the guard got brave and tried to do something. Sam placed a reasuring hand on his arm. He settled down some. Danny's own top guard walked in, announcing the arrival of the other guard. Danny sat up right and tried to look king-like.

"Bring him in." The guard walked out. Walker's guard appeared in his place. "I'm willing to offer you a deal."

"What kind of deal?" The guard asked.

Danny took a moment to put together his words. He looked out the overview window. He saw bellow the battle that was ensuing. His guards fighting to hold back Walker's. "If you surrender to me, I'll give you your freedom."

"How can I know you will give me freedom? Walker said the same thing when he took me and my ghostly men from the last king."

"Think about what I've already done for the Ghost Zone." Danny told him. The ghostly guard appeared to be deep in thought. Danny sat nervously. He wasn't sure his plan would work.

"Okay then, you have a deal." Danny smiled from ear to ear.

"Then return, and tell your men to stand down."

"But what about Walker?" Danny stood as he led the ghost out.

"I'll take care of him."

The guard and Walker headed out to where the battle was taking place. Pushing his crown up, Danny stood on top the castle wall. The guard went down and ordered his men to stop. Confused, they put down their swords. Walker yelled, "HEY, I never said stop."

"But I did!" Danny shouted down. Walker hissed, how dare that kid! He couldn't remain king. And since when did he best guard order a halt in a battle. He had no idea what happened, but he was going to find out. "To all Walker's guards, I decree that you may go free."

"WHAT, no one can free them except me!"

"As head of the guards I say that we leave, c'mon men, we join King Danny." The guard told him as he directed his ghosts toward the castle. Walker was steaming mad, but knew defeat when he saw it.

"Fine then, who will guard my jail?"

"So long as you don't cause another rebellion, I'll personally get you jail guards." Walker nodded, then headed back to his prison. Danny smiled, then returned inside the castle. Once inside, Sam grabbed him in a hug.

"You did it Danny!"

"Yeah, I did. Now I've got to see what guards will continue to work for Walker." He headed to where the guards had gathered. "I need some of you to return to working for Walker." Most didn't want to go. "I'm the King, he can't treat you like he had before." Slowly some agreed to return to Walker. Danny dismissed them. He sighed, and returned to Sam. Sam smiled.

"So King, how did it go?"

"It went fine, Queen." Danny kissed Sam. Sam held Danny close.

"I love you Danny."

"I love you too Sam." Danny looked down at Sam. King or not, telling her how he felt was the best thing he'd ever done. "So, what about school?"

"What about it?" Sam asked, she hadn't expected this to come up.

"Well, we can't just stop going to school."

"Yeah, but what good would human world knowledge do when we live in the Ghost Zone."

"That's what I'm trying to say, should we learn here?"

Sam thought. "I suppose we should learn here."

"There aren't schools here."

"Then start one, you are King after all." Sam walked back up to her throne and sat down. Danny thought about that. He walked up and sat down. He smiled. He knew how he'd make it work. He called a servant in.

"Guard, does the Ghost Zone have a teacher?"

"Yes, but she hasn't worked for years."

"Call her up." The servant nodded and left the room.

10 Years Later

"DAD!" A girl ran into the throne room. She was Lilith, Danny and Sam's second child, who was now 6. She stood in front of her dad's throne, arms crossed.

"What is wrong Lil?"

"Mark keeps using his ghost powers on me!" Mark was her older brother, 8, and had recently gotten use of this powers. She tapped her feet on the floor impatiently, a habit she picked up from her mom. Danny laughed a little when she did that.

"So, where is he using them?"


"No, I meant what room."

"Oh." She sighed in annoyance. "The power room." When Mark begun to deveolop his powers, Danny set aside a special room just for use of the ghost powers.

"So, what's the problem? He's using his powers in the right room."

"He's hitting me!"

"Then don't go in there if you don't want to be hit."

"But I wanna practice my powers."

"But you haven't gotten to where you can control them. You can use them when I can help you."

Lilith pouted. "Daddy you are always busy."

"No I'm not, I'm not busy right now."


"Yeah, really." Sam walked into the room, with Mark close behind her. Sam smiled at seeing Danny, it took him 5 years, but he finally grew into his crown. She sat down by him. Lilith went up to her mom.


"Yes Lil."

"Can you tell me the story about how you became the Queen?"


She nodded her head and sat down at her feet. Mark sat by her. They loved to hear that story. Danny smiled at them. Everything in his live had gone better than he could've ever dreamed it to be.