Identity Thieves of the Old Republic

Malak stands on the bridge of the Leviathan, surveying the vast Sith fleet as it prepared for its conquests. Dressed in his form-fitting red body armor, he turns, letting his crimson cloak whirl about his powerful body. A scowl covers his gray face.

Malak (In the voice of an adolescent girl, standing in a demure, girly pose) – "Hee hee hee, man, that security slicer card is amazing. All it took is a decent connection to the Sith system, a little fancy footwork, and some Mission magic and whammo, I'm in."

"Nobody's gonna argue when the Dark Lord of the Sith orders a case of stims, two crates of grenades, and a cool cyber implant. Maybe the super swoop bike upgrades were a bit much…and the Mandalorian ceremonial armor…lightsaber crystals…and the nifty pilot jacket for Carth. But, what the hey, it's not my card. Hee hee hee…hee hee…."

Dooo da dooo da dooo da dooo…don't be a victim of identity theft. Get protection from the TarisCiti Card.