x Masterpiece x

He was going to make it a masterpiece.

He'd taken so many photographs, so many of her, so many times before.

But none so beautiful as this one.

It... it captured her soul, the essence of who she was. It captured her long sweeping dark lashes, her creamy white cheeks blushed lightly with sunset red from the pleasurable exertion of laughing. It captured her stormy moods, punctuated with lasting moments of sheer happiness. It captured her.

A shot, of her beautiful face - but mainly those dark, sometimes indigo eyes that were alight with fires of passion. Even the sleek wisps of hair falling across her eyes couldn't hide it... hide her.

He really loved the photograph, as much as he loved her.

And he would call it "Window To Her Soul".

Total drabble. Written for the SL contest… composed in about two minutes. The usual, for Tally. And posted because she knows that Pingy is right – her crack! Lately has been nothing short of boring, and common. And because Yuffie x Pence hasn't appeared to have been done yet. So enjoy. And it's Yuffie x Pence because I was told that Pence takes a lot of photos at the beginning of KH2. Not owning it yet, I wouldn't know, but that's what this is anyways. R&R for a Tally?


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