A/N: A little ditty that tries to be metaphorical in its story telling (Like anyone couldn't tell who was who) of a somewhat parental look at Colonel Mustang and Edward Elric's relationship.

DISCLAIMER: I make no claim to own in any way, shape, or form the characters or series used withing this work of fiction. They belong to many large and rich companies that are not me. This was done for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made from it.


Most people tend to fear anything that deals with fire.

To most it was a chaotic force that seemed to push on even in conditions where it should not be able to thrive. It was awe inspiring and fear creating element that was depended on by many people for their day to day living.

Yet people tend to forget or not see the good that sometimes appears after a firestorm or small blaze. Fire is needed for life to continue to grow and to start anew in some cases. Which is why not many people could see why Metal and Flame could get along despite their differences and seeming animosity towards one another.

What they didn't realize was that Metal was able to see how fragile fire can be when he looked at Flame during times when memories would get the best of him. Flame also saw the weaknesses in what should be an unbreakable force when enough pressure is applied. Just like when Metal's guilt would finally catch up to him.

This was why Metal saw Flame like the father that should have been there for him and his brother. For despite the annoyance of being manipulated he saw the paternal protectiveness behind many of Flame's actions.

Metal preferred to be raised by a flame then to be ignored by the ice.