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Chapter 1

Ok, let's start. My name is Sango and I am 16 years old. Like anyone else, I HAVE to go to school every day; but not yet. See, it's the last week of summer break and I am hoping to have as much fun as I can before I have to go back to listening to boring lectures and annoying teachers and schoolmates. Not to mention the weird girls who go all mushy when they talk about a guy they like. I for one am not looking forward to any of that. Of course everything has to have a good side to it right? Going to school means I can see my friends again. Well, I don't really have a lot of people I like, but there are a few special ones I like.

Take Kagome for example. She's my best friend; although I sometimes get annoyed with her hyperactive voice or her sugar-high attitude, I can live with those. I don't know, she is just not like those other people who pretend to be interested only to end up humiliating you in the end. Take Kikyo and her preps for instance. They don't even bother to pretend to be nice to you, she is just mean. And I mean 'mean' right to the core. I don't even know how she could have friends. No wait, I do know. Kikyo is one of the richest people I know, not to mention the cruelest. I guess her flunkies just hang out with her so that they do not get picked on.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I got another friend too. His name is Inuyasha. He is the anti-social, I-don't-need-anyone kind of guy but he is really nice if you get to know him. Kind of a softie on the inside when you think about it, really. Plus I think Kagome likes him and vice-versa. Either way, they're my closer ring of friends. Of course I have other friends but we are not that close. Like Shippo, Rin, Kouga, and Ayame. They're ok too but we aren't very close, just friends. Also there is Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older brother. I mean HALF brother. Really, the two look nothing alike. Ok, and that's about everyone. I really don't want to mention anything more about Kikyo and her group because I may just end up wanting to kill someone. Mainly, them.

And so, the week goes by quickly. And before I know it, it's school opening again. Ah, yes. The time of suffering and waking up at an extremely ungodly hour every morning. It's here again.

And so it starts…


"beep! beep! beep! …"


Yes, you heard right. That was my fist slamming into my alarm clock. It was annoying me out of my mind so early in the morning. That is, until I realized that I was the one who set it early. Can anyone guess why? That's right…

"Oh no! I'm gonna be late for school on the first day! Oh and Kagome told me to come to school earlier today too. What was it, something she needed to tell me? Agh! Whatever, I can not think of this right now. I'm going to be late!"

So, I just did what came naturally to a person who was going to be late for something. I got out of bed, raced to the bathroom, took an incredibly quick shower, and ran to school.

I was already almost at the school and probably with enough time to listen to whatever Kagome had to tell me when suddenly…


No, I was not hit by a truck, sorry to disappoint some of you. I ran into someone. Rude huh? I was just running to school, minding my own business when suddenly this guy walks out of nowhere and crashes into me. Yes, I know, he should watch where he was going. . . ok fine! So it was my fault. Guess I should apologize now.

"I'm sorry, did I hurt you? I didn't mean to, it's just that I was running late and umm, I guess I was not paying attention to where I was going." A voice said.

I looked up and saw a guy about my age, with black hair in a short low ponytail. He had a pair of violet eyes and he was... smiling? How could someone be smiling after they have just been knocked down by a stranger? Either way, his smile was a smile like I've never seen before. It was like he was sorry, happy, calm, and sincere. A whole mix of stuff in one expression. To put it simple, his smile was nice. WAIT! WHAT WAS THAT! I just met this guy and suddenly I am acting like those girls at school who go all jelly-like when they talk about a guy they like! Ok, this is just wrong...

"My name is Miroku."


"I said my name is Miroku. And yours?"

Ok, this guy is just weird. He barely knows me but he's telling me his name. I don't know if I should call him mad or crazy.

"I-um, I'm Sango." I stuttered. Wait, why am I stuttering? And, what's this, am I… blushing?

"Well, Sango, that is a nice name" he said thoughtfully.

I was about to say something back until I felt something on my rear. I didn't even have to look. I knew exactly what it was and I did not like it. Now I know what this guy is like.

"HENTAI!" I screeched

"SLAP!" yeah, I slapped him.

"You pervert! How dare you do that! And in public too?" I asked in disbelief at what he did. He groped me in public! And so, I gave him one last glare and stomped off. I left him there with a very convincing replica of my palm on his face.

When I got to school, Kagome was already there waiting for me. She probably had some big news to run over and greet me.

"Hey, Kagome, how was Hawaii?" I asked. She went to Hawaii over the summer with her family.

"I'll tell you about Hawaii later. Where have you been? I told you to come early today didn't I?"

She practically screamed in my ear.

"Sorry, I was on my way here when I bumped into someone." I answered. Well at least running into that pervert had something good out of it. I got to use him as an excuse.

"Whatever. I got so much to tell you, but since you got here late, I'll just have to give you the short version. Ok…" she took a deep breath "so I heard we were going to get a new student today and he is supposed to be real cute and I heard he's the most handsome and popular guy at his school. Anyway, I was thinking that we should invite him to hang out with us so that no one will be left out. You know, like I will be with Inuyasha and you with the new guy. Then we can all be in pairs! Isn't that great?"

"That was the short version?" I asked sarcastically. "Listen Kags, it's really great that you think that and all, but I don't wanna have a boyfriend. You and Inuyasha might be ok but you two have known each other for like forever and I've never even met the guy." I tried to reason with her. Don't know why though, reasoning with Kagome never really worked.

"Oh but you'll love the guy! I hear he's nice too." She argued back

Figures, Kagome never listened to reason, why should now be any different?

"BRING! BRING!" the bell rang. Was I ever glad to hear the bell. I didn't really feel like arguing with anyone. Not after what happened this morning. For some reason though, I kinda felt curious, I guess, and was sort of looking forward to meeting this 'new student'

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