The End of My World


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Out of the shadows stepped none other than the much loathed Kikyo.

"Kikyo! What's going on here?" Miroku angrily questioned.

Kikyo snickered loudly before looking back up at us. "It's so cute the way you two act like you both don't know what's going on."

Miroku and I exchanged wondering glances before looking back at the snickering Kikyo before us. "Kikyo, are you drunk or something!"

"Just drop the act! I know you told him about it! You told all of your friends about it! And now I'll put an end to all of this, right now!" Kikyo shouted.

I took another look at Miroku and realized he was just as confused as I was. He gave me a look that kinda said what-the-hell-is-she-talking-about? I only responded with the look that said I had no idea.

"Hah!" she snorted. "See this warehouse?" she motioned for us to look in the direction of the large building. "Your friends are in there. Not that you'll see them again, because you're dying here and now!"

She pulled out a gun. It was small enough for her to hide until this time, but it was big enough to cause serious pain and injuries, and even death.

"What do you think you're doing!" Miroku and I yelled almost at the same time.

Kikyo looked a little stunned for a bit, but then she regained herself, straightened up, then opened her mouth to speak.

"Maybe you just forgot. Okay, I'll remind you. This goes back to our grandfathers, remember? Your granddad saw mine commit the crime of the century! Actually, even our fathers were there!"

I tried to interrupt, but Kikyo wouldn't let me. And with a gun not too far from my head, I was forced to listen.

"My father and grandfather managed to silence your family from saying anything, but they didn't manage to get to you, yet. I realized where your brother was so I thought I'd keep him quiet and send him to his parents instead."

She chuckled again, but I was burning up. "You killed my brother! And my parents too!"

"Plus your grandparents, but that's besides the point. The important thing is that I'll finish what my family started! And I'll do it by killing all of you!"

A bit confused here? Yeah, me too; but here's what I got so far.

A deranged psychopathic is pointing a gun at my head

She's rambling on about some crazy "Crime of the Century" and,

I DO NOT WANT TO DIE THIS WAY! At least, not by her hand.

I thought at least I'd live to be about thirty or so. Well, one thing's clear. If I wanna live to see my grandchildren, then I'd have to keep her busy until I can think of a decent plan-preferably one that doesn't involve too much of my swearing or 'excessive' violence. Anyway, I figured my best bet to buy time would be to keep her talking. After all, it'd be the most inconspicuous. (Kikyo just loves hearing herself talk)

Miroku must've read my mind. "What are you talking about?" he casually asked.

"Jeez, how stupid can you guys get? Remember the massacre 20 years ago? The one involving the President and the senate, do you remember now?" Kikyo pointed a finger at us. "You know! And you told!"

"Massacre? President? 20 years ago! Kikyo, none of us were even born back then! How the hell should I know! Besides, my dad died before I was even born! Even before my mom knew she had me!" I yelled back.

"Oh," Kikyo thought for a moment, "I guess you're right. But now that you know, I have to kill you!"

Miroku swirled his finger around the side of his head, signaling the she's-crazy look. I slowly nodded.

"Well, it's been fun. Now, Bye-Bye." Kikyo smiled slyly.

"Wait!" I yelled, hoping to buy more time. "What are you going to do with Kagome and Inuyasha?"

"Oh, them? Finish them off, of course. I can't have any witnesses. After all, I'm not going through all this trouble to leave any holes that could reveal the family secret." she snickered.

This bought enough time. That is, enough for Miroku to charge at her and knock the gun out of her hands. Now it was my turn. I tackled her to the ground and twisted her arm to her back, just like in those police movies.

Miroku then took over and held her to the ground. Meanwhile, I found Kagome and Inuyasha tied up in the warehouse. How she managed to tie down Inuyasha is beyond me. Anyway, we used the ropes to bind Kikyo, just to make sure she didn't get away while we called the cops.

About five minutes later, a few police cars came by to pick up Kikyo. Turns out, there was a massacre 20 years ago, but they never found out who did it. That is, until now. They promised to lock up Kikyo and her dad. As for her deceased grandfather, well, hell is probably punishment enough for him.

After the whole ordeal, Kagome couldn't stop thanking me and Miroku for coming to the rescue. Inuyasha mumbled a few thanks and "What the hell took you guys so damn long!" As well as a few choice words for Kikyo before she was driven to jail.

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