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Sora nearly jumped when the hand he was holding tightened its grip. He had been half-asleep, and he almost thought he imagined it, when...

"...Sora? That you?"

"Riku!" Sora would have jumped the silver-haired teen- and almost did- but he was worried about how Riku was feeling. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. You're not hurt, are you?" Riku replied, sitting up carefully. Sora shook his head.

"I'm fine."

"Come here." Riku said, releasing Sora's hand and opening his arms. Eyes filling with tears, Sora needed no further urging and leapt, practically sending Riku flying backwards.

"Don't do that again." Sora scolded, sniffling as he hugged Riku. Riku smiled, wrapping his arms around Sora.

"Don't get kidnapped again."

"Well, aren't we all lovey-dovey." Axel said dryly from the doorway. Blushing, eyes red-rimmed, Sora glanced over at the door sheepishly, seeing Roxas and the redhead standing there.

Riku's eyes widened in surprise.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who got their wings back." Riku said, noticing the red appendages. "How'd you do it?"

"Same way you did." Axel said, throwing a casual arm around Roxas, who blushed slightly.

"I'm happy for you two." Sora said. "Looks like we all got a happy ending, huh?"

"Yeah. Looks like we did." Riku said, looking into Sora's eyes. He brought a wing forward, hiding himself and Sora from view as he brought their lips together in a warm, tender kiss.

Outside the apartment, in a rather tall palm, two figures watched.

"Well, looks like it'd be better to leave them alone." Demyx commented.

"They can stay. They have found their happiness after being wronged by my apprentice. We can make do with the angels we have- we need no more, especially now that I know how Dr. Hojo created them." Ansem the Wise stated. "I would like to thank you again, Demyx, for finding me. I see what a mess Xemnas has made of Organization XIII."

"Hey, I just didn't like the guy. He had no respect for music at all, jeez." Demyx shuddered, as if such a thing was unthinkable. "So- time to start the clean-up? There are tons of angels left- on our side, at least. A few Xemnas supporters went into hiding, but we can send someone after them, right boss?"

"You're right, Demyx. It is wrong to mess with those poor souls like that- we should teach Xemnas' followers a lesson. We shall use what we have, and not wastefully use lives like that again."

"Ah, well, nobody's perfect, I guess. They didn't have to be evil, though." Demyx said. He spread his wings. "Time to go?"

"Agreed." Ansem the Wise sprouted his own pair of wings, and the two angels flew off to rebuild what Xemnas had destroyed.

Back Inside

Riku and Sora walked down into the kitchen, Riku being greeted by hugs and kisses from Kairi and Namine, both elated to see him awake.

"We were so worried!" Kairi scolded him.

"Sora didn't leave your side at all." Namine informed him. Riku looked at the brunette, who blushed, apparently embarrassed.

"Is that so...?" Riku whispered in Sora's ear. Sora promptly shivered, blush deepening.

"Are you hungry? We made lunch." Namine offered. Riku nodded.

"Thanks. It's great to be back home."

"Speaking of home, I better get my own place soon." Axel said, then grinned devilishly. "Hey Sora, I'll trade- you get Riku's couch- or bed- and I get your room. Or I could sleep in Roxas' room..." Roxas- grinning like an idiot and redder than a tomato- lightly hit his boyfriend in the chest.

"Roxas and Axel too?" Kairi said, sighing. "Now who am I supposed to date?"

"You'll find someone- a pretty girl like you?" Riku said teasingly. Kairi rolled her eyes.

"All right- time to eat! I'm starved!" Sora said loudly.

"Only because you haven't eaten for the past two days." Roxas shot back. Sora opened his mouth to protest, realized Roxas was right, and shut up.

"Don't ever change." Riku told him. Sora shook his head.

"I figure I'm fine the way I am- I mean, I have an angel that loves me, don't I? I'm blessed."

"You've got it reversed- I have a perfect angel that loves me. I'm the blessed one." Riku said. He held Sora close, wrapping his wings around them both to sneak in another kiss. From the flutter of feathers, he could tell Axel had done the same.

Kairi and Namine looked at each other and sighed.

"Boys, the food will get cold." Laughing, the two sets of wings opened up and the four boys sat down at the table.

'What did I do to deserve this?' Riku asked himself, smiling at Sora as the brunette piled food on his plate.

'Whatever it is- even that year spent in Kingdom Hearts- I'd do it all over again to keep him with me.' He didn't even mind losing his wings and being banished- this was all he had really wanted. He didn't care if he never went to eternal rest, so long as he had Sora. Riku leaned forward to whisper to his brunette.

"I never got a chance to finish at the Altar of Naught. I love you, Sora." Sora turned to him, one of the biggest smiles ever seen on his face.

"I love you too, Riku."

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