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Chapter 1:

They who wield the Keyblades

The sound of metal met metal clung to the air as King Mickey had just cut through an armored knight Heartless with his Keyblade. 2 years had passed ever since Mickey and the other Keyblade chosen ones defeated Xemnas. But even after that, peace was still seemed to be far away.

"Goofy! Behind you!"

Goofy had used his shield to slam a Neo-Shadow who just resurfaced when another burst out, trying to claw his back. Before the attack connected, a bolt of lightning struck the Heartless, disintegrating the black creature.

"Gawrsh, thank you Donald."

"Be careful next time." The royal magician landed with a flip right next to Goofy.

"Come 'on fellas! We're still far off!" Mickey rush forward. Both of hid friend followed suit.

After the fall of Xemnas, everything seemed to be peaceful. However, Mickey had requested the royal scientist, Gyro Gearloose, to keep a close watch on the castle of The World That Never Was. Chip and Dale were asked to prepare and build as many the Gummy Ships as possible (Financed by Scrooge McDuck) in preparation just in case if anything went wrong. Then, all the sudden, millions upon millions of Heartless were spotted erupting from the castle. The King, upon receiving the report, immediately dispatched letters to every existing world: Radiant Garden, Atlantica, Land of the Dragons, Olympus, Destiny Island (the place where Sora, Riku and Kairi lives), Halloween town, and many other worlds. The first battle zone was Twilight town, the closest world to the castle. After a gruesome battle, they managed to defend the place. But the damage caused by the battle was severe. Nevertheless, the Twilight town was turned into a temporary command center to repel the massive Heartless incursion.

The conflict escalated into a 2 year war. The heartless army was so vast, that it took a long time to deal with them. Now, both sides were entering the final, decisive battle.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Gummy Ships in various classes (Highwind, Falcon, Invisible) swiveling in the sky, engaging intense airborne battle with the Heartless.

"There's so many of them!" One of the pilot of the Gummy ship exclaimed. He locked on one of the flying Heartless and took fire.

"It got my left wing!" One Falcon got one of its wing burned down as it took a shot out of the Heartless.

"I got him!" A Highwind took aim and shoot down as many Heartless as it could.

A group of Invisible turn left and showered a barrage of Firaga and Thundaga at a horde of Heartless; taking out a lot of them.

"Protect the mother ship!" A Highwind, leading a squadron of Falcons and Invisibles, took out a battalion of Heartless that are heading towards the said mother ship, a HUGE Gummy Ship.

The mother ship was colored in white and blue, and has a flat surface on top of it, forming a long rectangular platform, with many cannons (Firaga, Blizzaga, Graviga) and laser missiles (Thundaga and Ultima) on it. On the flat surface of the ship, battle raged between the Disney kingdom royal knights and the Heartless on top of the said platform. The main bridge bears a striking resemblance with the Disney castle. Inside the main bridge Launchpad Mcquack, Huey, Dewey and Louie were piloting the huge ship, with Queen Minnie leading the ship. Gummy Ships came in and out constantly from the massive ship's hangar. A huge writing, the ship's name, in blue was plastered on the ship's side: Kingdom Savior. Several parts of the ship were on fire.

When Minnie found out that her king was about to undergo another gruesome battle, the queen dislike the idea that she had to wait and worried sick in the Disney Castle waiting for her king to return. She persuaded Mickey to let her fight as well. Mickey reluctantly agrees. Hence, the Kingdom Savior was created for her to command.

"Queen Minnie, we got a squadron of Bolt Tower and Rapid Thruster heartless coming towards the hangar!" Dewey reported. Several cannons immediately took fire upon the incoming enemy. One of the Bolt Towers got a direct hit and crash land upon one of the cannons, creating a large explosion.

"Protect the hangar at all cost! Most of our pilots are there!" Minnie turned a screen on. Inside the screen was Chip and Dale. "Chip, Dale! How's the hangar?"

"This is pretty bad Queen Minnie!"

"There are too many ships damaged here! We need more time to fix them!"

"Just do it as fast as you can. Those Heartless will surely try to hit the Hangar again."

"Gotcha!" The twin squirrel answered in unison.

Minnie turned to another screen. Gyro Gearloose and Horace Horsecollar were on the screen. "Gyro, Horace, damage report?"

Gyro Gearloose, the royal scientist. He's the inventor of Gummy blocks. Thus, in a manner, he invented the Gummy ships. Possess hundreds of ideas of inventions, he worked in the castle laboratory, constantly came up with ingenious idea (often though, by using a hammer on his own head).

Horace Horsecollar, royal chief mechanics. Chosen to be responsible with Kingdom Savior's maintenance. Able to fix anything broken. Hence, he was paired with Gyro, whose habit was to blow up the kingdom's laboratory with his experiments.

"This is bad, Queen Minnie! Currently the damage has surpassed 30! And it increase faster then we fixed them!"

"The fact that the direct battle took place on top of the Kingdom Savior does not make things better!"

"We have no choice. Our warriors need a place to stand."

"Let's just hope this ship is still in one piece after all this is over." Gyro groaned. Seeing one of his greatest inventions getting lots of damage certainly not what the scientist hoped. All the sudden, a blast exploded from the distance. Gyro yelled out. "Close the breach hurry! Use the box Gummy blocks on it!" The screen went out.

Minnie sighed. 'I hope Mickey and the others are okay…'

Out there, on top of the Kingdom Savior, battle rages. Cloud and Leon were slashing every Heartless in the way using their own Keyblades (Fenrir and Sleeping Lion). Hercules, in addition to his godlike strength, uses a Keyblade (Hero's Crest) as well.

"Gyro, I'm really sorry about this." Herc tore a large gummy block off the ground and throw it at a group of Wight Knight.

"STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP!" The royal scientist's frustrated yell shot out from the hole.

A swivel of slashes later Auron appeared wielding Guardian Soul. "Well now… this Keyblade sure is handy…"

"Thanks for King Mickey and Sora who taught us how to use it." Jack Skellington dropped a rain of lightning upon a group of Shadows. The pumpkin king taps his Decisive Pumpkin keyblade on his shoulder.

"MUSHU FIRE!" Mushu breathe a rain flames as Mulan parry a nightwalker's claw with her Hidden Dragon keyblade.

"Here they come again!" Mulan gritted her teeth as she rushed forward.

On the other side of the battlefield, a silver haired boy was shooting down several Rapid Thrusters with dark energy balls from the tip of his keyblade before continuing hacking off as many enemies as he can. All the sudden, a large beast-like Heartless with 3 pairs of hands landed right in front of him. The heartless is carrying two long scimitars on its hands. The boy smirked. The heartless roared and raised both swords, intent on slamming it at the boy.

"Not today Zisa." With a flash, the Kurt Zisa (Final Mix Secret Boss) was cut to pieces. "Kairi be careful."

"I can take care of myself. You watch yourself Riku!" Kairi smiled. After 2 years pass, Kairi's hair grew longer as she became taller as well. Her outfit doesn't change much, except that it's in bigger size and now her skirt is much longer.

When she received the letter from the king, she knew that a great danger is at hand. Like Minnie, she refused to stay behind and prefer to fight alongside her friends. Eventually, in the last 2 years, Sora and Riku tentatively taught her the basics of sword fighting and the way to utilize her keyblade. Now, although her skills in fighting are still nowhere close to be on par with Riku or even Sora, she's still strong enough to hold her own ground. Kairi jumped out to the air as a neo shadow suddenly burst out from her shadow. She immediately slammed her weapon to the black creature's head, splitting it to two before the creature disappears.

All the sudden, a group of Armored Knight butted her in. Kairi turn around only to see all the Heartless were cut to two. Kairi smiled. "You're always late Sora!" She looked at the swirling black and white light.

The black and white lights continue to swirl around, cutting every Heartless in the way to nothingness. In the center of the swirl was Sora. After years of wielding the Keyblade, Sora had finally gained a full mastery over the weapon. Now, he can use two Keyblades (Oathkeeper and Oblivion) simultaneously, and better yet, he was now able to unleash the Keyblades' true power at will. The fact that he can control the Keyblade without actually holding them was evident enough for that achievement.

The swirl ends to reveal Sora. After the last 2 years, his appearance undergoes the most significant change compared to his friends. His hair was still in a terrible mess as it had grown even longer in the period. He still wore the same black garment he used before, but a sudden growth spurt in the last 2 years forced him to change his shorts into a pair of long black trousers. Aside from that, his new outfit also donned a long white coat, with black motives on it, covering his trousers. The keyblade master descends and floats few centimeters away from the ground. His two weapons were hovering readily on his back, waiting for their master to go on action. They don't have to wait long. Sora jumped and dashing in the air at high speed, spiraling the Kingdom Savior, taking out every Heartless that tried to breakthrough. With a blink of an eye, a good part of the Heartless who were heading towards the ship is now gone.

"Hm. Impressive." Cloud quietly stated.

"As expected from a Keyblade's chosen master." Leon added.

"Wow!" Donald exclaimed in awe.

"Gawrsh, Sora had become so strong ain't he?"

"Let's not fall behind guys!" Mickey pulled out another Keyblade. Now he's also holding two nearly identical Keyblades: Kingdom Chain, and the dark world version of Kingdom Chain. The King jumps here and there, taking out as many heartless as he goes.

After spiraling again and again, Sora began to spin dangerously fast before landing with a loud explosion on top of a group of Heartless. Many of the creatures caught in the explosion disintegrate to nothingness, leaving the remaining Heartless to be cut down by another keyblade swirl. Once the swirl ends, the two weapons immediately return to Sora's side.

"What took you so long?" Riku appeared right next to his friend.

"Gotta help Tron. Some of the cyber Heartless managed to infiltrate Kingdom Savior's computer system."

"If you're here, I assume that it has been dealt with?"

"Correct." Sora cut down another group of Rapid Thrusters that were heading their way.

"Still, this is a hell of a lot of Heartless." Mickey landed next to Sora.

"Maybe that Maleficent and Pete was behind this. We left them in the castle, remember?"

"I dare not imagine how many poor creatures that lost their heart to the darkness, given to how many Heartless we've encountered."

"Let's just hurry to that castle and see what's wrong with it."

"Agreed… Say, how bout if we do something drastic?" Mickey smiled mischievously.

"Huh?" Sora and Riku looked at the smiling king.

Mickey pulled out radio. "Launchpad, you hear me?"

"Yes, highness?" Came the pelican pilot's reply.

"Set Kingdom Savior into a collision course with the castle! We're going to ram it!"

"WHAT?" Sora and Riku jaw dropped.

"Urhh… are you sure? Scrooge and Gyro will hunt for my blood if I do it!"

"I'll take responsibility! Just do it!"

"Mickey, are you sure about this?" Minnie's concerned voice rang out.

"Sure as ever."

"I hope you know what you're doing."

"I wish I do." Mickey cut the transmission soon.

In the bridge, Minnie sighed. Launchpad looked at the queen.

"Well, my queen?"

"Let's just do it. Huey, contact all ships, tell them to open up a path for Kingdom Savior."

"Yes ma'am. All ships, offensive maneuver, delta formation. Open a path for Kingdom Savior to the castle."


Out there, all ships gather in front of the Kingdom Savior and began to clear a path. Meanwhile, the ship in question began to accelerate towards one of the castle towers. The heartless, sensing the sudden change in formation began to intensify their attack at the mother ship. One of the Gummy ships was shot down and crash landed on the mother ship. A group of Rapid Thrusters managed to breakthrough the blockade and ram themselves into the Gummy ship. Slowly they began to drill in.

"Breach! Detected breach in sector N-2!" Dewey yelled on his com.

"We got incoming at 12 o'clock!" Louie reported as he saw the radar.

"Damage surpassed 40! Queen Minnie! If this keeps up…" Horace appeared on the screen.

"Keep advancing! We've promised Mickey we're going to make it. And make it we shall!"

Back to Sora, Riku and Mickey…

The 3 Keyblade master rapidly hack apart any heartless within their reach.

"Riku, Mickey, let's go!"


"Here we go!" The three raise their Keyblade. Gold light erupted from the tip of their weapon and enclosed them all. Their weapons, enclosed by the golden light, turn into a bigger version of the Keyblades.

"FINAL KINGDOM!" The three keyblade wielders slash their Keyblades to every direction, unleashing massive golden energy waves with each swing, wiping off every Heartless upon contact. After a few moments, the energy wave attacks diminished, Sora, Riku and Mickey thrust their weapons to the ground in unison. Giant pillars of light appeared all over the place, disintegrating the remaining heartless. By the time it's all over, there was barely a quarter of the heartless army left.

"Whoa, amazing!" One of the gummy fighter ship pilot whistles.

Seizing the momentum, Minnie immediately issued the order. "All engine, FULL speed ahead!"

"HERE WE GO!" Launchpad immediately set the boosters at max. The Kingdom Savior accelerated even further and rushed forward, straight into castle of the World that Never Was.

"Well, it looks like we really going to crash into that castle." Jack Skellington exclaimed.

"We better get inside. We don't want to be caught in the collision." Tifa gulped.

"Let's go then lads and lasses." Jack Sparrow told everyone with his usual flamboyant tone. Soon, every fighter in the ship's surface immediately ran back inside. Kairi and several others immediately ran towards the bridge.

"Wait the minute… where's Sora?" Kairi looked around. Mickey and Riku had gone back, but the brunette haired boy was nowhere in sight. She looked to the front and gasped. Sora was standing right at the forefront of the ship. "SORA, What're you doing there? Get back here, we're going to crash!" Riku looked at where Sora was.

"Geeze, that idiot!" The silver haired boy immediately ran towards Sora.

"Wait Riku!" Mickey yelled.

"All hands prepare your self! 50 seconds to impact!" Launchpad's voice rang out throughout the ship.

Just then, a LARGE Heartless appeared out of nowhere, blocking the path. The Heartless is colored mainly in black, with 3 pairs of large wings. On its main body there are 3 pairs of large clawed hands. A heartless emblem was imprinted its chest. Its tail had 6 pods encircling it and the head looked like that of a black dragon with spikes all over its long neck and shoulders. Its yellow round eyes shine menacingly.

Launchpad gasped. "What the… where the hell that thing came from?"

"Turn around!" Donald screamed in panic.

Just then, Sora's voice came out from the intercom. "Launchpad! Whatever you do, maintain the velocity and the direction of the ship!"


"Just do it!"


"Trust me!" Sora immediately cut the transmission and jumped towards the Heartless dragon.

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" Donald was cowering in panic.

"Launchpad! How many seconds left before contact?" Mickey asked.

"Given to our current velocity, we only got less then 20 seconds left to: either somebody could take that lizard down, or change the direction of this ship."

Kairi looked worriedly at Sora. 'Sora, please be careful…'

Out there, Sora glided towards the dragon with high speed, avoiding a burst of fire from the dragon's mouth. Sora counters by slamming Oblivion into the dragon's face, followed soon with a thrust using Oathkeeper, continued with another slash using both keyblade simultaneously, slapping the dragon's head backwards, and pushing the dragon towards the castle in the process.

"15 seconds!"

The Heartless dragon roared and slammed Sora using one of its hands, sending the dual keyblade wielder towards the closing Kingdom Savior.

"Sora!" Kairi screamed in horror when she saw the scene.

"10 seconds left!" Launchpad began biting his finger.

Sora immediately regained balance, and step on the charging Gummy Ship, before stomping the ground, and dashed back towards the heartless dragon. Sensing the danger, the dragon grabbed a fragment of the castle and threw it to the boy, only to have the building fragment cut to pieces. Using pieces of the building, Sora jumped from here and there, heading towards the dragon at high speed.

"5 seconds left!" Beads of sweat dropped like rain from the pilot's neck.

The dragon roared and charged towards Sora, trying to bite the keyblade master.


Using Oathkeeper, Sora managed to parry the attack by hitting the dragon nose. He immediately slammed Oblivion to the dragon's forehead, giving it a good headache to remember.


The Heartless roared in pain. Using the opportunity, Sora jumped back and landed on one of the building fragments.


The Heartless dragon charged forward.

"1!" Launchpad closed his eyes.

A flash of light later, the dragon's head was separated from its main body. It began to dissipate as the dragon start falling towards the Kingdom Savior.

"Wowowowowow… That thing is going to crash us!" Aladdin gaped. Abu immediately hide on its master's back.

Luckily, the dragon completely disappeared the moment before it made contact with the ship.

"YEAH!" Everyone cheered.

Launchpad immediately gasped. "Wait the minute, WE'RE GOING TO CRASH! EVERYONE BRACE YOUR SELF!"

"SORA!" Kairi screamed. Everyone was shocked to see Sora was at the crash point of the castle.

Realizing the danger, Sora immediately glided upwards. A second later, a loud explosion sounded from his back, signing that the ship had crashed to the castle. Everyone in the ship had trouble standing as the resulting impact caused a severe tremor to the entire ship and the WTNW castle itself.

Smoke was rising from every part of the ship. Inside, Gyro, lying on the crumbling floor, was utterly shocked at the sudden tremor. "When I find Launchpad, he's so dead!" The royal scientist cursed.

"We're lucky to be alive." Horace gulped. An exceptionally sharp gummy block was just inches away from his throat.

Inside the bridge, Kairi immediately tried to stand up. She ran out of the bridge. "Sora, SORA! Where are you?"

The surface of the ship is in mess. Crumbling floor, piles of rubbles, scorching flames, and rising smoke stretch as far as her eyes can see. "Sora…"

Suddenly there's a movement out of the smoke. Her heart temporarily rejoiced. "So-"

A Heartless abruptly burst out of the smoke, catching her off guard.

Kairi looked horrified at the sudden attack. Just then, the Heartless was suddenly cut to two. The Heartless dissipates to reveal Sora, alive and well.

"Kairi… are you okay?"

Kairi didn't respond. Sora looked worried, he took a step forward.


"Kairi? Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?"

He received a slap for an answer.

"Hey, what's that for?"

"You idiot!" Kairi slapped him again.

"H… Hey stop it!"




"KAIRI!" Sora grabbed hold of Kairi's hand. "Cut it out!"

The red haired girl panting. Tears flowing from her eyes. "Idiot…" She hugged Sora tightly afterwards. "I was so… scared…"

Sora blushed. "…S-sorry…"

"Aww... my poor beak…" Donald get up, rubbing his aching beak. He looked around and saw Sora. "Hey SO-rmmm!" Before the duck could finish his words, Goofy immediately closed his beak. Donald looked at the Royal Knight Captain questioningly. Goofy smirked and motion the duck to be quiet.

"I think we should let them alone for now, Donald. Uh-yuk!"

Mickey got up and helped Minnie to stand up as well. When they looked at the Sora and Kairi, they smiled coherently.

After a few moments, Kairi finally let go. The two looked at each other.

"…sorry." The two spoke at the same time.

"Well… uh…"

"Umm… eh…"

"HEARTLESS!" Donald quacked. Instantaneously, everyone prepared for combat. From the big hole of the crash site, thousands of Heartless pour out.

Sora and others immediately draw their weapons out. The former immediately raised both Keyblades to the air and slam it to the ground, sending a line of shockwave pillars that blast out some of the Heartless. "CHARGE!"

And the battle rages again. The fighters began to push forward with Sora in the lead.

Easily enough, Sora hack the heartless down one after another. A Kurt Zisa suddenly appeared and swung its blades towards Sora. The attack missed him horribly. Before the giant Heartless could do anything, it was split to two.

Riku jumped over a Giant Body, landed on its shoulder, and shot a barrage of dark aura on its head, dead center.

Mickey jumped here and there, taking out a Heartless every now and then.

Hercules uppercut a Fat Bandit into the air as it was welcomed by Auron's rapid slashes midair.

Leon performed his Lionheart in consecutive with Cloud's Omni Slash, taking out lots of Heartless as it go.

Aladdin summoned Genie, who transform into a giant hammer, and pummeled down every Heartless nearby.

Several Heartless was frozen down by Jack Skellington's spell, only to be burned out by Mushu's fire breath.

Goofy smashed every Heartless closing by using his shield as Donald cast a rain of lightning upon the enemy in the distance.

As the fighters were fending off the Heartless in the tower, the Gummi ships had wiped off the last Heartless in the sky, and began concentrating their fire upon the castle.

"Alright, let's do this fast. Falcon 1, Thundaga!"

"Falcon 4, Thundaga!"

"Highwind 20, Ultima!"

All Gummi ships fired all their lasers and cannons towards the castle, heavily damaging it.

"Careful not to shoot the Kingdom Savior."

"Yes sir!"

And the battle continues on…


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