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Chapter 5:

Welcome to OHANA!

After 20 minutes of flying, they've arrived in the said place… world. Sora looked and rubbed his eyes several times. "Stitch, where are we?"

"Stitch's Ohana!" the blue alien chirped happily.

"Ohana? Stitch… this is… this is…" Sora's grin couldn't be wider. "THIS IS HEAVEN!"

The world in question was a tropical island. Complete with coconuts, flowers, the sandy beach, white sand, bright sun, blue wavy sea… any sane mind will say that place was truly a perfect paradise for a vacation.

"You know what Stitch? This is perfect. I'll call Kairi. Can you set up a landing spot?"

"Stitch got you."

Sora ran to Kairi's room. "Kairi, Kairi! Wake up! We're here." Sora barged the door in excitement, oblivious with the accident concurring beforehand.

"O-one minute!" came the princess' stuttered reply.

Kairi was looking at herself. She was in complete mess. Her clothes were lying everywhere, and like her body, all soaked wet with her cum, along with the floor. 'Note to self: when you're masturbating, do it in the bathroom!'

She went to cupboard before pulling out a new set of dress. It's a sleeveless leather black cloth with a single zipper in the middle that covered her waist. Inside she was wearing a grey t-shirt and a blue jean shorts. 'Now about the hair…' She ran to the water tap and hurriedly washed her red hair and combed her hair hurriedly. By the time she finished, the last traces of her act vanished. 'I'll deal with the room later… let's just hope nobody came in.'

"Alright, I'm ready!" Kairi opened the door with a smile.

Sora looked at her new outfit for a few seconds. "Look good on you."

"Tee-hee. Thank you. So what kind of world is Ohana?"

"Paradise." Sora showed a big grin.

"Really?" Kairi followed Sora in excitement. When she saw the place, her reaction was exactly like what the Keyblader had imagined. "Oh my god! It's beautiful!"

"Thought you'll say that! Come on!" Sora excitedly took Kairi's hand and brought her out.

The two landed on the soft surface of the white sand. "Oh my god, it's so soft." Kairi lay down on the sand.

"If only we weren't had to look for Maleficent's nobody, this will make a perfect holiday."

Kairi pouted. "I think Riku began to rub off on you."


"You just love to ruin the mood aren't you?"

"…did I?"

"I was just thinking of having fun in the beach, and now you suddenly mentioned about Maleficent!"

"…but… we have our mission… do we?"

"Idiot Sora!" Kairi punched Sora's face, practically knocking the boy unconscious. "…Sora? …Sora?"


"…oh dear." She pulled Sora up before dragging him to the nearest Coconut tree. "It's your fault. Why do you have to ruin the mood?"

She sat next Sora and started gazing at his face. Sora's sleeping face looked so… peaceful… so… cute. His lips were barely opened, seemingly enticing her to lock it with hers… after she played around with it first. Kairi blushed at the naughty thought. Without realizing it, the red haired princess of heart began to closing her face to Sora's. Just when their lips were only a few millimeters away…


Kairi jerked back with a shriek. Stitch suddenly landed next to their spot.

"S-Stitch! What is it?" Kairi's face was flushed red.

"Stitch was looking for Sora. Stitch want to introduce Sora to Stitch's family." The blue alien chirped.

"Sora, wake up!"

"Hng…?" the brown haired key bearer woke up. "Kairi? What happened? Last thing I remembered was this gigantic girly fist running straight to my face."

"Stitch wants to introduce you to his family."

"Stitch's family?"

Stitch showed a ten years old girl who's wearing a Hawaiian motive shirt. The girl smiled. "Hi. I'm Lilo Pelekai. Who are you people?"

"I'm Sora. This one is Kairi. Pleased to meet you. I hope you don't mind we're staying here for a while."

"Sure! I'm a lot happier if there are more people around. Come on! Meet my sister!"

The two followed the little girl to a house.

"That's a beautiful house."

"Come on, meet my family!" Lilo pulled the two.

A few moments later they were inside the house already. Sora and Kairi both rubbed their eyes several times. Most of the interior is basically like a normal average house, with several Hawaiian ornaments on the wall. However, a medium sized tube was placed right in the center of the hallway. Compared to the interiors, the tube seemed to be out of place.

"Lilo… what is… that?"

"Oh, that? That's an elevator."

"An elevator? In a house like this?"

"Off course!" An eastern European accented voice answered.

The two turned around and Kairi immediately gasped.

An alien, its body mostly colored in purple and have 4 eyes. The Alien's body was bulky and it wore a Hawaiian shirt with blue shorts. "This is a hyper elevator, hydraulically operated, pollution free, solar energized elevator. Can be put anywhere. In house, in ship, even in your bathroom."

"…Who. Are. You?" Sora asked.

"I'm the Evil Genius, the Great Dr. Jumba Jookiba!"

"More like Mad Scientist to me."

"Excuse me?"

"Forget it."

"Lilo? Who is he?"

"Oh, he's my family too. He's… how you say it. Stitch's father."

"Stitch's father? So… you're Stitch's dad?" Sora sweatdropped at the bulky alien demeanor.

"Dad? No, no. I'm not anyone's father. I'm the creator of experiment 626."

"Experiment 626?"

"That is Stitch's code." Another voice answered. The two turned towards the voice and Kairi nearly fainted this time.

Another Alien, yellow in color. But he has 3 legs, 2 tongues, and one big eye right in the center of its head. The thing was this said alien was wearing a very girlie dress.

"…and who might you be?" Sora took a deep breath before asking.

"I'm agent Pleakley of the Galactic Federation. Just call me Pleakley, I've been fired anyway. Experiment 626 is how Dr Jumba called Stitch."

"Okay… Plekley… are you a gal?"


"Are you a girl? A woman? Female?"

"Why off course I'm a male. Same as you Mr.…"

"That's Sora for you. This is Kairi. Anyway, if you're a male… why did you wear a woman's dress?"

"Well I thought it would be polite. After all, it is necessary for me to hide my identity from Earthlings."

"Wanna know my opinion? You're fooling no one with that dress. Plus, people might think you crazy."

"Oh really?"


Kairi was rather nervous. This is Lilo's family? She was expecting a family with a father, a mother, and perhaps a sibling. But 3 aliens? Well one is okay, 2 is too much… 3… well… weird will be the only way to describe this… family. Kairi took a deep breath. "Lilo? Do you have… parents or some short?"

"My parent died. I live with my sister, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley."

"Your sister? Where is she?"

"She's working part time. But she should be done by now."


Kairi turned around to see Sora running around with Jumba chasing him with a, dear god, chainsaw!

"But it's a very interesting fact that you can wield the Keyblade. Just let me study a little bit of your sample gene please?"


"Why to gather sample of course."

"NOO! STAY AWAY FROM ME! DAMN IT!" Sora warped out the Oblivion.

"Okay, that's it. What's going on here?" Another Alien dropped in right from the window with a big gun on his big hand. He looked like a bipedal whale with horns on his side. His body was downright massive, compared to the other Aliens. His tone was somewhat gruff and militaristic.

"Oh, nothing happened, Captain Gantu." Jumba hid his chainsaw immediately.

"More Aliens?" Kairi was somewhat scared.

"It's the big dummy." Stitch yapped cheerfully.

"Big Dummy?" Sora looked questioningly at Stitch.

"Shut up trog. Now what the hell is going on here?"

"He tried to cut me apart!" Sora and Jumba pointed at each other. The two looked at each other and gritted their teeth. "He lied!"

Gantu looked from Sora to Jumba before groaned. "Urrhh… which one?"

"He did it!" The two glared to each other. "Stop copying like a parrot! Grrrrhhh!" The two jumped at each other before engulfed themselves in a cloud of battle.

"Eat some Knuckle sandwich!"

"Kiss my Quelta Quanian foot!"

"Say hello to my earthling elbow!"

Just then, the door opened to reveal a Hawaiian girl, about 19-20 years old, carrying groceries. "Okay. What the hell is going on here this time?"

Everyone stopped dead. Sora and Jumba also stopped. Jumba had a blaster on Sora's head while Sora had the Oblivion stuck on Jumba's mouth. The two turned to face Nani who were glaring at the two.

"Lilo, I believe you brought us some new guest?"

"Well, Stitch said they were his friends. Right Stitch?"

The blue Koala like alien nodded.

Kairi inwardly prayed a thank you. 'At least I knew that there was one of her family that is normal…' "Well… I'm sorry if we're making such a mess… you see… we just came here…"

Nani laughed. "That explains everything. Jumba! Let him go."

"Your finger push that blaster, this keyblade goes down right into your brain!"

"Your keyblade goes down, my gun goes out!"

"Alright. Jumba, let him go."

"But, but."

"Hey! It's not the way people treat guest."

"Well, I'm no people. I'm an Alien. And I'm an evil genius!"

"More like mad scientist!" Sora got a knock on his head, courtesy of Jumba's gun.

Kairi forced a laugh.

Nani shook her head. "Well, since you guys are guest, what do you say if I cook you dinner?"

Lilo and Stitch paled. This didn't go unnoticed by the two, who gulped nervously.

Several moments later…

"WATEEER!" Sora and Kairi ran to the closest water tap when fire bursting out from their mouth after they've tried Nani's special Chili Concarne.

"Sis, I guess your cooking really needs a good help." Lilo stared sympathetically at the gasping couple.


In Castle That Never Was…

Bahamut rubbed his forehead underneath his purple hood. After all the occasion, he took charge of the Castle of Never Was. Everyone had returned to their respective worlds. However, he had asked Merlin and Cid, two of the greatest minds in Magic and Science to stay to help him maintain the Kingdom Hearts. They were more then willing to do so, but now, the guardian dragon was feeling the side effects of his decision.

"No you tech wiz! To deal with something as fragile as a heart, you need a little bit of a spiritual magical touch!"

"No you confounded old fart! We're talking here about the heart of all worlds! We mustn't use intuition judgment! We must calculate it slowly and then create a correct and precise tool to make a perfect result!"

The Dragon guardian finally lost his patience. "ENOUGH! You TWO!"

Cid and Merlin stopped their chattering and looked at Bahamut.

"Just… show me what you've done so far? Miss Ross, Speak on the behalf of these two please?"

"Uh-hum. So far we managed to increase the Heart absorption field by 120 percent. At this rate, it'll make sure that no Heart in this realm that won't be absorbed by the engine in this castle."

"Show me the field chart." Bahamut hopped on a floating seat as Aki showed a holographic trajectory of the Heart absorption field. The dragon Shitennou frowned. "No. It's not enough. Listen Ladies and Gentlemen, we're not talking about one realm only we're talking about 4 worlds. This field of this size simply isn't enough."

"Then what must be done?"

"Actually, that's what I would like to ask you guys. What have you done so far aside from bickering amongst yourself all day?"

"I've made a machine that may able to amplify the effect." Cid showed a half finished generator look a like.

"May? I thought you said we must be certain?" Merlin sneered at the engineer.

"I would've finished my calculation, had you not disturbing me all day with all your spell mumbling numbo jumbo!"

"Excuse me! I'm trying to create a spells and formulas here that may help us here, and I'm in need of great concentration! Thanks to you and all the noise you made, my spell kept failing!"

"Oh so it's now my fault?"

Bahamut practically crushed his armchair. "QUIET!" His dragon voice roared, shaking the entire hall. Everyone went silent. The small figure jumped down. Stomping his way right into Cid's working desk and began checking his blueprint. He grabbed a pencil and start scratching madly several times. When he's done, he stomped towards the half finished generator. Parts of engine began flying to the sky. When he's done, a smaller sized generator with cables sticking out in disorderly fashion was already on his back.

He walked slowly to the pedestal and attached the engine's cable to several parts of the massive pedestal. When he's done, he walked to Merlin's desk. He looked at the magician's potion book before began to concocted a potion. Few minutes later, he brought a vial with a crystal clear liquid in it. He poured the liquid inside the engine. They waited a few minutes. Just then, Aki suddenly gasped when she saw the power indicator while Bahamut began scribbling something on a small paper before handing it to Merlin.

Cid asked Aki. "Aki? What's wrong?"

"The Heart Absorption field… it's wide and strength was amplified 400 times over!"

"WHAT?" Cid jaw dropped.

"A drop of Butterfly's essence, A bit of Unicorn Dust, a vial of liquefied Twilight Crystals… what is this? Recipe?"

"Merlin, you'll be in charge of concocting the fuel needed to keep the amplifier working. Cid, you'll be in charge of maintaining that engine to make sure it'll keep on running. You two now had your own job; all I ask is just to give me a moment of peace. Get it?"

"Okay." Both answered in unison.

"Thank you." The dragon guardian walked back to his seat.


"Your sister is a terrible cook that's what."

"Tee hee. I know. She's still working on it."

"She needs a lot of work." Kairi was lying on the beach while Lilo was making sand castle. Sora was walking in the beach with Stitch on his head.

The Keyblade master decided to talk with stitch since on their last meeting; he doesn't have much time to talk with the blue alien. "Hey, Stitch. What are you used to do?"

"Stitch usually helps Stitch's cousins finding their Ohana."



"What do you mean finding them their Ohana?"

"Everybody have a one true place to call home. Stitch has found his home. Stitch's cousin should have to."

"So your cousins were in their one true place now? Their home?"

"Well, not everybody. But most are."

"One true place… that's interesting."

"Stitch enjoys it."

Sora smiled.

"What's Sora's Ohana like?"

"My Ohana? Well, it was a beautiful place. Pretty much like this one. Beautiful beach. Trees. Alike."

"What's Sora's friend's Ohana?"

"Kairi's? Well, I'd say the same."

"You lived together?"


"Sora's ohana seems fun. Stitch wanna go there."

Sora chuckled. One time I'll bring you there. Stitch, there's something I wanna ask you. Is there anything that is out of ordinary going on here?"

"Not much."

"What do you mean not much?"

"If there's anything weird here, Stitch figure it would be one stitch's cousin's power on action. There isn't anything weird happening lately, so Stitch'll say everything's fine. For now."

"That doesn't sound so good." Sora gulped.

As if on cue, a loud explosion sounded from Nani's house.

Everyone immediately ran into the house. When they went in everyone gasped. Pleakley was stuck on the ceiling and a large hole was torn asunder from the ground. From the hole Jumba's screams and wails echoed from below.

"Experiment 627! What do you think you're doing?"

When hearing the word, Stitch gone berserk and jumped into the hole. Sora gasped at the sudden outburst. "Stitch, wait!"

"Sora what's going on?" Kairi was equally confused.

"Experiment 627? Oh no…" Lilo gasped.


"627 is the perfected version of Stitch; and Stitch's evil bitter rival. Terribly evil, there just no way we can turn him to good."

"I guess Stitch gonna really needs a hand." Sora warped both of his Keyblade and jumped in. "Kairi stay-" The princess in question followed suit.

"I'm going with you and that's final!"

"Okay." Sora gave up and the two walked in the hole. It was a lab. Clearly Jumba had created a lab underneath the house. Many tubes were all plastered on the wall.

"Experiment 617, Plasmoid, shooting destructive plasma blast from its tail. Experiment 352, Spike, turning you 99 percent dumb, and 1 percent smart… Jumba created all this dangerous creatures? No wonder people think him mad."

Sora read a note. "Experiment 625, virtually indestructible, can think faster than a supercomputer, has super sight and hearing and can lift objects 3000 times his own weight, however, he is downright lazy. Loves Sandwich, and loves to make them. I need to do something on 626 later. 625… 626's…no, Stitch's direct predecessors."

"627 must be the newest type!"

Just then, Jumba's voice echoed again. "626! Thank goodness! Hurry! Stop 627! He's trying to kidnap 628! He's not complete yet!"

"628?" The two keyblade master yelled in unison.

The two immediately ran into the scene. By the time they get there the whole place was in complete disarray. Stitch was lying on top of a pile of capsules. A bigger version of stitch was looking menacingly at everyone. His skin color was red and spines jutting all the way on his back. 6 arms plunged out of his body. 2 was holding capsule while the other two was holding two BFG (Blast Force Gun/Big-bang Fusion Gun/Big Fucking Gun/Big Freaking Gun, you decide). Judging by the melting walls, one can be sure that the guns were downright deadly. The last two hands were holding a blue pod with the number of 628.

"627! What will you do to 628! He's not complete yet!"

"What else you expect me to do, 'dad'? I'm going to free my brother."

"He's dangerous! He has all yours and 626's ability, highly enhanced and had been given new dangerous abilities that are not yet tested! He is imperfect! Which I'm quite proud of."

"The more I like him. I'd say we'll have some fun leveling this world into nothingness before moving to another."

"Then you'll have to get pass us first!" Sora steadied himself.

627 snorted. He glared at Sora and suddenly the boy felt his body was paralyzed. Sora was levitated off the ground before he was smashed into the wall.

"SORA!" Kairi growled and charged forward. But she too met the same fate.

"Don't hurt Sora!" Stitch grabbed his beam guns and fired a barrage of energy blast towards his cousin.

The blast hit one of the BFG. It shook for a moment before exploding full force, engulfing 627 in the process. Smoke covered the lab. Several moments later, the smoke cleared to reveal 627, completely unharmed.

"Have you forgotten brother? I am indestructible." He shot the BFG at Stitch who had no time to dodge and receive the shot dead center. After a large plasma explosion, everything that was on the area of explosion was melted down… except Stitch. "But, then again, so are you." 627 smirked. He extended his hand. "Join me brother. Together we can rule this world and do as we like with it!"

"Stitch will not join you! Stitch has found his Ohana!" the blue alien slapped 627's hand.

"Ohana? You mean that weak little human girl? I'm far more superior then her! I can take her out with a just a flick of my eye. What is it that she have that I don't?"

"Lilo… given Stitch… his family."

"And I'm your brother. Doesn't that make us family?"

"You're evil! You're no Stitch's family."


"Uncontrollable laugh… 627's ONLY weakness! I'm ashamed!" Jumba turned down his head. Sora and Kairi sweat dropped as they closed their ears to fend off the noisy laughter.

After 1 minute, the laughter stopped. "You are weird, brother." 627 smirked. "We are tools of destruction. Jumba created us to destroy. We are meant to be evil. I only do my purpose. You should do yours."

A monitor ramming his head was his answer. "Stitch will protect Stitch's Ohana. THAT is Stitch's purpose!" the blue Alien grasped another massive hunk of engine before throwing them to 627. The big chunk of technology halted mid air before sent back to its former thrower.

"So be it. Then I will destroy you."

"Not if we can help it."

"Hng?" 627 turned his head and got two Keyblades smashed onto his head.

Sora kicked the Alien on his face, but he was shocked to find how HARD the Alien's head is. It's like kicking a hunk of metal!

"Pitiful human!" suddenly a second head burst out from his shoulder and bit Sora's leg. The scream echoed throughout the island.

"SORAAA!" Kairi rushed madly swinging her keyblade and began hitting 627's second head. After a while, the second head finally let go of Sora's leg. Blood splattered everywhere, including 628's pod. 627 took no notice.

627 smirked when he saw the bleeding leg. His second head licked the dripping blood on his mouth.

"Sora, please hang on! Curaga!" The holy light healed the wound almost instantaneously.

"Thanks. Now I'm going to teach that stupid alien a thing or two!"

"But how? Our Keyblades have no effect on him!"

"Keyblade was intended on Heartless and Nobodies! They're not actually suitable for living things."

"I see. That's an interesting point." Jumba, unaware of the situation immediately scribbled what Sora had said into a note. The two sweatdropped.

627 smirked. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I guess I'll just kill you all and leave." The experiment aimed his BFG at Sora and fired.

Sora gasped. He crossed his weapons in front of him. But somehow, he had a feeling that it won't be enough. Instinctively, he threw both weapon to the side and grabbed his Realmdiver instead. The large Keyblade glowed bright white, showing it readiness. Kairi hold the Keyblade as well. She smiled at Sora, showing that she's ready anytime. The two closed their eyes.

The blast was coming nearer. Just a few seconds away, suddenly the weapon began to glow emerald green. Followed soon, a small black hole appeared. A green rabbit like creature with a big red gem on its head hopped out. From the red gem enacted a beam, creating a barrier. The BFG blast hit the barrier… before returning to its shooter.

627's eyes widened as the blast hit him full. The explosion forced him to let go of 628's pod. The pod fell down and broke, followed with a gush of smoke.

"What… was… that… just now?" Sora blinked. He was ready to die, yet…

"Maybe… him?" Kairi pointed the green rabbit. The rabbit nodded cheerfully before hoping back into a hole.

"What on earth was that thing?"

"Whatever it is… it saved us." Kairi smirked before looked back at Realmdiver. "Maybe there's more of this weapon than meets the eye."

"You bastards… have you forgotten? I'm indestructible!" the red alien raised up from the rubble.

627 smirked. "Finally." He immediately zapped right in front of the broken pod. "Wake up, brother! We have a world to destroy!"

Something began to move from within the broken pod. When the smoke dispersed, it revealed a thick, glutinous thing.

Everyone gaped. 627 growled. "What the hell is this? Jumba! Explain to me!"

"I told you it was way from perfect! Its imperfect DNA code make its cells aren't cohesive enough! It can't maintain a steady form!"

"Imperfect DNA code?" 627 growled.

"That's one thing I don't understand. Its body consisted of the same material I used to build 625 to 627. But apparently the new ability I add on it resulted in the dysfunctional of the cell binding system!"

The experiment 628 looked around. It found Sora's blood that was plastered on its pod.

628 took no notice. "Graah! What new abilities you've put on him anyway?"

"Hey look!" Kairi gasped.

628 had touched Sora's blood. The next second, its entire glutinous body began to pulsate. After some time, it began to take shape of an awfully familiar figure. When it's finished, everyone had their jaw on the ground. Its ears were a longer version of Stitch's ears. Two long antennae were sticking out from amidst the spiky hair. Furs grow on several parts such as chest, back, and elbows. Dark brown stripes plastered on its seemingly human skin. Spines were jutting out all the way on his spinal cord. Its fingers were all nailed. Its eyes were like Stitch's eyes, but its size was humanly proportional. It was smiling innocently, looking around while occasionally sniffing the air, like nothing happened. But there's one characteristics of the new alien really make everyone gape.

Kairi looked at the experiment, and then to Sora, and then to the experiment again and fro…

Then, the princess of heart took one last look at the alien and muttered:

"…another… Sora?"





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