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Fighting Blind

Chapter 1: Losing Sight of Reality

Kurama wandered down the street, completely oblivious of where he was going. But, then again, who cared? It wasn't like anyone really cared about where he went. Sure, there was his mother, but she was currently visiting young Shuichi and her new husband. Other than that, there was no one.

He sighed. His vision was becoming blurrier by the minute. Perhaps he should have mentioned it to his mother, but no. They couldn't afford an operation. It wasn't possible, not at a time like this.

Still he stretched out his awareness in order to 'see'. This was a very strange event in his life, and even with his heightened senses, he still tripped on the stones on the pavement or the slight rise of the sidewalk.

He caught himself, though, and carried on.

It was at this time that he realized that there was no one else around him. He stopped. It was awfully quiet. Just a little too quiet.

There it was, the small tickle of ki that told him he was being followed. The ki sense grew and he barely managed to dodge the full force attack that was sent his way. Judging by the smell of it, it was fire. He dodged to the right, bringing out his rosewhip and readied it.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" he called. Judging by what he could see, it was a demon about his height, with flaming red hair and a black suit. Curse his failing human vision!

He heard a light chuckle and he squinted. "So, you were able to dodge my attacks. I'm not surprised, considering your strength level."

"Who are you? State your name!" Kurama said.

"Pardon me, my name is Keisuke," the demon said, apparently bowing, "Are you not Youko Kurama?"

"That's me. What do you want?"

"I wish to issue a challenge to you."

"A challenge?" Kurama wondered.

"You will come to Kasawari Village and fight me in three days, or your family dies," Keisuke said. He smirked.

"You will not touch them!" Kurama shouted, swinging his whip. However, it did not hit the demon, as he phazed out of the way. Kurama glanced around. He was nowhere, but his ki signiture was still strong.

"Remember, Kurama, three days. And you will fight me alone." He laughed maniacally and his ki disappeared.

Kurama put the whip away and slumped to the ground. "What am I gonna do?"

There's chapter 1. Here's the spoiler.

Kurama ventures to Koenma, seeking advice on his new adversary, and just so happens to mention his ailing eyesight to the rest of the tantei. Slowly, his eyes are turning a ghastly white. What will he do while he is barely able to see? Find out in the next chapter of Fighting Blind!

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