SUMMARY: What if Max was never in manticore and was so called "normal", Until of course, one day she meets a stranger who tells her the truth, who she is, or rather what she is

SUMMARY: What if Max was never in manticore and was so called "normal", Until of course, one day she meets a stranger who tells her the truth, who she is, or rather what she is.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the characters, although I wouldn't mind Logan.

A/N: This is a weird, alternative story. And is told by Max, although I do get the past/ present tenses mixed up. So sorry. Some strong language is used.

Max , just plain old max. that's what everyone calls me. It is not my real name, but ever since I could remember I always liked the name. So that's my name. I lead a simple life, I had a family, a mum, dad. My mum, who is oriental and had French blood, was an average mum, like all mothers. My dad who was a mix of native American owned his own business. The first years of my life were kinda a blur to me, all I knew was that I was born in a hospital, named after a saint. And I got the best care that was available to a third world country, at the time. I loved where I lived, it was a small exotic island, located somewhere in the Pacific ocean. Nothing much happen for the first 12 years of my life. But after that everything changed, Geographical speaking. We moved to Europe. Not something I looked forward to, I loved where I grew up, and I saw myself growing up and living my life there. That's where some of the most important events of my life took place, my first boyfriend, and first kiss. I even met my bestfriend there, where to date we are still very close. And I did not want to move. I refused. There was no way I was moving.

well, I tried. But after a 5-minute argument, I got on the plane. My mum was not pleased at my refusal at the airport, I was always head strong and very stubborn. Ever since I was a baby. Funny cause no one else in my family was that way. But after a 2 day "I am going to ignore you for the rest of my life" strike toward my parents, life began again. It was not the same.

First day at school, shivers, down my spine even thinking about it. Although I met a few good friends there. I found it hard some days as people were very prejudice about my skin color. It was a "mix", "a half caste", I was biracial, people found it hard to accept me. But I got through, I didn't really care what others thought. I never really looked like my family though, I had light skin, compared to my dad and a much more tanned complexion to my mum. I never really gave a damn. I was who I was and nothing could change that. As time went by, I put on some weight, it was different here, unlike where I used to live, I would go for swimming and athletics and other such sports I was good at it too. However living here, it all changed, I never went anywhere or did anything. I became closed and just enjoyed staying at home and watching t.v and other such things I found that this was the only thing that was getting me through, I became depressed but this was all on the inside, no one ever knew what I really felt. This went on for about 6 years until I was 18, the summer that changed everything.

I met him. I did not know who he was, but I saw him all the time, whenever I was working or going to school, or just walking my dogs. I was not scared , not one bit. Something in his blue eyes, made me feel safe. I never could get too close though because he would just walk away. I was working everyday, and I saw him every day. I did not say anything to him, and whenever he would see me looking at him he would turn the other way and go. That's until one day he walks into my shop. I don't say anything, I serve him his coffee and walk off. He goes over to the corner table and sits there, sipping his coffee. He sits there for 1 hour without saying anything. Finally I go over to the tables next to him, and start clearing them up. He finally spoke " Can you take a break?"

I looked at him, and said nothing, he repeats the question. I picked up my tray, full of dirty cups and saucers, and went into the kitchen.

Five minutes later he is still out there, so I walk out and sit opposite him. He speaks again "I know you must think I am some sort of a weirdo following you, but all I ask is that you listen to what I have to say."

"I'm listening"

"My name is Logan Cale. I am a journalist. For the past few years I have been doing a story on the American government, and I have been digging up information on their secrets and cover-ups.

" What you mean there really is aliens, and we do have to "fight the future"?", I ask in a mock tone.

" No, Look I know this may seem a little wacked up and all, but you have to listen." I nod and gesture for him to continue.

" I was gathering information on how the US government, have been supporting secret divisions and funding their operations. When one of my informants gave me a file, titled "MANTICORE". After going through it I discovered that a group of people working for the US government have being testing the theory of genetic engineering. And now are and have been testing their theories of genetic engineering on children in third world counties. You see they go to the less developed country, where no one will suspect anything if there are any…..ramifications. And implant young expecting mothers with some sort of mixed DNA, which is inserted, somehow into the already fertile egg, I don't know the technicalities or the science behind it, but from the research shows me, a genetically engineered human is produced. Now I know this may be hard for you to understand but, the file had a list of peoples names and their children's names on it. And some of the testing have been done the country you born in. And…

"Your joking, right? What you expect me to believe that there is this big conspiracy going on and that, what let me guess, my name was on that list and now here I am sitting on my unknown to me, genetically engineered ass, listening to someone I don't know any thing about except the fact that he has being following me around like some crazed stalker and telling me that I am some fucked up lab experiment. WHATEVER! But guess what I will give you 5 seconds to haul your lying screwed up, sicko self out of my shop, or I will personal use this "genetically engineered ass" to beat the bitch out of you, an I don't ever want to see you again. Mr.Cale or whoever you are." And with that I got up and left. But I turned around, something that I probably should have not done, because I looked into his eyes as he got up, and everything that I just said to him, I regretted. And then he walked out.

"Stupid, stupid girl. NO, I am not stupid. He is the one who is stupid!!! Stupid, stupid man, how dare he tell me some bullshit story, about me being some sort of a …what was it? Oh yeah, a "genetically engineered" baby!, I mean I have heard some pathetic pick up lines but that was probably the worst. UGH! I hate men!" I found my self thinking all night long. Just about everything, who he really was, and what he wanted, and most of all the fact that I would never see him again, not after what I said to him. And I was kicking myself for it. I mean I am not really like this! I'm ..well a feminist, I don't need a man, and at 18 I was never really into men! Not that I was a lesbian or anything like that, but I just found them to be too troublesome. So to my surprise my reaction to him was somewhat shocking! I mean here I am thinking about some weird guy who probably wants to kidnap me or something!!!!!! Focus girl, FOCUS!

A day went by and I never saw him. Then two, three and then a whole week. Just as I was starting to forget about him. I see him again.