Reminisce (chapter ?)

Summary: sort of a AU, Max meets stranger, stranger = Logan, Logan tells Max the truth of who she really is. Rating: PG 13/ R Disclaimer: BLAH BLAH WOOF WOOF. Spoiler: um, something that MIGHT happen in future episodes of DA? Ya! Cause then I would actually be writing for them wouldn't I!.

I woke up the next day, to feel two strong arms around me, then it struck me, my night with Logan. The memories and emotions all came flooding back. I remembered what he told me and how he held me and kissed me. I turn around in bed and see him asleep. He looked so peaceful and sexy, very sexy. I smile to myself and shift him very gently so I could get out of bed, as soon as I lost contact with his warm body, I missed him already. I go to the toilet and get changed, picking up the traces of evidence of what happened between us last night as I go. I come out and still find him asleep. 'I must've worn him out'. Funny. I go into the kitchen to get some coffee.

"Hey, you", Logan comes up behind me, and I turn around

"Hey!, I didn't want to wake you" he comes up to me, wearing only his boxers from last night, which surprised me cause I flung it over my head, not knowing where it landed. Logan then puts his arms around me, and I reach out and kiss him, he starts to pull away but I pull him closer to me. Running my hands over his body.

"OK, Max, you got to stop, or we will end up doing what happened last night right on the kitchen table" I pull him towards me and smile

"I'm game if you are" and I kiss him. He lifts me up onto the kitchen table, and I spread my legs, allowing him to come in, before closing them around him.

"You are killing me here"

" I know, but you love it" he reaches under my shirt and pulls it over my head yet again, I jump down, still continuing to kiss him, we make our way to the bedroom, as we both know that sex on the kitchen table is too gross.

We get undressed much faster today, unlike last night where we both took it very slow, of course it did help that he was only wearing boxers and me, a pair of pants. Today there was an urgency to get to the part where both of us, unlike yesterday where we took each step and explored each other, knowing and wanting to find out more, but today was just about making love. I push him onto the bed and straddle him, using my strength to pin him to the bed feeling him underneath me, I smile, he lifts his head up for me to kiss, I go down and barley press my lips to his before bring them up again

"Max!" I smile at him, he gives me the ' I hate you/ you are killing' look again. And I feel him beneath me pressing into me, that drives me crazy, and knowing that I can't wait any longer, I give in, and push my lips to his.

Later, woke up, however this time there wasn't a warm body holding me I turn around to find an empty space next to me, I glance at the time it late afternoon, I had slept most of the day, which is something I never do, I guess this time Logan wore me out. I laughed to myself about the irony, of the whole thing.

I got out of bed, and was about to go look for Logan, when I realized I was naked, and the fact was, that I still was not used to the fact of letting him see me naked, making love is one thing but seeing me walk around naked is a whole different story. I look around and find a clean pair of Logan's boxers, I then look for my shirt, then remembering that it was still in the Kitchen, I laugh out loud, thinking about how funny it would have been if we stayed in the kitchen. And think about someone's reaction if they came in to see us like that. I eventually find one of Logan shirts and put it on instead.

I walk into the kitchen, looking for Logan, and there he is reading, what I presumed was that morning newspaper. He looks up when he sees me walk in

"So, I thought that genetically engineered killing machines don't need sleep" and has an smile on his face

"Yes, I thought so too but I guess the Frankenstein's at Manticore, must have forgotten that genetically engineered killing machines wear out once in a while ."

"Should I take it as a compliment that an average Joe like me, wore you , a genetically engineered killing machine such as yourself out?" He looked so happy with him self that I also couldn't help laughing.

"Yes, well I guess Manticore never really pictured us soldiers as the making love type" It felt weird saying that phrase, make love. I had never used that term before Logan, sex was always just sex, something people do when they get all heated up. I never knew there could be such emotion and feeling in it.

"So did I ever tell you that you look pretty sexy, in my boxers"

"Oh, no, don't you start, you know what happened last time, and yes you wore me out, here I was thinking that I wore you out this morning but apparently you were just conserving your self for this afternoon." I walked over looking for my top.

"But remember, it was you who started of this morning, not me, so technically you seduced me." I looked him and gave him a ' you wish' look.

"You wouldn't happen to know where you happened to throw a certain item of clothing of mine before a certain event took place this morning?" I looked at him he gave me this school boy grin, obliviously he had done something.

"Oh, you mean this shirt I have right here" and he pulls out a shirt from under the table

"OK, funny, give it to me, I need to get changed"

"Nope, sorry that was not the magic word"


"nah ha"

"Logan, I need that to get changed"

"Well, I happen to like what your wearing now, and who knows you probably won't be wearing anything in the next ten seconds anyway, if I got my way" I was shocked, to hear Logan Cale, Mister eyes-only talk with such profanity.

"Oh, No, at the rate we are going, the only thing I will be able to do is be your bunny girl and sleep."

"I don't have a problem with that"

"I bet"

"Logan , I need my shirt. Please" he throws me the shirt. And walks over to me, he lowers his lips to mine and kisses me deeply, just as I was getting full on, he pulls away. I hate it when he does this to me, he does it on purposes knowing what sort of effect it has on me

"Woh, where are you going?"

"Oh, I am going to let you change, remember?" I take his shirt and pull him towards me, and I insert my tongue into his mouth, pushing myself against his body, and now I can feel him getting worked up, so I stop kissing him and walk into the bedroom shouting

"Thanks" as I leave, I know now that he is all frustrated, if he wants to play games he picked the wrong girl to mess with. I give him 5 seconds and then

"Max" I turn around and face him, with my innocent face


"I hate you"

"I know" I give a big smile. He rushes over to me and starts to kiss me and we both fall on to the bed, he is on top of me, both of us engrossed in kissing one another. I smile to myself cause I was glad he came back because the truth was, after that kiss I gave him, I was all flustered and hot too. It was going to be some night.