Lets play bar!!
Just so you know the characters in this story are mostly chibis. But the ones that aren't will not have chibi in front of their names. And I don't own shadow skill sighI have to say that right???
So one boring day chibi elle, chibi kyuo, chibi low, chibi faury, and the littlest chibi of them all chibi gau! Where all sat outside of the green octopus bored out of their cute minds they had all been thrown out for playing blind man buff.
Chibi elle: "not fair, s'alls gau fault" smacks chibi gau
Chibi gau: "WAAAAAH! Not my fault I didn't punch through d wall you did elle"
Chibi elle: "if you hadn't ducked it would have been fine gau.
Chibi gau: "oh but wouldn't I go through the wall too? Scratches head
Chibi elle: "I dunno turns to faury faury?
Chibi faury: "yes he would or at least dent it a lot. Lies down and looks at sky so what should we do? Its only just gone dinner and we need something to play till supper any ideas? Looks at other chibis
Chibi kyuo: kiss chase? Or sardines? Gau starts too inch away from kyuo gau why are you moving away from me? Bottom lip quivers
Chibi gau: low said that you had cooties and that you wanted to give them to me by kissing me and that I would Sri….srivu…..Dry up and my eyes would fall out and I would have all little monsters living in up my nose who look just like you kyuo and they'd all make houses in my brian and have my brian as their…. I forgot the rest kyuo. Why is your face so red kyuo??Gasps(grin I bet that's because he mustva said that in one big breath!! are they the cooties? Low kyuo dose have cooties!"
Chibi kyuo: AAAAAAAAAAAAGH LOW! Attacks low
Chibi elle: we could play hide and seek?
Chibi faury: no you just lock gau in where ever he's hiding it took us a month to find him last time.
Chibi gau: elle says I like to play hide and seek…
Chibi elle: well we could play house, faury shakes head war? Faury shakes headummmmmmm
Chibi kyuo: I'll teach you to say I have cooties you little…
Chibi gau: we could make up a new game?
Chibi faury: sits up hmmm yes…we could pretend that were….
Chibi elle: in a bar!
Chibi gau: and are servalles!
Chibi kyuo: killing low! Continues to strangle low
Chibi low: ggrrrrrrgghyyyggggggggggghhhhhoooooowwwwwwwwwwwww!
Chibi faury: yes I agree low that we can't all kill you. Hmm so let begin jumps up I call manager!
Chibi elle: no fair you always get to be manager!
Chibi gau: tugs on elle sleevebut we haven't played this 'fore elle. Can I be scarface?
Chibi elle: ok but I get to be the waitress
Chibi faury: why?
Chibi elle: cause I heard crimson say to dias that scarface always gives the waitress a big tip at the end of the night. an: blink (opps! were did that come from?)
Chibi kyuo: can I be umm…septia? Like my grandpa?
Chibi faury: ok what do you want to be low?
Chibi low: ggggggrrrhhhgggtggoooooooooooooooow?
Chibi kyuo: low I'm not strangling you anymore?
Chibi low: oh! Umm I'll be darkness then.
Chibi gau: why
Chibi low: cause I like his cloak.
Chibi faury: ok then everybody we need a bar lets look for something to use.

Oh what will happen next? Should I stop and never write again? Will they find a bar?
What'ca fink eh?