Lets play bar!!! 5

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Chibi faury: sigh's "hey, finally we can play bar."
Chibi elle: nods "right, c'mon on everyone lets play!"
Chibi's cheer and run about the set and get ready to play. When they hear
a voice
Dias: "elle, gau, faury, kyuo, low. Suppers ready come in now."
Chibi all: groan
Chibi gau: "but we haven't started playin' yet."
Chibi elle: "yeah no fair. I wanna play bar!"
Chibi kyuo: "me too." bursts into tears
Dias walks over to the crying kyuo and scoops her up
Dias: "hey hey, kyuo calm down. Looks at elle elle what did you do this time?"
Chibi elle: face vaults "I didn't do nothin' she's crying cause we don't
want supper. We wanna play bar!!!" pouts
Dias: "don't pull that face at me elle. It dosen't work. Now come in and eat
your soup."
Chibi all: mutter
Chibi gau: "Dias what kind of soup is it?"
Dias: "chicken…I think…"
Chibi faury: "Dias what do you mean you think it's chicken?"
Dias: "well I can't find my glasses so my visions a little blurred….is
everybody here now?
Chibi faury: "yep. Were all here Dias. But lillivelt and ren are here too."
Chibi low: "Dias can they stay over?"
Dias: "no not tonight. They can stay for supper but then they have to go home."
Chibi ren and lillivelt: "thank you Dias."
Chibi elle: elbows ren "stop sucking up to my brother you."
Chibi ren: "shut up or I'll tell everyone how we met."
Chibi elle: "you wouldn't dare!!" goes very red (anger or embarrassment?)
Chibi ren: "only one way to find out isn't there?"
Chibi low: "how do you know elle, ren?
Chibi ren: whispers to low
Chibi low: "elle! You didn't!!!"
Chibi elle: "AGGGHHHH! Ren I'm going to hurt you!"
Dias: "elle that's no way to treat guests now to the kitchen now."

In the kitchen the hot "chicken" soup and some thick beard are waiting along
with Scarface and Kain. Scarface is stirring the soup. Kain is reading a
Scarface: "it dosen't smell like chicken…"
Kain: "the stuff Dias keeps in that chest. Listen to this "take our quiz!! Do
you know how to flirt?"
Scarface: "oh keep that for later. That could be fun!"
Kain: "oh no I hear the brats coming…"
Scarface: "I feel sorry for them. If this is chicken soup then I'm a hot fudge
Kain: grins
Chibi elle: "Dias, but ren's horrible….can't I hit him just a little? Please."
Dias: "no elle, all right sit down and eat your supper."
Scarface: "OK, kiddies eat up." starts to spoon soup into bowls
Chibi elle: sniffs that doesn't look like soup. sniffs Dias I'm very
tired I wanna go to bed now."
Chibi kyuo, faury and low: nod "yep, were really tired too."
Chibi ren: looks at lillivelt who nods "me and lillivelt think we should go home now."
Kain: I'll get Kai to take them home. carries off lillivelt and ren
Chibi ren: "elle ate a bug that how a know her! Hahahaha!
Kain: laughs I like this kid. Even if you do look like a dog!"
Chibi elle: "I'll kill you next time ren got that. looks at everyone. I
opened my mouth and a bug flew in. it not like I ate it on purpose!! Stupid
Scarface: "well anyway if everyone's tired it's off to bed now then."
Chibi gau: "mmmmm. Soup nice Dias."
Everybody gasps (apart from Dias who smiles)
Chibi gau: "look I ate it all. Can I have more?"
Scarface: "no, now off to bed with you all scoops up gau and checks his
temperature. "you are going to be soo sick tonight…" sighs
Chibi gau: " I like soup I like soup. "
Chibi elle: runs up the stairs "hey will you and Dias sing us the sleeply
time song scarface?"
Scarface: "erm.. I don't think so. No sleeply time song tonight."
Chibi gau: "Wah, want song Scarface sing."
All chibi join in. dias grins at Scarface as they carry all the chibi
upstairs to bed. Scarface rubs his forehead and nods.
Scarface: "OK. I'll sing now all get into bed, all of you."
The chibi bounce into bed and cuddled up to their teddies.
Chibi elle and gau. "Sing!"
Scarface: "OK. C'mon Dias."
Scarface and Dias(to the tune of "go to sleep")
" Time to sleep. 
 Chibi sleep, 
 deep sleep, 
 don't get up till the mourning. 
 Sleep till we all wake. 
 Don't get up even if you need too
 Close your eyes. 
 Very tight. 
 And don't get up in the night "
the chibi close their eyes and fall asleep an Dias and Scarface tip-toe out
of the room. And carefully close the door.
Scarface: "why does gau have marker on his face?"

Chibi elle: "night gau."
Chibi gau: "night elle."

So story is finished and they didn't even play bar! But they did have fun so
that OK isn't it?