Girl Genius Drabbling

By Kimberly T.

Email: kimbertow at yahoo dot com


The drabbles in this particular series are all devoted to the characters of Girl Genius, my favorite comic. It used to be an official, dead-tree-only type of comic, but now it's gone online

(girlgenius dot net


girlgeniusonline dot com)

to become a webcomic that all can see free of charge. While still selling dead-tree compilations of the comic for reasonable prices!

In addition to the standard disclaimer that I don't own the ideas or characters and no copyright infringement is intended, here is my formal release: if the creators of these ideas and characters happen to find and read my work, they're more than welcome to use it as they please.

Heck, anyone can use these drabbles if they want to; I'm not fooling myself that they're worth much, but anything that stirs another person's creative impulses can't be all bad. But the addition of the formal release should silence any concerns that I might want to sue someone for supposedly stealing my fanfic idea and using it in their own, official story.

(Yes, it's a downright silly concern when you think about it. But some people have nervous lawyers.)

And on with the drabbles!