Title: Solutions
Author: Tekli
Rating: K+
Pairings: OsakaxChiyo, TomoxYomi if you feel like it
Genre: Humor/Romance
Warnings: Slash/shoujo-ai
Disclaimer: I don't own Azumanga Daioh and I don't claim to.

"Osaka," Tomo asked through a mouthful of cake, "how do you kiss Chiyo-chan?"

Chiyo dropped her fork. It hit her plate and made a very loud noise. Yomi went pale.

"I mean, she's so damn tiny! Isn't she hard to reach? It must hurt to bend over!" Yomi started trembling.

Osaka looked as if she were about to carefully ponder this insightful observation when Tomo again jumped in. (Or up, rather.)

"Chiyo-chan, stand on this." Chiyo hopped dutifully onto the stool.

"Now, Osaka, kiss Chiyo," Tomo concluded with a triumphant smile. Osaka complied happily.

Yomi's passed-out form went quite unnoticed.


Author's Note: This was written for Katamariben over on livejournal, who is known as Evilsockmonkey over here. HE IS VERY COOL AND SUCH. So go say hi to him. Or something. Yeah. And one day, over on my livejournal (la-pia; feel free to visit) there could be art to this. One day.

Thanks for reading!