Title: Birthday surprises

Challenge: 29 Birth (see my profile)

Notes: Read or watch "For the man who has Everything" you wont know who Jon-El is otherwise. Props go to Lady Jaye1 (for the Amazonian wine) and Mara Greengrass, my DC fanfic muses.

Disclaimer: I don't own this stuff, I just write fan fiction.

There were moments where Clark Kent and Superman butted heads, when the nurse grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the delivery room as if he were trespassing on private property was one of them. She directed him to a chair and left him there, apparently she had more important things to do than baby sit a nervous father to be. It wasn't like Clark wasn't used to pain or blood, he just didn't like it coming out of Lois.

"So they kicked you out." Clark glanced up from his uncomfortable plastic hospital chair to see a dust covered bottle extended to him by his friend Bruce Wayne.

If Clark had known how hard this would be nine months ago he would have told Lois to call it off. Twice he'd barged into the watchtower infirmary convinced that both his wife and the baby were going to die, it certainly had a kick as Lois doubled over every time the little guy decided to remind them he was there. But the doctors always sent them home,

"She's fine," they'd say, "just making sure she rests." Lois had even decided not to find out the baby's gender unto the birth.

"Makes it more exciting." She would tell everyone, though it only served to make Clark more anxious.

"Stuff doesn't work on me." Clark mumbled taking the bottle so Bruce would sit down next to him.

"Diana," Bruce explained, "she said you'd need it." And he pulled out a bottle of his own, though obviously it wasn't Amazonian liquor. Clark popped the top of and took one long gulp.

"Whoa, there'll be plenty of time for that later." Bruce joked. Already buzzing, Clark nodded lowering the bottle.

"I thought you didn't drink." He asked Bruce.

"Better than cigars." Bruce raised his own bottle in a mock toast and they both drank. An uncomfortable silence settled between the two superheroes. Clark played with his bottle for a while; Bruce nursed his, took a cell phone call from Luscious and sat back, waiting.

"Do you remember my birthday?" Clark asked without being specific, he didn't have to with Bruce.


"I've waited so long to see Jon again." Clark whispered and Bruce, sober as a rock, turned his head to look Clark dead in the eye.

"Boy scout, Jon-El and everything else you saw that day was a hallucination caused by an alien leech that wanted to kill you and suck out you insides." Clark smiled.

"I knew you'd say that."

"You're drunk."

"I had two drinks."

The nurse emerged, the tight look on her face said she objected to their presence as much as their beverage choices.

"Mr. Kent," she said, "the delivery's over. You have a son."

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