Title: Realities Apart

Author: ReganX

Rating: PG/K+

Season: Four, I guess.

Spoilers: Nothing specific.

Summary: A peek into four different realties, a year after 'Will The Real Sam And Jack Please Stand Up?'.

Author's Note I: For story reasons, I didn't feel that I could be as shippy as I wanted to be between Sam and Jack (our ones) and, obviously, it was far too soon to show anything between General O'Neill and Samantha, so I decided to write these stories and give a glimpse at what happened next.

Disclaimer: 'Stargate SG1' and all the characters associated with the show belong to someone who isn't me. As I doubt that the owners would be willing to trade their rights for some magic beans that aren't in any way magical, this is not going to change at any point in the foreseeable future.

Author's Note II: First up - Jonathan and Dr Carter.

And Baby Makes...

SGC Infirmary

"I'm telling you, it's a boy."

"Who's carry the baby here? Haven't you ever heard of mother's insinct? It's a girl."

"Nuh-uh." Jonathan insisted, laying a gentle hand on his wife's - he loved that word - slightly swelling stomach. "Come on, little Jonathan, kick for Daddy." He frowned when nothing happened. "He's sleeping."

"Of course she is. And even if it is a boy - which it won't be - we're not calling him Jonathan, it would get confusing having two of you in the house and no child of mine will ever answer to Junior."

"So Samuel is out too?"

"Absolutely." She told him decisively. "How you could even think of calling our daughter that is beyond me."

"How about Jacob, after your dad?"

"Or Georgina, after General Hammond."

"I can live with George."

"Georgina." She corrected sternly. "Right, sweetie?" She addressed her barely visible bump, smiling triumphantly when she felt movement in response to her words. "Georgina approves."

"How do you feel about Publius?" Jonathan inquired, a mischievous expression on his face as he remembered the tearful leader on P7L-886.

"You'd better be kidding."

"Think about it," He said warming to his theme. "It'll be unique, you can bet that nobody else in his class will have the same name."

"With very good reason."

He ignored her interuption, reflecting seriously on the name. "And we can use Jonathan as a middle name, one of his middle names, anyway."

"How many middle names are you planning on inflicting on our innocent child?" Dr Carter demanded.

"Three." His tone was matter of fact. "We can't not name him after your dad and General Hammond should be in there too - what about Publius Jonathan Jacob George Carter-O'Neill."

"Darling," His wife's tone was one of honeyed sweetness. "You no longer get a say in the baby's name."


"And it is definitely, without any doubt whatsoever, going to be a girl."

"Twenty bucks says that it's a boy." He challenged

"And in five months time when our daughter makes her appearance, you have to..." She combed her mind for a suitable forfeit. "Give up using duct tape until she's sleeping through the night."

"You're evil!"

"You love me anyway."

"Fine, if it's a boy you have to cook dinner for a week."

"Which of us are you trying to punish? Me or you?"

She had a point. Despite her brilliance in what seemed like just about every other area, her cooking abilities were less than stellar.

Much less.

"I'll think of something." He promised in what he hoped was a suitably foreboding tone.

She rolled her eyes, patting her stomach. "Don't worry, Georgina, Daddy's really a very smart man. He'll be teaching you all about the constellations as soon as you're old enough to sit up."

"And Mommy will teach you the exact physics behind the stars. And how to make cool inventions." Jonathan added, unable to resist baiting her once more. "Right, Publius?"

Dr Carter sighed, addressing her stomach once more. "You're very, very lucky that you're a girl."

The debate ceased temporarily when Dr Fraiser entered to begin her examination of the mother-to-be. "How are you feeling? Any nausea? Tiredness?"

"None." Dr Carter reported, shivering slightly as the cold gel was spread over her stomach.

"Some pretty weird cravings, though." Jonathan supplied helpfully.

Dr Carter frowned reprovingly at him. "Our daughter knows what she needs. Don't you, sweetie?"

"Let's settle this right now." Jonathan challenged, watching Janet move the scanner across his wife's abdomen. "Who should we expect in five months time, Publius or Georgina?"

"You're actually considering calling your innocent child Publius?" Janet asked disbelievingly before looking across at Dr Carter. "Sam, please tell me that you're vetoing that." She relaxed when her friend nodded.

"She needs to veto it?" Jonathan pounced on the doctor's words. "Are you saying it's a boy?"

"It's a girl, isn't it? Tell him, Janet."

"I thought that you didn't want to know the sex."

"We do now." Jonathan said firmly. "It's a boy, am I right?"

"It's a girl." Dr Carter insisted at the same time.

"You're right." Janet received two puzzled looks in response to her words.

"Which of us is right?" Dr Carter asked at last.

Janet smirked. "Both of you."

"Twins?" Dr Carter was enchanted.

"Yes. A boy and a girl." Janet told them, smiling. "And they're both perfectly healthy."

"Sweet! Two for the price of one." Jonathan exclaimed approvingly.

"It's easily known that you aren't the one carrying them." Janet remarked dryly.

"Next time." Dr Carter said. "Maybe I can ask the Asgard or Tollan to think of a way."

"Don't you dare!" Jonathan warned good-naturedly, before clearing his throat. "About the name Publius, won't you even consider..."



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