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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

It was just a warm summer's morning and the students of Miss Yukari's class were sitting in general studies class. Now, general studies was not the most interestring subject at the best of times, but on a warm summer's day first thing in the morning… well, it was pretty impossible to stay awake. Unless of course you'd been asigned to come up with a poster, name and purpose for a charity and happened to have been put in the same group as the two class idiots. Oh, and add to that the fact that you'd had no caffine that morning… You'd probably want to kill something, right? Well, I guess if you can relate to any of that you'll fell pretty sorry for poor Yomi…

"Maybe our charity should work with helping the mentally ill?" Tomo mused.

"And what would we call it, 'The Tomo foundation'?" Yomi sneered and Tomo glared at her.

"Jeesh, PMS much?"

"Shut it."

Osaka looked away from the dust she had been following the path of as it floated through the air, and looked at her friends instead. "If we wuh working with tha mentally ill, whud we be givin people straightjackets?"

Yomi slapped her hand to her forehead in despair, "Scratch the first idea; 'The Osaka foundation' would be better, though Osaka's not mentally ill... just not on Earth."

"Martians," Tomo said, grinning manically.

"Where?" Osaka asked, turning and staring in shock at the ceiling.

Yomi shook her head and sighed, "Anyways, we still need to think of a name."

Tomo's face changed wrinkled in thought for a breif moment, though a long time for the wildcat, until her usual grin came back in place seconds later.
"I've got it!"

"Got what?" Yomi asked. "If you've come up with an idea for a magic box that heats things up and doesn't take long to do so, a) we went through this one last week and b) it's called a microwave and it already exists."

"Nope," Tomo shook her head. "It's nothing to do with that: in fact I've come up with a name for our charity!"

"You mean you actually applied some thought to our work?" Yomi asked dubiously. Well, she supposed, it wasn't impossible; Tomo had managed to use her brain to get into this high school with Yomi after all…

"Yeah," Tomo grinned.

"So what's your idea?"

"Well, you know that bible verse about the good Samaritan?"


"Well we could call out charity 'The Samaritans'!" Tomo exclaimed.

"Er… Tomo…"


"There's already a charity called the Samaritans!"

"Is there?" Tomo asked with a sincere look of confusion on her face.

Tomo slapped her hand to her forehead again: whoever had put her in a group with those two was so dead