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Sailor V is French?
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"I like this class," Tomo said in a singsong voice as she and Yomi entered their classroom.

"I noticed," Yomi replied as she sat down. Tomo sat down next to her and began to sway and twitch randomly.

"Tomo, why are you spazzing like that," Yomi asked, staring at Tomo in utter disbelief.

"I'm not spazzing, I'm dancing!"

Yomi rolled her eyes: "okay then, why are you 'dancing'?"

"Well, we're in music class, aren't we?"

"Tomo, this is art class."

"Ooooh, so that's why there's all that stuff around…"

"Tomo, 'that stuff' is called paint."


"Are you really that dumb?"

"Yep! No, wait… no! Erm… but… erm… What was the question again?"

Yomi slapped her hand to her forehead and sighed. "Yep, you really are that dumb. Oh well, c'est la vie I guess."

"What about Sailor V?" Tomo asked, suddenly interested in what Yomi was saying.

"C'est la vie, not Sailor V. It's French."

"Really?" Tomo gasped. "I never knew Sailor V was French! I mean, Aino Minako isn't a very French name. In fact I thought she was English…"

"Yes, and Aino Minako's a really English name."

"But there was something about England in the manga…"

"She fought her enemies in for a while in England, but she's actually Japanese," Yomi replied.

"Oooh yeah… So she isn't French?"

"Yes, she's French, and we're in music class."


"I give up…" Yomi sighed. "Just take me to the nearest meantal hospital already; she's driving me nuts…"

"Who is?"

"ARGH! Shut up!"